Tough Prospect: A Buffalo Steampunk Adventure by Laura Strickland @laurastricklandauathor #RLFblog #Steampunk RomanceLaura Strickland, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Tough Prospect is the story of Mitch Carter, a man who’s never had anything soft or easy in his life, meeting up with a woman who, in his eyes, personifies all that’s beautiful, soft, and feminine. Used to battling for everything he needs, he’s prepared to battle for Tessa too. What he doesn’t understand is, love doesn’t respond to force and sometimes must be wooed with a gentle touch. He’ll have to open his heart and become vulnerable, before he succeeds in winning her, and for him that’s the hardest prospect of all.

Tough Prospect: A Buffalo Steampunk Adventure by Laura Strickland

Genre Steampunk Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Mitch Carter’s a hard man. He’s clawed his way up from Buffalo’s gutter through a combination of ruthlessness and stark loyalty to become the King of Prospect Avenue. But when he sees lovely Tessa Verdun, a crack appears in his tough veneer. He wants her for his wife even if making it happen requires coercion, dirty dealing, and a touch of blackmail.
Mitch is the last man Tessa would choose to wed, but he’s forced her into marriage, even though she’s ready to give her heart to another man. Now he tries to win her with lavish gifts and watches her with veiled passion in his eyes. But when everyone else turns against Tessa, it’s Mitch who’s there offering strength. And when vying factions in the city place Tessa in danger, it’s Mitch for whom she longs, though loving such a man is certainly a tough prospect.

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Born in Buffalo and raised on the Niagara Frontier, Laura Strickland has been an avid reader and writer since childhood. To her the spunky, tenacious, undefeatable ethnic mix that is Buffalo spells the perfect setting for a little Steampunk, so she created her own Victorian world there. She knows the people of Buffalo are stronger, tougher and smarter than those who haven’t survived the muggy summers and blizzard blasts found on the shores of the mighty Niagara. Tough enough to survive a squad of automatons? Well, just maybe.
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