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Cookies, explained by Pietas #scifi #techtips @kayelleallen

Pietas, Lord of the Immortals, explains cookies on behalf of Kayelle Allen and Romance Lives Forever.

Why do you care about cookies, human?

Kayelle wishes you to know she employs no cookies other than those required to provide social media interaction, and to determine how best to create her site in order to meet your needs. She will not track or follow you with nefarious cookies or malware. She tells me people should consider investing in an app that deletes cookies. This is why you can trust her, you see. She cares about your well being. Why are mortals so concerned about such trivial things? Cookies are part of the online experience. Deal with them, delete them, or ignore them. How difficult is that? If one wants to have a good experience online, then one must expect technical issues. If you don’t understand them, don’t whine about it. Learn, ignore, or move onward.
In my humble but accurate opinion, you should do yourself a favor, human. Stop caterwauling about cookies and privacy. As a human, you are a puny, hollow-souled Mundane. No one wants to track such a pathetic excuse for a living being. You have no value to me, personally, nor to the universe at large. I suggest you sit at your desk or stare at your mobile device and shut up.

However, if you mess with Kayelle, I will send my faithful followers to dog your steps to the end of your days. You would do well to simply dump your cookies and/or cache and go about your business without attracting undue attention to your worthless self. If you had a brain or any courage in that despicable body of yours, you’d have the guts to follow ME.
Pietas ap Lorectic
Lord of the Immortals
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