Introducing Amy Mills from A Different Side of Perfect (#2), by Karen Cino @Karencino #RLFblog #WomensFiction Contemporary RomanceLet’s meet Amy Mills from A Different Kind of Perfect (Book 2), a Women’s Fiction Contemporary Romance, by Karen Cino. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about the story your author wrote.

A Different Kind of Perfect ( Book 2) by Karen Cino

Genre Women’s Fiction Contemporary Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
It is the grand opening of The Perfect Pitch. All the pieces fall into place until Francine’s diagnosis of breast cancer, throwing their lives upside down. While Amy and Jason deal with the reaction from her family to their interracial relationship, Toni finds herself in another overbearing relationship with Pelicans third baseman Gary Thompson.
In the mist of taking care of Francine and working at The Perfect Pitch, Richie gets a call from the owner of the Pelicans. He is offered a job as pitching coach for the team. Richie accepts the job, putting a huge strain on his marriage which affects all of them.

Introducing Amy Mills

Please tell me about yourself.
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Staten Island, New York
Profession: Real Estate Broker
Ethnicity: Irish American
What do you look like?
I am average height and weight with shoulder length blonde hair that I can wear either as its natural curls or straightened, along with big green eyes.
Who is the significant other in your life?
Jason Maddock, who is everything I ever wanted in a man.
What kinds of things do you always carry (in pockets or purse)?
The question should be what don’t you carry in your purse. Besides the usual: wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, tweeter and cellphone I always have a notebook, calculator (yes I know there’s one on my cell, but I am a bit old fashioned) a half a dozen pens, a tape measurer and a mini flashlight. Yes, my handbag is heavy!
What is your family like?
I’m lucky to have both my mom and dad still with me. They live in the same house that my mom grew up in. My dad always called us the three musketeers.
Are you close to family?
We were a tight knit family. We did everything together. When I was younger, we went to church every Sunday, sitting in the first row and after mass we would go out to the diner for breakfast with a few of the other parishioners my parents were friendly with. I became closer to my dad as I got older. My mom was great but she was very opinionated, always giving me the negative aspect on things, whereas my dad was always positive.
Can you keep a secret? Why or why not?
You bet. In The Perfect Pitch, when Francine, Toni and I found the hidden basement, it took everything in my power not to reveal the secret, despite how dangerous things turned out. It was important to all three of us that we keep this a secret until we found out what it was all about.
What is your biggest need?
I’m looking for acceptance from my mother in my relationship with Jason. I need to keep my independence and not lose my identity by being in Jason’s shadow.
How emotionally expressive are you to others?
To strangers, I give them nothing. I’ve always been like that for as far back as I can remember. My best friends Francine and Toni can read me like a book. They can read through any expression on my face and also by the tone in my voice. Now with Jason a part of my life, I have opened the emotional door to him. But generally, I’m a private person.
What would you like to tell your writer?
I love the life you have given me. My only wish would be that you wouldn’t have let me mother be so hard on my relationship with Jason, which is putting a strain on my future plans. I love my friendship with Francine. She is such a wonderful friend. I would love to have my own book. I’m here if you need any ideas.
What would you like people who hear your story to know?
The first thing is to never give up on love. Once you find that one person who makes you happy, don’t let anyone defer you because of their views.

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Publisher Mandolay Press


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Karen Cino is multi-published and has been writing since she was fourteen years old. She started her career by writing poetry, short stories and writing articles for her high school newspaper. Her daily walks down at the boardwalk are what gets her muse going. It clears her mind and helps her find realistic plot ideas and the characters boosting up her muse. Karen loves writing about local places that people can relate to.
Karen loves the summer, loves the beach. Her previous books were written and take place in various places across Staten Island. Karen relocated to Barnegat, New Jersey in 2015. She traded in the Staten Island Boardwalk for the shoreline in Long Beach Island. Her Camp Mirage Series takes place in Barnegat, NJ.
Karen is a member of Romance Writers of America, Women’s Fiction Writing Association and Liberty States Fiction Writers. She was Vice President of the New York City Chapter for four years and President for three.
Karen has two adult children, Michael Giordano who’s a singer, songwriter and producer and Nicole Giordano who works in Retail Management and is also a photographer. In 2014 Karen married John Gatti. Her husband is an actor, teacher and attorney.
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