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Category Archives: Sports

Romance in which one or more sports are significant parts of the setting or plot.

Let’s meet Bryce Lowery from City Boy, a new gay hockey romance by AE Wasp. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever.

City Boy by AE Wasp

Genre: Contemporary gay hockey romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Publisher Self published

Follow the money or follow your heart? Either way, you lose.

When a blown tire leads directly to mind-blowing sex with a white knight named Dakota, pro-hockey player Bryce Lowery discovers he is most definitely gay.

Being with Dakota opens up a whole new world. Bryce can’t imagine life without him. But he refuses to be Bryce’s dirty little secret. If he wants to keep Dakota, he’s either going to have to come out publicly or retire and walk away from millions of dollars.

City Boy is a first time gay, fish out of water, May/December love story with a happy ending. It features snarky siblings, a dirty-talking farmer, lots of food, and big choices. (No poultry was harmed in the making of this book.)

Introducing Bryce Lowery

Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. I’d like to get to know you better. Please tell me about yourself.

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Profession: Hockey Player – Center

Ethnicity: White American

Please provide a physical description of yourself.

I’m tall, even compared to other guys on the team. 6′ 5″ Dakota says I look like the Brawny guy when I have my beard and my hair is long. It’s not completely inaccurate. Sometimes I shave, but I’ve come to like the hair a bit longer. And Dakota likes it, so I keep it. I work out a lot. I have to, it’s part of the job.

Tell us about yourself, please.

There’s not much to tell, I think. I’m the oldest of five. My father left when the twins were babies. I was ten. I was already playing hockey, so I decided that I would be the best hockey player ever and support my family from it. I never wanted them to be poor again. It was all I did. All I’ve ever done. I don’t even have a high school diploma. I got my GED when I started playing professionally at seventeen. Hockey is all I ever did. Until now. Until I met Dakota.

Who is the significant other in your life?

Dakota Ryan. He’s amazing. He saved my life when we met. Well, he says he just changed a tire, but he kept me from going over a cliff in more ways than one. He’s 24. A farmer. A real life farmer. He was adopted from foster care when he was six by this hippie couple and then raised on the farm. I never met his parents. They died when he was sixteen. So about eight years before we met. I can’t believe how strong he is. He survived and thrived. He knows so much more than I do about mostly everything. Except how to have fun and let people take care of him, he just added. He’s reading over my shoulder.

Do you get by, live comfortably, live extravagantly?

We live comfortably. I’m not going to lie. I made some good money playing hockey for so long. And Julia – that’s my sister – she’s invested it wisely. But I’m not into a flashy lifestyle. We live in the gorgeous farmhouse on our apple orchard/farm. I do love to surprise people and indulge them. Before me, Dakota hadn’t been anywhere but Colorado. My favorite thing to spend money on is taking him all the places I love. Seeing them aging through his eyes makes them even more special. Sometimes, I’ll take a bunch of people, his sister and his friends, my siblings and the kids and just go somewhere fun.

What is your viewpoint on wealth?

Oh man. Money is what almost made me lose Dakota and this wonderful life we’ve built. Having too much of it can give you a distorted view of what’s important. And getting it from such a young age, you don’t learn how to solve problems. Not everything can be fixed by throwing money at it. That was my knee-jerk reaction, and it drove Dakota crazy.

Now I see it as a tool, a type of energy. I just want to know that everyone I love will never want for anything. I like taking care of them. I like spreading the wealth. We run a foundation and support a lot of organizations. Children in foster care and making sure low-income kids have access to sports are two of our main causes. Not a surprise, I know.

If someone from your past showed up, who would you most NOT want it to be, and why?

I’m going to answer these together, because the answer is the same. My dad. I want to see him and I never want to see him again. Considering he’s dead, I won’t ever see him again in this lifetime. I only found out he was dead when I inherited the farm and orchard. (But that’s a whole long story.) I want to ask him how could he do it? How could he have walked away from a wife and kids? From a family who loved and needed him? I’m never be able to understand that. Family is the most important thing – whether it’s your birth family or your chosen family.

Oh, maybe I’d want to meet Dakota’s birth parents, too. At least my dad just left. His parents, well, they weren’t so nice. The state took him away when he was a toddler. I think they’re still alive. Probably best I don’t ever meet them if they want to stay that way.

