Princess of the Light 

About the Book

Title Princess of the Light
Genre Urban Fantasy
Author N. N. Light
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
Miriam Miller likes the simple things in life: a good book,
close friends, and a healthy relationship with God. But, destiny comes calling,
and her neat, little life turns upside down.
Ethanial, an angel of God, has been sent to reveal Miriam’s
true calling -– she is the Princess of the Light, the woman chosen by God
Himself to vanquish the demons intent on infusing the world with evil. And her
first assignment: restore the soul of a homeless man known only as the Walking
Enter Joe Deacons, a man intent on stealing her heart. But
as Miriam embarks on her journey to save the Walking Man and fulfill her
calling, it becomes clear that Joe isn’t what he appears to be. Miriam must
decide: Is she willing to risk her soul to save those she loves?

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Interview with Miriam Miller aka Princess of the Light

Tell us about
yourself, please.
My name is Miriam Miller and I am the Princess of the Light.
I am in my late twenties and I work as a manager of a bookstore. I try to live
a normal life but with angels and demons popping up, it’s hard to explain
sometimes. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to curl up with a good
book. I love books.
What’s your internal
limitation? Meaning, what is it about you that makes it so you cannot do what
it is you need to do during this story?
Hmm, I would say my biggest limitation is to ignore the
inner demons within and to have a pure heart. Battling with demons is not as
hard as you might think. I can wail on demons all day but to stay pure, to
focus on the Light is a constant struggle. It’s the true test of evil versus
good and for me, my heart needs to be pure. If not, I am no better than the
demons I face.
What inner doubt
causes you the most difficulty?
For me, it’s believing that I can’t do what needs to be
done. I have been chosen to be the Princess of the Light. Who am I compared to
others? I am not a pious woman like Mother Teresa. I’m just me, plain-old
Miriam. What if I fail? Will God send me to Hell?
What’s your external
complication? In the story world your author created, explain what it is you
fear most.
Dealing with the constant attacks by Than and Lisbeth is
enough to fear but what I dread most is becoming a warrior for darkness. I have
been blessed with all these abilities and yet the temptation is so strong to
give in to Than. Becoming a weapon of darkness is my worst nightmare.
Tell us about your
significant other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
What would that
person say about you?
Joe Deacons is the love of my life and he is the most
caring, wonderful man in the world. Even though he came from a wealthy family,
he is filled with compassion for those in need. He shows kindness to others and
strives to make a difference in the world. He has shown me what it means to
love another unconditionally and I wouldn’t know what I would do without him. His
love gives me the strength to fight the darkness and together we cannot be
Joe would definitely say that I am his angel and I can do no
wrong. He would probably also mention that I have an inner strength that defies
explanation. He would gush about all the ways that I give to others without
regard to myself. He would finally mention that I am a faithful woman.
What special skills
do you rely on?
I have many skills ranging from athletic ability to weapons
training but the greatest skill I have to let go and be an instrument of the
Light. Pushing aside my ego and needs, being one with the Light is the greatest
advantage I have against the darkness. The Light defeats the darkness. Knowledge
is also a terrific skill. Knowing how to defeat the demons and how to spread
the Light is almost as good as a sword.
Are you happy with
the way your story ended? Why or why not?
Yes, I was thrilled with how it ended. I thought my author
did a fantastic job and even threw in a few surprises that I was not expecting.

About the Writer

You have the length
of a tweet (140 characters) to describe yourself as a writer. Let’s see what
you can do.
I’m an inspirational writer who makes the world a better place.
I create interesting characters who take the reader inside their head.
Why did you choose to
write about this character?
I chose to write about Miriam because she is the Princess of
the Light and the reader wants to know more about her. She is my favorite
character in the book and I hope that readers will love her as much as I do.
Was there anything
you discovered about this character that was a surprise to you?
I discovered that even when the chips are down, she rises up
like a phoenix. She has an inner strength that I wish I had.
When you wrote about
this character, what made you the most happy? What made you the most sad?
I loved writing the love story from Miriam’s point of view. It
reminded me of my own love story with my husband. I also loved writing the
final battle scene.
What made me cry was when Lisbeth gets the upper hand on
Miriam and Miriam thinks she has failed. It’s the lowest point in her life and
she feels such despair.
Why do you write?
I write because I have something to say and if I don’t get
it out, I will suffocate. Writing is like breathing for me and I have been
blessed with the gift of writing since I was a little girl.
What other character
from this book do you want to write about? Care to tell us why?
I’d love to do the back-story on Than. He is a powerful
demon and was once an angel like Ethanial. I may have to write a prequel
telling his story someday.
Are any sequels
planned for this book?
Yes, I have outlines for four more books and have started
writing book two.
Is there anything you’d
like to say to your readers?
I first wanted to thank you for taking time out of your busy
lives to read my book. I hope you are inspired and enjoy the world I have
created. There is a message here and I hope you will join me in spreading the
Light. Just like Miriam, we all can make a difference.
I also wanted to let the readers know that a portion of each
book that is sold will go directly to food banks and other services so that
people like the Walking Man are cared for. Together, we can end hunger and help
those in need.

Author Bio

N. N. Light was born in Minnesota,
lived in Southern California only to move to chilly Ontario, Canada
to marry her beloved husband MR N. She is blissfully happy and loves all things
chocolate, books, music, movies, art, sports and baking.

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