Fraud. Lies. Deceit? Everybody needs a hobby.
From award-winning author, DP Denman comes the continuing
story of Brady and Blue! Brady is a self-made man with his life under control.
He has the money. He has the man. He has it all until an international scandal
pits brother against brother, and he realizes how quickly he could lose it.
Blue learns a different lesson about loyalty when a careless
moment divides his circle of friends, threatening to tear it apart. Putting
things back together forces both of them to test the bonds of friendship and
family. For one, things will never be the same.
Book 3 in the bestselling Blue Series

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Award-winning author DP Denman writes addictive character-driven
romance from a soggy neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest. Her stories are
real and intense, guaranteed to pull you in and hold you hostage to the last
In her spare time, she is an LGBTQIA rights activist and 25%
of the royalties from every book go to support LGBT charities.

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