But yeah. I’d want my father to answer all my questions, but I have a feeling there’s nothing he could ever say to make me understand him.

Can you keep a secret? Why or why not?

Only from myself, apparently. You’d think I would have known I was gay before I was 34 years old. Other people knew, or suspected. Like my ex-wife.

Then when I fell in love with Dakota, I guess it was pretty obvious, even though I was trying to keep it hidden. I think my mom knew when I picked her up from the airport. She claims it was because I talked about him the entire ride home. She says she kept count and that I said the name Dakota forty-seven time in the hour ride. I think she’s exaggerating.

What inner doubt causes you the most difficulty?

That I’m not good at anything but playing hockey, and that the only thing I have to offer anyone in the world is my ability to earn money doing it. Without hockey, I don’t even know who I am.

AE Wasp Social Media

After time spent raising children, earning several college degrees, and traveling the world with the U.S. State Department, she is returning to her first love – writing. A dreamer and an idealist, Amy writes about people finding connection in a world that can seem lonely and magic in a world than can seem all too mundane.

Amazon Author Page:

Welcome Jennifer Loring author of The Pieces of Us (The Firebird
Trilogy Book 3), a new contemporary sports romance.
Why did you write
this book?
From the time I finished Firebird, I knew Alex’s story was
going to be a trilogy; I just wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to end the
journey of a character that has become so dear to me. I tossed around a couple
of ideas but decided to go with the one I hoped readers were least likely to
expect. Alex gets his HEA, but not in the way you might think. And while some
readers might not like it, it’s where the story needed to go.
What is your favorite
genre to read?
It will probably always be horror, though I do read some
romance (mostly PNR and some historical). I also love non-fiction.
Who is your favorite
character from fiction (not including your own)?
Two are characters I’ve loved since I was a
teenager—Irrylath from The Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce and Zach
from Poppy Z. Brite’s Drawing Blood. I also adore Constantine from Robin
McKinley’s Sunshine. Two out of three are vampires, so I guess that says a lot
about me. J
What are you working
on at the moment?
A paranormal romance novella for After Glows Publishing and an
outline for a narrative game/interactive novel. I wasn’t going to work on a
novel-length project again until 2018, but I couldn’t resist the urge to
re-start the PNR novel I initially researched and outlined over a year ago. The
plot finally came together after a few false starts, and I’m excited about
writing it again.
What books will we see
from you in coming months?
April brings the fairy tale anthology Forest Seclusion,
featuring my transgender romantic fantasy story “If Only You Were Someone
Else,” from Supposed Crimes, and the first Erotikós anthology—containing
two of my erotic horror short stories—from DarkFuse. In May, I’ll be in a
contemporary romance anthology called Craving: Bad with a new Firebird short
story, and in August, I’ll appear in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from the
Lake vol. 4. In October, I’ll have a novella in After Glows Publishing’s Hidden
Demons paranormal romance anthology. I still have quite a few short stories,
novellas, and novelettes submitted to various publishers, so hopefully this
list will be updating soon!
Please tell us about
your latest book.
Genre: contemporary/sports romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Aleksandr Volynsky thinks he’s experienced the worst life
can throw at him, until the most devastating loss leaves him questioning
One year later, Alex and his daughter, Anya, are still
picking up the pieces. In the process, he realizes how far apart their mutual
grief has driven them and how lonely he has become—especially when the Buffalo
Gladiators’ beautiful anthemist, Hannah Kent, finally introduces herself.
Anya Volynsky is a high-school senior with plans—her father’s
plans—to become the first woman on a professional hockey team’s starting
But Anya is toying with the idea of staying in Buffalo and
caring for her father rather than accept a scholarship to play hockey at Boston
College. Her decision becomes even more difficult when she meets her school’s
new athletic trainer, Lucas Donovan. Their experience with similar losses draws
them together, and soon their friendship blossoms into a forbidden love that
neither of them expected.
With lives torn apart by sorrow, Alex and Anya try to
restore their bond, but it’s not that easy…
Alex’s attraction to Hannah keeps
growing stronger, and he needs to decide if he’s ready to overcome his pain—but
also if he’s willing to do it without Anya’s approval. Anya, on the other hand,
is headed for trouble, and while Alex tries to do the right thing in order to
protect her, all he manages to do is push her further away.
Can Alex and Anya find the courage to pick up the broken
pieces of their lives, or will the heartache of the past ruin their chances at
finding happiness again?

