Meet Ezra Easton from Drakon's Plunder by NJ Walters @njwaltersauthor #RLFblog #PNRWelcome Ezra Easton from Drakon’s Plunder by NJ Walters (Blood of the Drakon, Book 3) a new paranormal romance.

Drakon’s Plunder by NJ Walters

Life is not going well for archaeologist Sam Bellamy. She’s stuck in the middle of the ocean on a salvage boat with people who want her dead. It wasn’t her gift for being able to sense objects of power that got her here, rather her need to make a secret society called the Knights of the Dragon pay for killing her mentor. Sam doesn’t believe in dragons, but the Knights do, and if she can get one of the sacred artifacts they’re searching for away from them, she’ll consider it payback.

Ezra Easton is content to run his marine salvage company and live alone on his private island. He may be a four-thousand-year-old water drakon, but he’s civilized enough to know just because he pulls an injured woman from the ocean, doesn’t mean he gets to keep her…

When she wakes up, she has a few tall tales to share, and it seems the Knights are after her. But this drakon won’t give up his treasure.

Genre paranormal romance/shapeshifter
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
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Introducing Ezra Easton

Age: 4000 years, give or take a few
Gender: male
Birthplace: A tiny village long turned to dust
Profession: Marine Salvager
Ethnicity / Species (for scifi/fantasy characters): I’m a drakon, the son of a dragon and a human woman.
Please provide a physical description of yourself.
In my human form, I’m 6’8″ with shoulder-length brown hair and turquoise blue eyes. I have a tattoo that covers the entire left side of my body from my neck to my ankles. It’s a birthmark and is a swirling pattern that is the blue of the ocean off the coast of my home and outlined in the same turquoise as my eyes.
Please tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a water drakon, which means I’m as at home in the water as I am on land. Maybe more so since there are less people in the ocean.
Who is the significant other in your life?
That would be Sam, which isn’t short for Samantha. It’s Sam. There is no one else like her in the world.
Are you book-smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
All of the above. I’ve lived a long time. Plenty of time to read and explore. I’ve seen places on land and in the ocean that no human has ever seen. I have a huge collection of artifacts that I’ve personally collected from all over the world, from all different time periods. The ocean is full of the stuff.
Do you get by, live comfortably, live extravagantly?
I have plenty of money and own my own island off the coast of…well, you really don’t need to know exactly where it is. What’s the point of living a long time if you can’t be comfortable. I don’t need a lot of fancy things. I have my home, plenty of food, my privacy, and most of all, I have the ocean on my doorstep.
On what special skills do you rely?
I’m a drakon. That means I have a lot of special skills. The one I enjoy the most is being able to shift into my dragon form, take to the ocean, and swim.
What is your family like?
There is only my brothers…half brothers really. We were all abandoned by our dragon father almost four thousand years ago. After that, our mothers and villages cast us out in fear. It’s made us close. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for one another. And now I have Sam. I pulled her from the ocean and I’m keeping her.
Can you keep a secret? Why or why not?
I’m a drakon. Of course, I can keep a secret. I’ve been keeping a big one for thousands of years.
If you could make any one thing happen, what would it be?
I’d get rid of the Knights of the Dragon and everyone like them. All we want is to be left in peace. All they want is to capture us so they can drink our blood, which cures all disease and indefinitely prolongs the life of the one drinking it. Those guys have become a huge threat, not only to me and my brothers, but also our women. They have to be stopped. We’ve always tried to live and let live, but they won’t leave us alone. This time, we’re not backing down.

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NJ Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

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