Welcome Aurora Springer author of Europa, a new SciFi Romance.

Why did you write this book?
I enjoy creating new worlds. This story began when I envisioned the scene where the exhausted heroine sees the hero’s face under a thin sheet of ice. She will die if he does not save her. Then, I had to imagine life on the “space” station on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and introduce several alien species.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I prefer to read science fiction and fantasy stories. Adventures combined with a romance are great.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
I don’t have a single favorite character, although I prefer a specific type of character. My favorite characters can be illustrated by examples in Andre Norton’s books. Gillan in Year of the Unicorn and Hosteen Storm in the Beast Master stories are loners, despised or abused for their differences. Yet, their special abilities will help them overcome disaster and achieve a better life.
What are you working on at the moment?
Europa is the first book in a planned new series, Taxyon Space. I am writing the second book, which follows a few days after the end of Europa. This series is intended to have adventures on different planets, or rather celestial objects, since Europa is a moon.
What books will we see from you in coming months?
I hope to publish Rishalt, Book 2 of Taxyon Space, early in 2018. Then, I plan to write book 5 in my series, Grand Masters’ Galaxy. Afterward, I’ll poll my readers for their preferred series to extend, or pick an idea from my list.
Please tell us about your latest book.
Genre Science Fiction Adventure and Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
What alien creatures lurk under the icy surface of Europa?
Dr. Nikki Bell’s plan to discover intelligent life hits a rocky start when her spaceship crashes on the icy surface of Europa. Seconds before she blacks out, she spies a man’s face in the water beneath the ice. When she wakes on the submarine Station, nobody believes her story. Convinced the mysterious stranger saved her life, Nikki searches for him while she explores the ocean and its alien inhabitants.
Kiron Arqin Ramis chose exile as a Watcher on a remote outpost to redeem his family’s honor. He never expected to find an attractive Earther woman close to death. He violates the prime policy by rescuing her. Despite suffering the penalty, he strives to warn her about his hostile leaders.
Nikki’s unexpected meeting with Kiron triggers a chain of disasters in Europa’s perilous oceans. Can the daredevil scientist and scarred Watcher forge a new alliance despite their people’s antagonism?
Publisher Aurora Springer
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Aurora Springer is a scientist morphing into a novelist. She has a PhD in molecular biophysics and discovers science facts in her day job. She has invented adventures in weird worlds for as long as she can remember. In 2014, Aurora achieved her life-long ambition to publish her stories. Her works are character-driven romances set in weird worlds described with a sprinkle of humor. Some of the stories were composed thirty years ago. She was born in the UK and lives in Atlanta with her husband, a dog and two cats to sit on the keyboard. Her hobbies, besides reading and writing, include outdoor activities like gardening, watching wildlife, hiking and canoeing.
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