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Claimed by Heather Hambel Curley

Genre Paranormal romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
The first time the world ended, she went into hiding.
The second time, she became a fugitive.
When war breaks out between the Western State and Regent’s Block, two North American political coalitions, Wren Richards is forced into hiding. Her father insists that, as witches, they have more at risk; more to hide. It is a time of division, of careful planning and preparation. They conceal themselves and their power, living on only what they can grow and create with their own hard work.
But then there is a break in the doldrums of normalcy: Wren is sent to fetch supplies in town. Her younger sister tags along—it’s a waste of time, a waste of energy.
And then the atomic bomb hits.
Everything changes.
Now Wren isn’t just a witch: she’s a survivor. A slave. A water seeker. A murderer. She and her sister are kidnapped and dragged to another dimension, a mirror of Earth, dying from nuclear winter. Energy is worth more than gold and harder to find. As witches, they’ll fetch a higher dollar at auction. Because as witches, energy can be sourced from their souls.
The only person who can save Wren is herself.
And she’s just been sold to the highest bidder.

Know the Heroine from Claimed

Here are some fun questions to help us know your heroine.
It’s late, she’s bored. What does she do?
I try to stay out of trouble, I really do (leave the piano alone, Wren). I love art history, so I might pull out a book on art. Or history. Or, I’ll just throw caution completely to the wind and sleep.
What kind of food would she impulse buy if hungry?
Chips. It’s always chips. Potato chips, pickle chips, chocolate chips. Yum.
Describe the kind of clothes she prefers to wear.

I prefer dark colors. I work outdoors a lot now, so I usually wear leather trousers and sturdy, heavy boots for protection. A sheer tunic (to stay cool) underneath a black corset. The corset may seem like a hinderance, but trust me: I wouldn’t leave the homestead without it. I can hide a knife in the side lacing. I can conceal a pouch of gold down the front. It might not be armor, but it protects me. And improves my posture!
Does she know how to fix things?
I DO! Before the world ended, I wanted to go to school for art history. My father didn’t feel that held much of a future, so I dropped out and got a certificate in auto repair. I can fix engines and repair a lot of mechanical things. Oh, and my ex-boyfriend taught me to hot wire a car. It comes in surprisingly handy in this post apocalyptic world.
She tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.
I cannot cook to save my life. Luckily, it’s never actually come to that. The last time I tried to make a fancy dessert, I almost burned the house down. I was going to surprise my family with creme brulee and everything was going just fine…that is, until it said to burn the top. Crispy, crunchy goodness. We didn’t have a fancy “foodie” torch, so I used my blow torch….and proceeded to catch the drapes on fire. The creme brûlée, however, managed to stay runny and unscathed.
How does she act around children she doesn’t know?
Ehhh….I’m not good with kids. Strange kids, unfamiliar kids, family kids, sticky kids, loud kids. Kids just KNOW things. And they tend to flail around and break things. Yes, I realize this is not at all unlike how I am….but, no. I’d rather cross a desert than be stuck in a room with a random child.
What is she like first thing in the morning?
Grumpy. I like my sleep!
How does she act around people who don’t know what she is?
My father always said that being a witch made us different. We had bigger responsibilities and there was more at stake if we screwed up. When I’m around people who don’t know I’m a witch, I just do what I always do: I hide it. I blend in, I act normal…or at least, what other people perceive as normal.
Will she let a worker handle things or do it herself?
I feel awkward having someone do work for me. I try, I really do, and stand off to one side to make sure they’re doing it right. And trust me, I bite my tongue to keep my thoughts to myself…it’s just,…look, I do things in certain ways. Ways that work. And I’m going to let you know that, especially because I can see you struggling to do it and—okay, look, just give it me and I”ll do it. No really, it’s fine. I’d prefer to do it.
Earrings/piercings/tattoos or unadorned skin?
Just a hidden tattoo on my thigh of a sparrow, a spur of the moment decision when I turned 18. You know, the old rhyme about sparrows? “One is for sorrow, two is for joy….” I have two holes pierced in each ear, which seems pretty tame in retrospect.
Personal vehicle or public transport?
Before the world ended, it was a sporty little British import or the cute farmhand’s rusted green pickup truck. Now, it’s by foot or with a stubborn old horse who would rather be napping in the barn….so, yeah, it’s pretty much by foot.
Recycle or toss?
We didn’t take all that good care of the Earth to begin with so, now that we’ve destroyed it completely, I recycle what I can. Milk jugs into bird feeders, empty whipped cream containers into food storage. I’m thrifty and nifty, what can I say?
Thanks for helping us get to know your heroine!

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