Hero with a Dangerous Past Clare Dargin @claredargin #RLFblog #Romance Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog! ‘Joy To His World’ is my first BDSM book and I had so much fun writing it especially since this is a continuation in the lives of the main characters in my first menage erotic romance ‘Merry Chris Mas.’ After writing ‘Merry Chris Mas,’ I knew that was not all Chris Spinell, Jilly Reimers and Chris ‘Nate’ Poole had to say about their lives. And it turns out I was so right. When we meet them in this book, we see that they have come a long way since their initial meeting through the Love Play Matchmaking Service. Among other things Chris Spinell has learned to embrace a side of himself he knew he always had deep inside of him but never had the confidence to live, which is becoming a full time Dom to Jilly and Chris ‘Nate’ Poole.

BDSM is different for each person who chooses to live the lifestyle and for the people they choose to live it with and the same is so the three of them. We learned in the first book that Chris Spinell suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his army days while he was Afghanistan. I wanted to see how the characters chose to live their lives in light of this challenge as Chris wrestled with the demons of his past while trying to stretch their boundaries and maintaining their need at the same time.

Even though BDSM offers Chris the control he needs, it is also filled with words and behaviors that can trigger a PTSD episode which could send him into a tail spin! Despite this he still has the need to dominate his submissives in the same ways as other Doms. Because of that, I wondered how this would impact the lives of the two people he loved the most in the world Jilly and Nate. For instance, how did Nate transition from being in love with Jilly and not making love to Chris to submitting and bottoming to Chris? He and Chris have similar military training and backgrounds and are leaders in their personal and professional lives so why would he choose to become a submissive when he could have become a ‘Dom’ in their marriage to their wife Jilly too?

I believe the main reason why is Chris’ strength. The security and primal desire that surfaced every time Chris exerted his dominion over him was indescribable as Nate put it. He likened it to a velvet steel-like authority, smooth to the touch but very strong underneath. As for Jilly, why would a strong independent woman submit to two strong men? Perhaps it is because BDSM took her to a level of love and self esteem that she’d never known before.

Their love is strong though at times Chris’ desire to protect them goes overboard. Chris’ protective instincts are put to the test when a stranger comes to town and threatens Jilly and Nate’s safety.

How will Chris handle it? Will he be drawn into a world of darkness? Or will he maintain self control?

Publisher: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/joy-to-his-world

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