Lifted to the Light 
From Kayelle Allen: This week on Romance Lives Forever I’m sharing
stories by authors who have faced cancer either in themselves, or a family member.
The importance of friends and family, and having a support system is vital. One
key to success is being able to ask for help — and then being willing to accept
it. It’s a lesson I’ve had in my own life during various times. I don’t accept help
well. It’s something I fight with all the time. I’d like to think “I’ve got
this” but sometimes I don’t have as good a grip as I thought I did. I have
a friend who’s dealing with cancer right now. A friend’s brother died from cancer
last year. Cancer affects all of us. I hope I’m even half as good a friend as those
you’ll read about in this series.
I’m presenting these posts as an opportunity for the authors
to share their real life stories, as well as their fictional ones. There’s a short
list of ways you can show your support at the end of each post.

From Lifted to the Light

A Story of Struggle and Kindness. a Memoir by Alice Orr.
I’ve always loved the Statue of Liberty
because she stands so powerfully erect even though she’s profoundly alone. She holds
the lamp for others to see and guides them to a life of possibility. She does all
of that from a tiny island surrounded by rip tide currents and she does it on her
own. That was the woman I thought I should be.
I also thought I should be like my
grandmother Alice Jane Rowland Boudiette. She was a role model closer to home than
Liberty Island and warmer than copper and stone. My grandmother exemplified two
things for me. The first was service. “If you’re not making the world a better
place why are you here?” she’d say. The second was stoic strength. She did
everything for everybody – including me – and hardly anybody did anything for her.
This was my vision of strong womanhood
and what I should be. I should stand strong and steadfast. I should press on always
forward and I had to do all of that by myself. I didn’t resent this. I simply assumed
it was the way of things and kept on going – until I was stopped in my tracks by
a reality too formidable for me to power past in solo drive.
That reality was breast cancer and
in its clutches I would learn the most valuable lesson of my life so far – that
I am not on my own after all.
When I could no longer do for myself
others did for me. By accepting their deeds and my need of them I became more than
I’d ever been in all my years of prideful independence. I emerged from the experience
with a startling new vision of myself and of life.
I’m no longer the lone warrior woman
I once aspired to be. I no longer believe I have to wage solitary battle to make
my way. I know now that I have an army around me – an army I’ve come to think of
as my angels in human form. They’ve been with me always from Grandma on. I know
now that I haven’t been alone after all.
By the grace of that knowledge I have
been Lifted to the Light.
Alice Orr

Lifted to the Light, a Story of Struggle and Kindness

A Memoir by Alice Orr
At the beating heart of this moving story a woman struggles –
most mightily against herself.
All her life, Alice has taken care of herself and believes she
must always do so. Now she faces an adversary too formidable to battle alone. She
fights anyway with all of her strength, until that strength is gone. Caring individuals
appear, one by one, determined to help. As they reach out, she learns to reach back
and comes to think of these generous souls as her angels. When she’s too weak to
lift herself, they carry her through on wings of kindness.
Lifted to the Light is a real-life story of resilience and growth
in the face of terrifying circumstances. Each thread of powerful storytelling leads
to another in a dramatic, emotional read.

About Alice Orr

Alice Orr loves to write. Especially Romantic Suspense novels
of danger and romance. She’s well known as a workshop leader, book editor and former
literary agent. Now she lives her dream of writing full-time, especially romantic
suspense. Alice has published thirteen novels, three novellas and a memoir. About
her novels, Amazon says, “Alice Orr turns up the heat.” Alice also presents
workshops on writing for publication and/or pleasure. She is a former book editor
and literary agent. Alice has two grown children and two perfect grandchildren and
lives with her husband Jonathan in New York City. Most of all, Alice wants to hear
from readers.

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