Buy The Pieces of Us (The Firebird Trilogy Book 3)

Jennifer Loring Social Media

Jennifer Loring has been, among other things, a DJ, an
insurance claims assistant, and an editor. Her short fiction has been published
widely both online and in print; she has worked with Crystal Lake Publishing,
DarkFuse, and Crowded Quarantine, among many others. Longer work most notably
includes the contemporary/sports romance series The Firebird Trilogy and the
critically acclaimed psychological horror novella Conduits. She lives in
Philadelphia, PA with her husband, their turtle, and two basset hounds.

Romance Lives Forever
Discover Books and Authors with Kayelle Allen
Play Is It True
with today’s guest Jean Joachim, author of Dan Alexander, Pitcher, a sports
romance. This is a game in which authors answer yes and no questions. They can
elaborate on answers as much as they choose.
First, tell us about
your book.
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): 4 heat level
Fed up with cheating women, Dan Alexander, star pitcher for
the New York Nighthawks, grew restless. Searching for something more than a bar
babe, he zeroed in on a girl in the stands. He never expected to see a
beautiful chick pushing frankfurters. But the hot dog girl looked as smokin’ as
the food she was selling.
Holly Merrill found a place to hide in plain sight, as a
vendor at Nighthawks’ stadium. Keeping her secret safe and simply happy to stay
alive, she never considered finding love an option. After all, a bad girl doesn’t
deserve a decent guy, does she?
Coming off his best season ever, Dan went into the playoffs,
hell bent on winning the pennant and playing in the World Series. But could he
maintain his focus on the field, where everything was going right, when off the
field everything was falling apart?
Now, tell us Yes or No for each answer below. Feel free to
explain any (or none) of your answers.

Is it true:

this is your first
No. It’s book # 35
this book is part of
a series?
Yes, The Bottom of the Ninth series.
you lost sleep while
writing this book?
you did research for
this book?
some characters in
this book are not human? (pets for example)
Some of the ball players may act like apes, but they have
human DNA.
this book has more
than one genre?
you speak more than
one language?
you grew up where you
live now?
you love to read?
you are never late?
you love pizza?
you love sushi?
you have a pet?

Where can we find your
book online?

Jean Joachim Social Media

Jean is an award-wining, international best-selling romance
with books hitting the Amazon Top 100 list in the U.S. and
abroad since 2012. She writes mostly contemporary romance, which includes
sports romance and romantic suspense.
Dangerous Love Lost and Found won 1st place in the suspense
category in the 2015
Oklahoma Romance Writers of America International Digital
Awards contest. The Renovated Heart won Best Novel of the Year from Love
Romances Café. Lovers & Liars was a RomCon finalist in 2013. And The
Marriage List tied for third place as Best Contemporary Romance from the Gulf
Coast RWA. To Love or Not to Love tied for second place in the 2014 New England
Chapter of Romance Writers of America Reader’s Choice contest. She was chosen
Author of the Year in 2012 by the New York City chapter of RWA.
Married and the mother of two sons, Jean lives in New York
City. Early in thE
morning, you’ll find her at her computer, writing, with a
cup of tea, her rescued pug, Homer, by her side and a secret stash of black
Jean has 35 books, novellas and short stories published.


Red Hot Russian Alexei is king of the Ice…Antarctic style
Alexei Zaikov loves his life in remote Amity Bay,
Antarctica, until a new luxury guesthouse threatens the community’s future. As
head of Amity Bay, he’s driven to save it, but first must discover who is
hiding out in the supposedly deserted lodge…and why.
Nora Bradford has lost everything; a promising career and
the man she loved. Glacier Ridge Lodge, the architectural masterpiece she
designed but was denied credit for, seems like the perfect place to grieve her
loss, until a ruggedly handsome Russian arrives on her doorstep, determined to
bring her in from the cold. Desire sparks, leaving them hungry for more. But
will the truth about Nora’s role in Amity Bay’s demise, doom their romance?

