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Seeing Clearly by Judythe Morgan

Genre Romantic Suspense

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG 13

Evie Parker and Dawson McKey uncover a web of lies, murder, and drug smuggling infiltrating her company. Her grandson is kidnapped as leverage. The widowed grandmother and ex-cop must fight a vicious cartel leader to save the toddler. When an attraction develops, and Dawson must convince Evie, twelve years his senior, that they have a future.

Evelyn Parker is a widow and trusting to a fault. She’s raising her grandson after her only child and his wife die in a suspicious car accident.

Dawson McKey is a divorced, overly cautious ex-cop, who now manages Evie’s shipping company. He trusts no one after his twin sons were killed by a cartel leader’s bomb.

There’s an undeniable attraction, but she’s twelve years his senior and convinced their age difference will haunt their relationship. Dawson’s vowed never to love again, after failing so miserably the first time, but working with Evie challenges his thinking.

Drugs show up in a company shipment at the same time mysterious emails threaten Evie’s grandson. Then the nanny she hired against Dawson’s advice disappears with her grandson and Dawson suspects cartel involvement.

Their search for the toddler tests their trust, even as it binds their hearts.

Why did you write this book?

Seeing Clearly came to life from a brainstorming discussion with a group of writing friends. Most romantic suspense books have young, sassy heroines. I wondered what if the heroine of an RS book was a grandmother who also happened to be guardian for her toddler grandson. And, what if she’s attracted to an ex-cop employee twelve years her junior?

From there Evie Parker and Dawson McKey sprang to life and the plot for Seeing Clearly evolved.

What is your favorite genre to read?

Romance, of course. I want a taste of romance and a satisfying ending in whatever I read.

Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?

Jack Harrington from Marie Force’s Treading Water series.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working to finish book 3 in the Fitzpatrick family series. Josh is the third Fitzpatrick son. He’s an Army sniper on home leave. Mara is the administrator of Greenvine, a residential home for boys. When Josh volunteers to work at the home sparks fly.

What books will we see from you in coming months?

Seeing Clearly, my new romantic suspense release is now available on Kindle or Nook. Get your copy today. When Love Trusts, Josh’s story, will be released early December.

Where to buy Seeing Clearly

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Judythe Morgan was an Army brat then Army wife. She’s travled a lot of this world. She’s been a teacher, an antiques dealer, former mayor’s wife, and sometimes-church pianist. Her diverse experiences have made her life full, her characters vivid, and her stories authentic and award-winning.
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