Strength of Love By D Anne Paris @danneparis #RLFblog #paranormalromanceI have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will not forget how you made them feel.

~Maya Angelou
I am a huge proponent of giving experiences as gifts instead of material items. Material things take up space, become clutter, and ultimately get thrown into a landfill. Special moments don’t do any of that. When we have people we love and cherish, treating them right becomes very important to us. We look for ways to appreciate them and give them special things. We celebrate every event and we do not need an occasion to surprise them.

Creating A Special Moment

Giving thoughtful gifts to someone dear to you is great and appreciative but there are times when material things cannot express effectively the message you want to convey to them. These are times when moments and experiences are ultimately the greatest gift you can give.
Unforgettable experiences over gifts .
Human beings are easily affected by events and that is why a person will easily remember an event because they remember the emotions they felt. Even when you give gifts to people, their memory is usually the feeling the gift evoked in them when they received it. They might remember the gift whenever they use it or see it but nostalgic moments are tied mostly to feelings. This is where giving an unforgettable experience comes in. They will forever remember the various feelings attached to that day.
Creating a special experience: A picnic for two.
So you decided to create a special memorable picnic for your loved one. The weather outlook looks great for a picnic in the park and you can picture it clearly. You have one tiny problem: How do you make this picnic different from every other picnic you have had?
You have the food covered and the drinks are good to go (bubbly or wine) , your picnic basket is complete with the blanket but it still doesn’t strike you as special. It feels like just about every other picnic.
Here are a list of ways to flip the script on your picnic and add spice to it, making it a special and unforgettable one.
Hire musicians to serenade your loved one at the picnic! Check your local collages to see if there are any college students who would play at your picnic. Get the musicians to play some favourite pieces of your loved one to heighten the experience and you can dance to the songs they play.
Get some battery powered tea lights, put them in a mason jar, tie them on the branch of a tree and hang them above your picnic area.
Your loved one afraid of bugs crawling on them? Get an inflatable kiddie pool and have the picnic inside of it. One you are done eating bring in some pillows and blankets so you can gaze at the stars in the evening.
If you live in the city, find a rooftop you can have the picnic on. The views will be spectacular especially at sunset.
Grab a ride on a horse drawn carriage and have it drop you off at the picnic location.
Picnic on a boat. Rent a small boat or even a canoe will do! Paddle to a quiet spot and have your picnic surrounded by water.
Beach bonfire picnic. If you are lucky enough to live close to a beach, check to see if you can have a bonfire on the beach. You can have a wonderful picnic on the beach with a warm bonfire to keep both of you warm.
Picnic in a pick-up. If either of you own a pick-up, have your picnic in the back. Choose a memorable location where you can park the pick-up, have your picnic and gaze at the stars when evening comes around.
There you have it. A fine twist to an otherwise ordinary picnic at the park.
Your partner will not only be touched by the thoughtfulness of your action but also by the time and effort you have put into giving them a special moment.
With this you have not only created a memorable experience but you have given them a special gift of your time, thought and efforts. They will always remember the way that day made them feel: Special.

Strength of Love by by D Anne Paris

Paranormal Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
With his special powers, Jason “Tiny” Tucker could handle anything.
Bullets, hauling cars, Bigfoot, nothing scared him. When a psychotic ex-lover captures and tortures him, he loses his powers and himself. His only light is his angel, Elle, who opened the door to his heart but hasn’t fallen for his good looks and charm. When Elle succumbs to the after effects of her powers it stirs emotions he never knew existed. Now it’s up to him to help her heal and unleash the passion trapped inside of her.
Despite her miserable past, Elle Stevens became a healer.
Determined not to turn into her promiscuous mother, Elle leads a celibate life focused solely on helping others. When she meets Tiny he awakens feelings in her that she tries to push away but her heart and body crave. It’s hard to control when she’s tasked with helping him heal from his wounds. Harder when he stays by her side day and night. Impossible when she looks into his eyes and sees a future she thought she could never have.
Unfortunately, someone has other plans for them and they don’t include a happy ever after.
Strength of Love is the third book in the Heirs of Orion paranormal romantic suspense series which takes readers on a journey through the lives of people with special powers and those who want to control them.

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D Anne Paris began conjuring up stories even before she could put words on paper. When other kids in her class submitted stories about their vacations and puppies, she submitted ones that had to be blessed by a priest.
The paranormal has always called out to her and she’s usually the one that’s running into haunted houses and graveyards. She strongly believes Halloween should be a national holiday and everyone should have a favorite paranormal hero or heroine.
When not in the writing cave D Anne can be found in the garage working on her first love- her Trans Am, or working on her blueberry farm. She is the wife of one hot Silver Fox and the mom of one mini-salesman who tries to convince his friend’s mothers to buy her books.
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