Tmonique Stephens, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let’s
talk about your book, Eternity
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Publisher: Soulmate Publishing
Cover artist: Steena Holmes at The Authors Red Room
Length: 271 pages
Heat rating: 4
Tagline: Only a cursed man would wait 2000 years for one woman
Blurb: Cursed for 2000 years, Roman Nicolis has tracked his lovers’
soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. Reclaiming
their love is his only salvation. He’s been her friend, her father, her neighbor,
but never again her lover until now.
A late night walk home throws Stella Walker into the path of
a killer. The last thing she remembers are the deep blue eyes of the man trying
to kill her—and the first things she sees after a seven day coma are the same blue
eyes in the handsome face of the man hired to protect her. Is he truly the owner
of a security firm assigned to protect her or the man who wants to finish her off?
Is it fears she feels when Roman touches her or the memory of something sweeter?
She will have to push past her fears and reclaim a love that has lasted two millennia.
Past secrets haunt them. An angry demon stalks them.
Roman will do anything to recover what they had. Though Stella’s
ruined childhood has made her close her heart and body to any man, he must get past
the walls around her to gain her love and trust, for it will take their union to
defeat an unexpected enemy sent from the Egyptian Gods. A man Romans respects, and
Stella trusts.
Two hearts – one soul. For all eternity.
What are your main characters’ names, ages, and occupations?
Roman Nicolis: 35ish, CEO of Nicolis Security/Mercenary
Stella Walker: 24, Waitress/Student


Where do you start when
writing? Research, plotting, outline, or…?
Tmonique Stephens: I always start with an idea. What if… Those
two words takes my imagination down the Yellow Brick Road to my hero and heroine,
my opening scene, plot, conflict and ultimately my story’s happily ever after.
Tell us about your latest
book, including its genre. Does it cross over to other genres? If so, what are they?
Eternity is about a group of men who descend from the Egyptian
gods. Their heritage has been hidden, but slowly come to light along with a multitude
of consequences. Though Eternity is a paranormal romance, there are elements of
suspense and mystery as the two lovers are hunted by an unknown enemy.
How do you come up with
Tmonique Stephens: My ideas usually come to me right before I
fall asleep. My mind seems to be more open and relaxed. I get my best ideas that
way. I just have to remember to record or write them down before I pass out.
What did you learn from
writing your first book?
Tmonique Stephens: I learned technique, conflict and my writing
style. I’m still working on trusting my instinct, but I believe that will come with
Would you consider self-publishing?
Tmonique Stephens: Yes, I’m working on a novella which will tie
into my Egyptian series that I plan on self-publishing. I’m looking forward to getting
my feet wet.
How many hours a day to
you spend writing?
Tmonique Stephens: Since I work full-time during the week I usually
write three hours per day after I get home from work and six to ten hours per day
on the weekend.
If you could give the
younger version of yourself advice what would it be?
Tmonique Stephens: I wrote consistently until I graduated from
college in the late 1980’s. After graduation life and all its complexities interfered
with my writing and I didn’t writing anything until I got serious in 2007. I would
tell the younger me to not be afraid of rejection and to keep writing even when
I didn’t feel like it.
List two authors we would
find you reading when taking a break from your own writing.
Tmonique Stephens: My favorite authors are JR Ward and Stephen
King. I will always pick them first to read. I also love Kresley Cole and Karen
Marie Moning.
If money were not an object,
where would you most like to live?
Tmonique Stephens: I would love a house in Atlanta,
an apartment in Manhattan
and a time share in St. Thomas USVI.
What song would best describe
your life?
Tmonique Stephens: Different songs apply to me at different times
in my life. Currently, the song that best categorizes me is Gym Class Heroes The Fighter and Phillip Phillips Home.
Picture yourself as a
store. Considering your personality and lifestyle, what type of products would be
sold there?
Tmonique Stephens: Walmart would be a good depiction of my current
lifestyle, but at heart I’m a Neiman Marcus kinda girl.
As a child, what was your
favorite thing about school?
Tmonique Stephens: I learned to love reading and writing in school.
Books have always taken me to another place or world where my imagination could
break free from the confines of reality.
If you came with a warning
label, what would it say?
Tmonique Stephens: Addictive reading hazard. Read at you own
Tmonique Stephens

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I love pizza with roma tomatoes, fresh basil and gouda cheese.
I’m always ready for a party.
When I’m alone, I write and plot.
You’d never be able to tell, but I love alternative music.
If I had a halo it would be slightly
If I could travel I’d never come home.

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