The Cat Who Got Married 

Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is The Cat Who Got Married, and other Purr-fectly
Romantic Stories by Neil S Plakcy.
Pilar is a six-toed Abyssinian cat, whose forebears lived with
Ernest Hemingway at his house in Key West.
When she and her owner, Ryan, move up north, they both have a hard time getting
accustomed to the cold weather—until Ryan starts to get pointers from his lovely
coworker, Lisa.
In true feline fashion, Pilar can’t resist sticking her six-toed
paw into the budding romance between Ryan and Lisa—with charming, and sometimes
surprising, results, in the first two stories in this collection.
In “The Temple of Lights,” efficiency expert Robert
Lehmann discovers just how much havoc a woman can bring to his life, while the funny-naïve
heroine of “You’re Pretty When You Smile, Ima Jean” goes out in search
of her life and finds something she wasn’t looking for. And in the final story,
“The Cat Who Ran Away,” the sleek, regal Rajah leads Susan to figure out
that perhaps you really can go home again.
Men and women meet, fall in love and stumble over obstacles in
the five charming stories included here from award-winning romance author Neil S.
Plakcy , but the ending is always a happy one.
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