Heating It Up: A Red Hot Russians Novella

Genre Contemporary
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

Elizabeth Harmon

Contemporary romance author Elizabeth Harmon loves to read
and write romances with a dash of different. A graduate of the University of
Illinois, she has worked in advertising, community journalism and as a
freelance magazine writer. She feels incredibly blessed to have a career that
allows her to spend her days imagining “what if?” and a loving family that
keeps her grounded in the real world. Her debut novel, Pairing Off, the first
book in her Red Hot Russians sports romance series, is a 2016 RITA Award
An adventurous cook, vintage home enthusiast, occasional
actress, and entry-level figure skater, Elizabeth makes her home in the
Midwest, where life is good, but the sports teams aren’t. She loves to hang out
on her front porch, or at her favorite local establishments, enjoy good food
and wine, and talks writing with anyone who will listen.

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces the story.

About the Author

In addition to a thriving career as a novelist, author Darin Gibby is also one of the country’s premiere patent attorneys and a partner at the prestigious firm of Kilpatrick Townsend ( With over twenty years of experience in obtaining patents on hundreds of inventions from the latest  drug delivery systems to life-saving cardiac equipment, he has built IP portfolios for numerous Fortune 500 companies. In addition to securing patents, Gibby helps clients enforce and license their patents around the world, and he has monetized patents on a range of products.
Darin’s first book, Why Has America Stopped Inventing?, explored the critical issue of America’s broken patent system.  His second book, The Vintage Club, tells the story of a group of the world’s wealthiest men who are chasing a legend about a wine that can make you live forever.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree, he is highly regarded in Denver’s legal and business community as a patent strategist, business manager, and community leader. He is also a sought-after speaker on IP issues at businesses, colleges and technology forums, where he demonstrates the value of patents using simple lessons from working on products such as Crocs shoes, Izzo golf straps and Trek bicycles.
An avid traveler and accomplished triathlete, Darin also enjoys back country fly-fishing trips and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. He lives in Denver with his wife, Robin, and their four children.

Interview with Darin Gibby

Why did you write this book?
Gil is one of those books I wrote for myself.  It tells a powerful story about the price required to pursue one’s dreams, and about what really matters in life. Gil’s dedication to his wife, Keri, was the main theme I wanted to convey.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I tradeoff between historical fiction and thrillers.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
Johnny Nowlan from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
What are you working on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months? 
I am finishing up a thriller entitled Chasing Hindy. This book is about a patent attorney who thinks she’s landed her dream job with a company who has invented a technology to let cars run on water only to discover that there are other interests who are poised to make sure it never comes to market.  It should publish in March 2017.
Please tell us about your latest book.
Some gifts come with a price.
Twenty years before, high school coach Gil Gilbert gave up his dream to play professional baseball so he could marry his pregnant girlfriend, Keri. When he miraculously discovers that he can pitch with deadly accuracy and speed, he must choose between his successful career and familiar family life or his chance to play with the Colorado Rockies during a player’s strike. Gil stuns the pitching staff with 100 mph fastballs and is offered a contract.
After joining the Rockies, the world soon learns that Gil is a supernatural phenomenon and the Rockies keep winning. But Gil soon faces stiff opposition, including a frivolous lawsuit, a father who feels his son’s calling to pitch is to save souls, and threats from the striking players. As the season progresses, Gil discovers that his unexpected gift is the result of a rare disease, and continuing to pitch may hasten his own death. While Keri supports his decision to keep playing, she is fearful about her husband’s bizarre heath condition.
Gil must decide what price he is willing to pay to live his dream.

