OutlantaCon May 8-10, 2015 Atlanta GA 
OutlantaCon is an Atlanta-based event for the Queer Geek audience!
You’ll find all the usual convention fare here–discussion panels, gaming, costuming,
special events, etc. The difference is that it all has a queer ‘bent’ to it. Here
you can enjoy all the convention trappings in an atmosphere where you’re free to
be yourself! We also offer some pretty unique twists as well, like our own versions
of Match Game (a staple since 2007), Project Cosplay (2010), Nea’s Drag Race (2011),
and the wildly popular Sock Puppet Theatre Presents…
Come to OutlantaCon May 8-10, 2015 at the Marriott Century Center
in Atlanta.
Venusian Airship Pirate
Trading Company 
One of the fun things about OutlantaCon is traipsing through
the Dealer’s Room and seeing all the cool goodies. This year, there is a wide range
of products available, everything from horns to steampunk to anime to games… Check
it out. Below is a taste of what’s to come.

Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Company

We take the finest available weaponry from each time and location
that our travels take us to, that are available. We then modify it to fit our peculiar
steampunk technology. We enjoy spreading happiness one gun at a time. To this date
we have never duplicated an item, making each one a individual work of art. Hence
our motto, “Distinctive Weaponry for the Discriminating Buyer.”

MisakiYuki Craft

Arts and Crafts supply store and costume shop in Gainesville,
GA. Owned by Kirstyn Lindsey and Keri Johnson. Art Freak and Costume Designers,
Craft Freaks

The Art of Benstigation

Ben Butler: I am a Texas raised, Atlanta based artist/graphic
designer. I am one of many and am looking to entertain with light shock and crazy

Seafaring Steampunk

A lot of my pieces are simply just found items that I’ve put
to a better use – steampunkery! I dismantle clocks and watches, and buy other parts
from flea markets and thrift stores and the like. Because of this, very few of my
pieces can be reproduced. So hurry up and get your one-of-a-kind stuff!

Empire Valley Series

A book series by author Ellie Collins.
After the government is forced to accept the existence of supernatural
creatures, they are rounded up, imprisoned and shipped off to an island to live
out the rest of their days, forbidden to leave or to ever have contact with humanity
again. As seemingly random acts of violence break out across the island, the seeds
of rebellion begin to take root.
Sophia Desai, a Shapeshifter, is an officer on the island, processing
new arrivals and pushing papers. When she begins the investigation of a strange
murder, she begins to see the true dark side of their home, and of the people who
put them there.

Huntress Light Designs

Designs of the fantastical and spiritual.
The artist known as HuntressLight is also called “Kemi”
on forum sites. She makes her living as an Administrative Professional, but art
and tinkering are in her DNA. She keeps her soul fulfilled with crafting costume
props and creating digital artwork. She’s also a writer but that’s a whole ‘nother
story. Prosthetic Horns, original jewelry, belts and bracers, collars and cuffs,
puches and purses, plus much more.
Titan Games and Comics 

Titan Games and Comics

Titan Games and Comics is the Atlanta area’s premier collectibles
chain selling comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, collectable figures, RPG’s
and board games. Two great locations and friendly, helpful staff make your experience
an enjoyable one.
Duluth location
Smyrna location

Games Well Played

Well Played is in the business of connecting people through the
fun of games. We help you find new favorites and teach you to play in the comfort
of your home.
Well Played Games will provide demo games all weekend at OutlantaCon
of new and classic games for you as well as have them available to buy if you love
Last year’s gaming table 
OutlantaCon’s game room is open 24 hours a day. In it are a huge
selection of board and card games for you fun needs including tabletop, RPG, and
board games.

Social Media for the Convention

Location 2015 Marriott Century Center Atlanta http://www.outlantacon.org/#!location/cp0k