Know the Hero from For the Love of His Life by Fiona McGier #RLFblog #ContemporaryRomanceAn action movie star has to face his demons when he’s chosen to star in an indie movie in For the Love of His Life, a contemporary romance by Fiona McGier. The director’s cousin is assigned to teach him how to portray an outdoorsman, but ends up teaching him what’s important in life, also.

Fiona, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We’re excited to find out more about your hero, but first, tell us about For the Love of His Life.

For the Love of His Life by Fiona McGier

Genre Contemporary romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): NC 17

When a famous action movie star known for indulging in his addictions to excess, needs to clean-up for a major role that even he doubts he can deliver, the indie director sends him up to a resort owned by his grandmother in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of upper Minnesota, to learn to commune with nature. His guide is Veronica, the director’s cousin, a tall, athletic woman who has the relaxed, sensible nature of someone who has the self-confidence that comes from having family around to love and support her. Raul’s initial clumsy attempt to seduce her makes her laugh–so he calls her fat. Is there any hope for a relationship after that rocky start? Can Raul overcome his hard-partying nature to discover what is really important in life? And will Veronica ever believe him, when he “lies for a living?”

Note: Book 1 in the Minnesota Romances series. Price just dropped to 99 cents.

Know the Hero from For the Love of His Life

Here are some fun questions to help us know your hero.

It’s late, he’s bored. What does he do?

Note that Raul has two personnas–the one before he realizes what an empty life he’s been leading, and the one after he falls in love for the first time ever. So if it’s pre-Veronica Raul, he’ll call his dealers to find out where the latest party is–they’ll bring the blow, he’ll get his pick of celebrity whores, and a good time will be had by all.

If it’s the Raul who is in love with Veronica, he’ll choose to spend every minute he can with her–or in the outdoors, enjoying fishing, running, and hiking in the woods.

What kind of food would he impulse buy if hungry?

Old Raul would rather do snort cocaine and drink to excess than eat.

New Raul craves Gram-Marie’s soups and homemade bread, as well as Veronica’s pies.

Describe the kind of clothes he prefers to wear.

Old Raul wears anything off the floor that passes the “sniff” test.

New Raul cares about what he looks like, to please Veronica.

Does he know how to fix things?

Old Raul–nope.

New Raul–as long as it involves something he’s learned from Veronica, he can do it–like fixing fishing lures, poles, and canoes/oars.

He tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.

Old Raul tried to kiss Veronica when he first met her. He assumed she’d be thrilled to be kissed, maybe screwed, by a celebrity like him. She dodges his kiss and his face hits the wall. He tells her he thought that’s why she brought him outside-away from her beloved grandmother, who he then insults. She slaps his face for insulting her grandma. He retaliates by calling her fat and plain. She laughs, then tells him what she really thinks about him–about all of the venereal diseases she’s sure he must have from being such a man-whore, and how he’s smart to hold off on doing porn until his looks fade, which they will soon, at the rate he’s destroying himself with drugs and alcohol. He’s vaguely insulted.

How does he act around children he doesn’t know?

Old Raul would ignore them.

New Raul can’t wait to have a family of his own to belong to, so he’d study them.

What is he like first thing in the morning?

Old Raul is hung-over.

New Raul can’t wait to get out into the sunshine to enjoy a new day.

Does he drink coffee? If so, how does he take it? If not, what does he drink instead?

Both Raul’s drink lots of black coffee.

What apps would he have on his phone?

Old Raul doesn’t play with his phone. He only uses it to find his dealers and where the next party is.

New Raul uses it only to keep in touch with Veronica.

Beard or clean-shaven?

Old Raul is clean-shaven, to keep his movie-star image bright.

New Raul likes to look scruffy, since Veronica likes him that way.

Earrings/piercings/tattoos or unadorned skin?

Both Rauls have unadorned skin–less to hide during his frequent nude scenes in the crappy rom-coms and action movies he’s usually cast in.

Personal vehicle or public transport?

Old Raul needs a driver, because he’s frequently too buzzed to drive.

New Raul is a careful driver.

Recycle or toss?

Old Raul wouldn’t care.

New Raul communes with nature, so he’d recycle.

Thanks for helping us get to know your hero!

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