About the Book

Title Gil
Genre Literary Fiction – Sports
Author Darin Gibby
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13

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Publisher Koehler Books

Author Social Media

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces
the story.
About the Author
Known the world over as The Oldest Living Erotica Author, Desiree Holt
proves every day that she is more than the sum of her years. She is a winner of
the EPIC E-Book Award, an Authors after Dark Author oft he Year and winner of
the Holt Medallion. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The
Village Voice
, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The
London Daily Mail
and numerous other national and international
Interview with Desiree Holt
Why did you write this
because I am addicted to football and romance and sexy guys, and in
Forward Pass I had a way to combine them both.
What is your favorite
genre to read?
romantic suspense
Who is your favorite
character from fiction (not including your own)?
Lucy Kincaid from Allison Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid series
What are you working on at
the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
A story for Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs Kindle World, a BDSM story for a
box set and a firefighter story for a box set. Coming up will be the launch of
an action/adventure series set in Alaska, another in my rock star series, and
two more in my Rawhide series.
Please tell us about your latest book.
Shay Beckham grew up
idolizing her brother’s best friend, star quarterback Joe Reilly. There was no
one in their Texas town who had the moves to match Joe on or off the field.
Years later, he’s still a player who has what it takes to drive any hot-blooded
woman wild. But Shay isn’t a kid with a bad case of hero-worship anymore. She’s
grown-up and independent, with her feet on the ground and a serious head on her
shoulders. If she could just say the same for Joe.
It’s been fifteen
years, but Joe Reilly hasn’t forgotten the skinny little kid who used to follow
him around like a shadow. What he can’t get over is that the skinny shadow has
grown into one hell of an incredible woman. One any man in his right mind would
kill to get his hands on. And one who seems to be completely immune to him. He
knows he and Shay could have something special together. If he could only
convince her he’s about more than just the game.
About the Book
Title Forward Pass
Genre erotic contemporary sports
Author Desiree Holt
Book heat level
(based on movie ratings): R
Buy This Book
Author Social Media
I Think I Love You 

This quick interview includes info about the author, and
introduces the story.

About the Author

Iris Blobel was
born and raised in Germany and immigrated to Australia only in the late 1990s.
Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living
in Scotland and London, as well as in Canada, where she actually had met her
future husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only recently
emerged, but now her laptop is a constant companion.
Iris resides
west of Melbourne with her husband and her beautiful two daughters, as well as
her two dogs. In addition to her job at a private school she also presents a
German Program at the local Community Radio.

Interview with Iris Blobel

Why did you write
this book?
“I think I Love You” is the 3rd in the Australian
Sports Stars Series. I started with Tyson (the AFL player in “Love Will Find
You”) and fell in love with his friends Oliver and Markus that I decided to
dedicate them a book as well. I decided for Markus to be a soccer player, not
only because of my German background, but I started jotting down ideas during
the World Cup last year, which Germany won J
What is your favorite
genre to read?
I love Romance, but I generally read across the genre,
except historical novels and erotica.
Who is your favorite
character from fiction (not including your own)?
Jack Reacher …love him!
What are you working
on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
I’m currently working on another series which is set in a
small coastal town called Fermosa Bay. Connor, who’s lived most of his life in
London, returns to his place of birth and discovers there are many things about
his past he isn’t aware of … or he hasn’t been told of. It’s fun to write.
Quirky characters, laid back, and very Australian!
Please tell us about
your latest book.
Markus DeLeon and Sarah Winter’s lives couldn’t be more different…
After three years away as the goalkeeper for an English soccer club, Markus has been happy to be back in Australia. He’d missed his family and friends, including Sarah. He’s known her since childhood, and often protected her from the teasing of other children and the troubling consequences of a broken home.
When they attend their friends’ wedding, a new light is cast on their friendship…
Sarah is fresh out of a bad relationship, and Markus has always been the one she can confide in. Maybe it’s the magic of the wedding—or how stunning he looks in a tux—but the attraction between them intensifies in ways they’d never imagined.
But sometimes when risking what you have, you might lose everything…
Following a passionate encounter, Markus isn’t sure how to handle this new aspect of his relationship with Sarah, and literally flees the scene for the coast. Sarah is unsure how to react to his sudden departure, but is soon knocked off course by misunderstandings and a frightening family emergency.
Markus realises his mistake and wants to make things right, but he also faces obstacles. He’s been offered an exciting new job, and an attractive newcomer to the neighbourhood is eager to claim his attention, though the last thing Markus needs is another confusing relationship.
Can Sarah and Markus face the fear and doubt—and the potential loss of their lifelong friendship—to give their love a chance?

