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Things are getting a bit hairy!

Most of you have noticed the beard trend among men. There are more bearded men than clean shaven men. The trend is so hot that there are even songs about it. Check out the Marty Ray Project on YouTube. He has done beard parodies such as “All about dat beard”, “All my friends are bearded”, and “Beardin on Em”. I found other artists that also got into the beardwagon and created other songs like “I like Big Beards” and “Let it Grow”.
If you have seen the latest trailer for the next Avengers movie you’ll notice that Marvel has gotten on the beardwagon! We see the normally clean cut Steve Rogers aka Captain America sporting a beard! The rest of the male Avengers also had a beard in one form or another. Guess Tony Stark started a trend!
This trend not only is in movies but has even passed into romance novels. When I searched through the Amazon best seller lists I found that most covers that had an image of the hero shows him sporting a beard of some sort. Some were five o’clock shadows while others were a full length beard. It didn’t matter what genre they were, either. So why the sudden popularity of the beard?
I searched through Google to find the answer. I found that since 2013 the beard trend has been growing (pun intended) in popularity. Reasons behind it range from more on screen characters have beards (check out the guys on the show Vikings) to men not having time to keep their clean shaven look. Other sources go back and cite examples from scientific studies which show beards help males find mates because it makes them look manly and mature. One study done in Australia found that women who wanted a stable long term relationship preferred men with beards instead of clean cut men. Apparently clean cut men are viewed as only good for flings!
Whatever caused this trend, it doesn’t seem like it will be stopping anytime soon. Even my normally clean shaven Silver Fox grew a beard! So if you like the beard enjoy it while the trend lasts because as we all know, trends die and new trends are born. Let’s just hope the next trend is not so hairy!

Driven by Love

Paranormal Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Anne Stevens had everything:
Wealth, fame, and a secret power to bring a civilization to its knees. When her sister is severely hurt in an apparent car crash, Anne discovers clues that lead her to believe her own life might be in danger.
Dean was a Marine Corps. veteran from a special military team, each gifted with powers of a mysterious origin. Framed for murder by his mercenary ex-lover, Dean retires from service to live a civilian life as a body guard for hire. Dean Miller met only a few people with gifts while he was in the Middle East but none compared to what Anne Stevens could do: bring to life the machines around her.
Seemingly from different worlds, they share more in common than their growing desire for each other as they find themselves irresistibly drawn to one another. When the threat intensifies and Anne becomes the target of a kidnapping, Dean must draw on old friends to help save her from a ruthless enemy.
Driven by Love is the 1st book in the Heirs of Orion romantic suspense series which takes readers on a journey through the lives of people with special powers and those who want to control them.

Where to buy Driven by Love

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D0Z76C6

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D Anne Paris began conjuring up stories even before she could put words on paper. When other kids in her class submitted stories about their vacations and puppies, she submitted ones that had to be blessed by a priest.
The paranormal has always called out to her and she’s usually the one that’s running into haunted houses and graveyards. She strongly believes Halloween should be a national holiday and everyone should have a favorite paranormal hero or heroine.
When not in the writing cave D.Anne can be found in the garage working on her first love- her Trans Am, or working on her blueberry farm. She is the wife of one hot Silver Fox and the mom of one mini salesman who tries to convince his friend’s mothers to buy her books.
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