Today’s featured book is Isabel’s Awakening by TD Hassett.

About the Book

Title Isabel’s Awakening
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author TD Hassett
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Who didn’t know the biggest rock band in the world?
Singer and front man Thomas Morgan was destroyed by the loss of his brother and total destruction of his marriage. To avoid entanglements with others, even his young son, Thomas focused on promoting his music and newly formed record label. He thought he had everything at a safe distance, at least until Isabel literally slammed into his life.
High school teacher Isabel Warren finds herself falling head over heels in love with the sexy-as-sin singer for the rock band Becket. Soon Isabel’s orderly world of lesson plans, thesis writing, and student loan debt is competing against desire, passion, and her vulnerable heart.
As the sex sizzles, the two lovers will have to decide which parts of their dreams they will sacrifice for their fledgling relationship.

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About the Author

TD Hassett lives in Connecticut with her very patient husband and two young children. Her rambunctious family shares their home with 3 crazy cats and a darling Beta fish named Dorothy. She teaches history and loves the TV show The Vikings. She also writes under the pen name of Tiffany Dawn.

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Want a Book Boyfriend IRL?

Would I want one of my book boyfriends to magically come to life? Hmm, ahh, what to say?
After that magical second glass of wine was poured my girlfriends and I got into the more interesting discussions of our weekly happy hour. We all agreed on the answer once the husband issue was dealt with (we pretended they didn’t exist). Hell yes was the verdict. But wait. There could be some issues beyond trying to get a fictional character a social security card… And so the conversation got more nitty gritty.
“Issues, smissues,” my old college roommate declared. She’s right; these guys are worth it. Most romance heroes are gorgeous, rich, intelligent, sexually accomplished orgasm conjurers and devoid of normal human faults. They don’t pass gas at the table, beat their partners, or prefer watching football to talking with their significant other. These guys are pretty close to perfect with only minor excusable flaws. He might have a problem committing or perhaps he has to learn to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life – but be assured he will conquer these issues by the story’s end. I have yet to read a romance novel where the male protagonist has a small penis, is missing teeth, works third shift at a convenience store and lives in his mother’s basement but maybe someone has written it. Either way, I still don’t want to read it. I want the fantasy version, perfections and all. Lots of head nods around the whole table. The happy hour girls agreed: Book boyfriends coming to life would be good.
Okay so what’s the counter argument against bringing that fantasy to life? It took a few minutes but I threw out some ideas. I enjoy reading about the super duper alpha guys but that doesn’t mean I’m confused about fantasy versus reality. In a book, it can be a great voyeuristic thrill to read about a shape shifting threesome that battles evil in between bouts of toe curling group sex. Admittedly, I don’t want that in real life (at least most of the time I don’t ). Ménages can turn into a whole lot of elbows and knees–or so it seems like that whenever I write one and have to use a diagram to make sure it’s possible to get in those positions. It’s hot stuff to think about but frankly, after working all day at the office, I don’t know if I would have the energy to get it on with multiple supernatural alphas! But would I possibly consider trying it? Depends if my husband is reading this post or not.
Romances are exaggerated make believe with plots that no one would want to experience first hand. The heroine often goes through sheer hell before being rewarded with her happily ever after. She may have suffered agonizing abuses, emotional miseries and extreme hardship before finding resolution and true love. I’ve never dreamt of running for my very life so that I could meet a hot FBI agent with smoldering good looks. What I crave from a book is some escapism, a little daydreaming and a healthy dose of titillation. What do I want in my real life? I want a real person, faults and all, that loves me for the real person I am too. The happy hour girls reluctantly nodded their agreement. How about you?