About the Book

Title: I Think I Love You
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Iris Blobel
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13

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Author Social Media

Her Wild Protector
If you’ve never watched someone do Tai Chi, grab the next opportunity
and check it out. It’s a beautiful, graceful martial art form that Merriam-Webster
defines as “an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced
as a system of exercises.” In my story Her Wild Protector, Tara says it looks like yoga on barbiturates. She’s kind of
a smart ass!
Tai Chi can be done by just about anyone and while it looks like
nothing much is going on, it takes a fair amount of energy to perform. There are
many benefits to moving through the forms, such as improving posture and increasing
flexibility. There are plenty of good articles on the subject and here’s the link
for a gorgeous video on YouTube, showing a gold medal champion do The 24 Form:
I decided to have my hero, Marshall, practice Tai Chi for several
reasons. It relieves stress because it’s good exercise and it requires discipline
to practice regularly. Tai Chi is also sexy, in my opinion. It takes control and
slow, steady movements. I imagine all that power and energy used for…you know,
other purposes. Of course, I had to find a few more videos of good-looking guys
doing Tai Chi. *sigh* Research is rough sometimes.
In this one, a home-made clip, not only does the man show nice
form (to me, anyway), the snow, trees in the background and the hint of sun make
a nice video.
Last but not least, check out the trailer for Tai-Chi Master
with (yum) Jet Li. Though a lot of this movie is fighting, you can see a few seconds
of group Tai Chi being done. It’s mesmerizing!

Buy This Book

Barnes and Noble

About the Author

Naomi Bellina
Naomi lives in beautiful sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical
calico cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets, but finds she
is drawn to romance because her characters insist on canoodling and falling madly
in love. So she lets them. Occasionally, however, they go to dark and strange places.
She lets them do this also. Most of her stories will surprise readers with unexpected
twists and turns, because isn’t that what makes life exciting?
Her interests include dancing, hula-hooping, drumming, and creating
healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play, have fun, and indulge in the pursuit
of passion whenever possible. She hopes you enjoy her stories and would love to
hear from you.

Author Social Media


Dancing in the White Room 

About the Book

Title: Dancing in the White Room
Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction
Author: Ute Carbone
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Dancing in the white room is slang for skiing or boarding in
deep powder snow. The dancer is PD Bell, one of the best extreme skiers on the planet.
Mallory Prescott, the woman who lives with him and loves him, is used to Bell’s exploits. A patrol
woman at Whiteface Mountain near Lake
Placid, New York, Mallory
is no stranger to risk. But this time Bell is taking
on the West Rib of Denali, highest and most dangerous mountain in North America. It’s a descent that has never been done, though
it’s been tried. Five years ago, Bell
had tried it. The attempt nearly killed him. Five years ago, he promised Mallory
he wouldn’t try it again.
Over the six weeks in which he’s gone, Mallory begins to question
her relationship with Bell.
Does he really love her? Is he in it for the duration? What has loving him cost
her? Mallory’s life choices are thrown into stark relief when her daughter Emily
takes a terrible fall. Together with her life-long friend Creech Creches, she must
work her way through a maze of uncharted territory at a hospital miles from home.
Dancing in the White Room is the story of the love we keep,
the price we pay for that love, and the forgiveness it takes to hold on to what
is precious.

