Shotgun Bride

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Today’s featured book is Shotgun Bride by Karen Lopp
Orphaned young, Kathleen Barns has struggled to survive only
to end up in a New York
mill, when an unexpected inheritance gives her a glimpse of freedom. But becoming
the landowner of a coveted piece of land with precious water rights in New Mexico Territory threatens to destroy her only chance
at love. Forced into a marriage to a man who believes she planned the shotgun wedding
to gain control of his ranch, Kathleen flees into the wilderness. Yet it is her
unwanted husband that keeps saving her life and threatening to steal her heart.
Mike Baca had finally reached his goal, his fighting days were
far behind him now that the war was over, he owned a ranch and he was on his way
home to marry the richest girl in the New Mexico Territory.
A shotgun in his back had him married to a green-eyed girl who wanted his ranch!
Furious with her trickery, Mike made sure she wouldn’t want to keep him. It was
only after she had run, with her big-eyed gaze haunting him that he discovered she
was innocent, and there was a plot on her life. Now he must race the clock and the
wild badlands to try and save his wife – and convince her to stay.
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