Read Worth the Wait by Fiona McGier #RFLblog #ParanormalRomance #PNRFinding a mate can be difficult when you’re a werewolf, in Fiona McGier’s new paranormal romance Worth the Wait. Your inner wolf chooses for you. What happens when the human part of your mate isn’t ready? Or if the chosen mate doesn’t agree–or worse, doesn’t believe in werewolves?

Fiona, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Worth the Wait by Fiona McGier

Genre Paranormal Erotic Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): A steamy R-rated.

This sequel continues the two romances from the first book in the series, When a Wolf Howls, but adds two new ones also, making for a long saga of passion. Saoirse and Diego are married and she has good news for him. Her bestie, Freddie, is thrilled when John moves in with him, but they soon discover issues that need to be resolved. Grant is one of the hunters from Canada, whose wolf has told him that the black she-wolf they saw the last time they were at the academy, is their mate–but he has no idea what she looks like as a human–and he discovers she carries baggage that impedes their romance. Nathan yearns for a love that will last, but when his wolf mates with a female shifter’s wolf, she has no memory of it the next morning. All of these problems will be resolved, but it takes a long time–hence, the title, Worth the Wait.

What’s your favorite down-home family style meal?

My favorite down-home family-style meal is Golabki, or Polish-style cabbage rolls served with mashed potatoes. Dad was from Glasgow, but Mom’s parents were from Poland–and she’s the one who did the cooking. She had no recipe, so I had to watch her make Golabki a few times, writing down what she did. It’s my Busia’s (gramma’s) recipe, and I used to make a huge batch and serve it to my college friends. When my husband wanted me to meet his Polish parents, he told them I made better Golabki than his mother. No pressure, right? But when we had them to dinner, even his Polish mom agreed that mine were better! Wow!

What is your go-to meal when you dine out?

I should have a bumper sticker that says “I brake for Mexican restaurants.” That’s always my first choice. I love posole (a very hot pork soup, which is a lot of work to make at home), and I love chilli rellenos (even more work to make at home)–but there’s one place near me that has chilli relleno tacos to die for! For entrees I like flautas– either pork or beef rolled tightly into a corn tortilla, then deep-fried–as well as tamales. I also love red sangria. And chips and salsa, along with cheese sauce. And cheese quesedillas. Now I’m hungry!

Describe the perfect vacation.

My idea of a perfect vacation is my husband and I set out with our tiny Scamp camper attached to my truck, and I get to drive where-ever we’re going. I’m a crabby-ass passenger, so husband has learned over the years to bring a book to read, or to take naps while I drive. We love to explore lake areas so we can go swimming, and so he can go fishing, and I can sit somewhere and either write, read, or do crosswords. We both love to hike, especially if there’s a waterfall or something else scenic to see along the trail. And we love to relax around the campfire where we cook our meals, and gaze at the stars after dinner.

Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.

My favorite toy was my huge collection of Barbie dolls and their accoutrements. I had multiple houses, the theater, the car, a pool–in fact, everything to establish an apartment complex on a card table in my bedroom. I only had two male dolls–Ken and Alan, but they had good times with all of my Barbies! Since I loved secret agents TV shows and movies so much, my Barbies were always spies with exotic jobs and exciting adventures all over the world. I never wanted them to get married–they were too busy enjoying their independence–hmm, kind of like the heroines in my books! LOL.

What are your hobbies?

I’ve been a sewer since Mom showed me how to make Barbie clothes by hand, when I was too young to use the sewing machine. Now I have her old Singer machine–I’ve got a picture of myself as a two-year-old standing next to it. I’ve made everything on it from bathing suits, to Halloween costumes for all four of my kids. I also like to crochet when watching TV with my husband–or sitting around talking with family. I’ve made over 30 afghans over the years for relatives and friends. I also like to bake–muffins, cookies–but I’m known for my homemade pie crusts and my pies. In fact, many of my pie recipes are on my website under the tab “pies” because one of my heroines bakes pies all through the book.

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I have always had characters intruding into my thoughts, showing scenes from their lives. When I ignore them, they start to yell louder. If I write their stories so they can live in readers’ heads as well, they usually leave me alone. Soon the next voices appear. I like the noise. I write romances that involve strong, independent women who enjoy casual flings, but are not looking to fall in love. Enter the man who feels the same way–until they both realize this is different. I love the passion of new love!
I keep busy with multiple jobs, and have to squeeze in writing when I should be sleeping. As often as possible, I go out with my family, or just my husband, to view the night stars around a campfire. Stories present themselves to me while driving, while dreaming, and especially while camping.
I write romances that involve strong, independent women who don’t mind casual flings, but who are not looking to fall in love. Enter the man who decides this is the woman for him. I thinks that how they ultimately both realize that they have found the one, is the most interesting part of a romance.
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