Buy This Book

Interview with P.D. Bell

Tell us about yourself,
I’m a skier, what some would call an extreme skier. There’s been
plenty written about me already, about my background growing up in a cabin with
my grandfather, about how many metals I won at the X-games, about how many movie
spots I’ve done. The truth is, I’m a lot more than that. I love to ski, true. I
can’t imagine life without it. But I also love my life, my daughter Emily, and my
girlfriend Mallory.
What is it that you want,
but cannot have? Authors call this the conflict of the story.
I want the West Rib. It’s a tough decent, on the West side of
Denali, that no skier has ever been able to conquer.
I plan on being the first. I’ve tried it before, and it got the best of me. I failed
and I don’t like failure. I want to win this one.
What’s your internal limitation?
Meaning, what is it about you that makes it so you cannot do what it is you need
to do during this story?
Denali is intimidating. I’ve
skied it before. I’ve done the West Rib before, too. Most people, they’d say I’m
fearless, but that’s not true. You’d have to be insane not to feel some fear when
facing down this slope. It isn’t fearlessness, but swallowing down those feelings
that makes it work. That’s the thing, you conquer those fears and what’s left is
something so totally awesome you can’t put words to it.
What inner doubt causes
you the most difficulty?
The thought of what happened last time I tried. I landed in the
hospital and it could have been worse–I could have gone over the precipice. But
I don’t dwell there, I can’t and won’t dwell there.
What’s your external complication?
In the story world your author created, explain what it is you fear most.
Well, besides the mountain there’s Mallory. I know how she feels
about my going to Denali again. She’s made it clear
she hates the idea. Losing her is the worst thing that could happen to me.
Tell us about your significant
other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
Mallory. I don’t know where to begin. She’s kind of perfect.
Not just physically, I mean, yeah, she’s perfect physically speaking. But she’s
so strong and smart and capable. I could never imagine being with anyone else.
What would that person
say about you?
Right now? She’d probably say I’m a jerk for taking up this challenge.
She’d call me stubborn and possessed. She might not be wrong about that. But then,
I think, deep down inside, she really does love me for who I am.
What is your family like?
Mallory and Em are my family. Then there’s my grandfather, Danny,
who’s tough as leather, but also the best man I know. My mom died when I was a kid
and he raised me. I never knew my father, or even who my father was. It doesn’t
matter, though. You make your own family. And I try to be the best father to my
little girl that I can possibly be.
What special skills do
you rely on?
Well, I guess my skills at skiing. I am pretty good at it. I
also like to build things. I built the cabin Mallo and I live in with Em. And a
lot of the furniture in the place. I love making furniture, it relaxes me.
If someone from your past
showed up, who would you NOT want it to be, and why?
I don’t know. I guess my father, because then I’d have to know
why he never claimed me as his kid. Though, really, he might have never even known
about me.
Are you happy with the
way your story ended? Why or why not?
Yes. I think I’ve finally figured out what’s important. And I
told Mallory I loved her–I’m not big on words, but I think she needed to hear how
important she is to me.

About the Writer

You have the length of
a tweet (140 characters) to describe yourself as a writer. Let’s see what you can
Have pen. Will write.
Why did you choose to
write about this character?
Extreme skiers, or people who do things that are what most of
us would consider a little crazy, fascinate me. I love Bell, because it turns out he’s more than just
Was there anything you
discovered about this character that was a surprise to you?
How much he cares about Mallory. Early on, I figured him for
a guy who is a bit easy come, easy go when it comes to relationships. And that isn’t
When you wrote about this
character, what made you the most happy? What made you the most sad?
Well, the story is told from Mallory’s point of view, so we see
Bell through her
eyes. The best of Bell
was how he reacted when she finally told him she was pregnant–the pregnancy was
an accident–he goes to their extra room and says, ‘we’ll paint it yellow.”
There’s no fuss, just this quiet acceptance that says, of course I’ll be there,
we’ll do this together. He also makes furniture, and he surprised Mallory with a
headboard for their bed, which was sweet.
Sad was how driven he is to do the dangerous things he does.
He is almost compelled to do them–and it seems as though he doesn’t take Mallory
or Emily into account when making those decisions.
Why do you write?
I wish I could answer that question. I think I just love telling
stories. And that, by living with the characters, I get to live all kinds of interesting
lives–as a professional skier in this case.
What do you want to write
I have way, way too many ideas and partially finished things
in my WIP folder. Right now, I’m writing a part four for Anton and Lenora, a series
of historical novellas. Talk about other lives, this one lets me sail to China in the 19th
century. I also have another historical-set in Colorado
in the 1890’s, and a romantic comedy about a daytime TV star in New York. And I’d love to
write another ski story–this one featuring Creech, who is Mallory’s best friend
and ex-boyfriend in Dancing.
What other character from
this book do you want to write about? Care to tell us why?
As I said, I’d love to write a story about Creech. He’s a ski
racing coach, which is kind of fascinating, and he needs a love interest. I have
some ideas and I think I might sit down and do this book in the near future.
Is there anything you’d
like to say to your readers?
I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing

Author Bio

Ute (who pronounces her name Oooh-tah) Carbone is an award winning
author of women’s fiction, comedy, and romance. She and her husband live in New Hampshire, where she
spends her days walking, eating chocolate and dreaming up stories.

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