Want to read good books? Try #RLFblog #amreading #booksIf you like to read good books, the Romance Lives Forever blog is a great spot to find them. The blog features authors and new books from all genres. You can discover good books and awesome stories every day. Finding a great author can take time. If you’ve sampled books on Amazon, joined sites that promise sales and freebies, spent time cruising around booksellers, bookstores, and talking to friends, you know that to be true.

Romance Lives Forever is always on the lookout for an awesome new book and we will share one with you every day. You can choose from multiple genres, read interviews, and search for specific authors or books. It’s easy to follow the blog on social media, via RSS, or email.

There are author interviews and character interviews. Authors have a chance to share their backlist, new books, and to announce new releases. One fun type of post is called Cover Love. It’s quick and easy, providing only a blurb, where to buy the book, and giving a nice intro to the author. Use the menu to search for genres you enjoy. Click Romance and a host of subgenres drops down. Some of those also have subgenres such Paranormal >Ghost >Shapeshifter, or Military >SEALs. How many can you find?

All posts on Romance Lives Forever offer a way to find good books and beginning soon, we’ll also feature audiobooks.

Check out the book covers at the top and sides of the blog. Clicking these will take you to a place to read more and offer a link to buy.

Pull up a comfy chair, sit back, and cruise through the site. There are currently over 1500 posts, so chances are you’ll find good books in your favorite genre. Welcome to the RLFblog, where you can discover authors and books every day.

Tip for finding good books

Romance Lives Forever has a Pinterest board. Follow the board and repin covers to your own “Want to Read” board. Then, when you need a new title, you can easily find one. https://www.pinterest.com/kayelleallen/rlfblog-romance-lives-forever/

Follow the hashtag #RLFblog to discover authors and books every day.

I’m excited to share this blog with you and look forward to hearing what you’d like to see. Let me know in the comments. I read every one.