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Earth in 2093 by Edna Curry

Genre a futuristic romantic suspense novel

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13

The year is 2093 and everyone’s DNA is recorded in the World Database run by a now powerful United Nations. Crime is way down, since criminals are easily identified. Food is plentiful because water from the oceans is desalinated for irrigation of former deserts. Power is also plentiful and cheap, harnessed from the sun and wind.
But there are always a few people who resent governments of any kind and think they can do as they please. One is now raping and killing young women and Dave and Nell work to identify and stop him. But they find that easier said than done.


Do you write more than one genre? If so, what are they?…
Yes. I’ve written contemporary romance, romantic suspense, historical romance and futuristic romance novels. I’ve also written a variety of short stories and non-fiction articles for national magazines.
How do you come up with ideas?…
I don’t know. They seem to just pop up and evolve in my mind. For example, this story was inspired by getting my own DNA test done and made me wonder how life would be different if everyone’s DNA was recorded in a World Database. And since most of my stories seem to include mystery, it seemed logical to include that in a story.
What is the single most important part of writing for you?…
Making up characters and then a story for them. The fun part is imagining what if? And thinking about the various ways the story could go. What would happen if this happened? Or how would it change if that happened instead? And so on and on.
When did you write your first book?…
Somewhere in the early 80s. Though I’d published short stories before that.


Leather or lace? lace
Black or red? red
Satin sheets or smooth cotton? Smooth cotton
Ocean or mountains? ocean
City life or country life? Country life
Party life or evening at home? Evening at home
Dogs or cats? cats

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Edna Curry lives in Minnesota and often sets her novels there among the lakes, evergreens and river valleys. She especially enjoys the Dalles area of the St. Croix Valley, gateway to the Wild River, which draws many tourists who give her story ideas. Besides non-fiction articles, she writes mystery, romance and romantic suspense novels.
Edna is married and is a member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter: Northern Lights Writers.
Circle of Shadows (half of Deadly Duos #1) was a finalist in RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart Contest. She also does editing and proofreading as Fern Valentine. Details on the editing page of her website.
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