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Category Archives: Regency

Romance set during the Regency period in England.

Read the series: Lord of Her Heart by Gail Eastwood @GEastwoodAuthor #RLFblog #RegencyRomance #ReadARegencyIn Lord of Her Heart, Book One of Gail Eastwood’s new Regency series Tales of Little Macclow, long-parted friends get a new chance for love–or do they?

Gail, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your series.

Lord of Her Heart, Book One in the Tales of Little Macclow series

Genre: “sweet” Regency Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13

Gail Eastwood launches a new Regency series with Lord of Her Heart

An unexpected return. A new risk for old friends.

As Little Macclow prepares to celebrate May Day, Tom Hepston’s arrival stirs expectations and speculation in the Derbyshire village. Tom left fourteen years ago. Now he is back, but he hasn’t come willingly and he has no plans to stay. He believes the physical and mental wounds from the naval career he has left behind have made him a madman no woman could–or should–love. Can he leave again before everyone sees the broken man he has become?

Sally Royden’s young heart broke when Tom left the first time. After learning not to hope for his return, she now leads a satisfying life caring for her sister and serving as the village seamstress. She’s shocked to find him standing in her parlor. Tom’s experiences have changed him. Dare she hope for renewed friendship? Or even love? Or will her heart be broken twice–by the same man? In Little Macclow, love seems to have a power all of its own.

Note: Part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project and other non-profit organizations that support those fighting the challenges of PTSD.

Which book is this in the series?

I’ve titled Lord of Her Heart as Book One in my series, even though it’s not the first book I wrote in it. The book that is “second” in the series (now) was written as a stand-alone originally, my first-ever “Christmas” book, Lord of Misrule. But readers fell in love with my village setting, and wanted a series. And then I realized, of course, that there were a bunch more stories to tell! Lord of Her Heart takes place eight months prior to Lord of Misrule, so it seemed to be the starting point.

How many books do you plan for the series?

At present it looks like seven stories altogether, although a couple of those may be novellas rather than full-length books. There may be a short story or two to throw in as well.

How many books are completed?

Only the first two are out. I’m working on Book Three right now.

What characters are the main stars in your series?

Each book picks up the romance of different people connected to the village and stands as a complete story, but the characters overlap. For instance, the first book tells the romance story of Sally Royden, the village seamstress, while the second book’s heroine is her best friend, Cassie Tamworth, the daughter of Little Macclow’s vicar. But Sally’s younger sister Ellen, who works at the village inn, will get her own story later on, and so will some of the other young people you meet in the earlier books. A timeline links the stories. Readers have also asked for the story of the local squire and his wife, an older couple who figure in all the stories as they are central to life in Little Macclow. Their romance will be a prequel, eventually.

What is the overall theme in this series?

Little Macclow is a tiny, special, tucked-away place where Love seems to have some mysterious power –it may be magic or it might just be the way things happen there. I leave that up to the reader to decide. But the power of love is the grand theme. After all, it’s a romance series! J

Please list the series titles below, in any order you prefer.

1 –Lord of Her Heart
2 –Lord of Misrule
Not out yet (working titles, not final)
3. –A Little Macclow Wedding
4. –His Lady to Love
5. –A Stranger in Little Macclow
6. –The London Visitor
7. –Lady Anne’s Choice

What did you like best about writing this series?

I fall more in love with the village and its people the more I write about them. But it is also great fun to see how circumstance (or is it magic? Or just the power of Love?) can interfere (or assist) with everyone’s plans and intentions. I’m also enjoying the challenge of writing a series mostly about the common folks instead of the aristocracy and showing that they don’t have to have wealth or titles in order to still find their happy endings.

What other books (not in this series, have you written?)

I wrote seven traditional Regency romances back in the days of the old Signet/NAL Regency line. They were well-received, won some accolades and awards, but I had to take a sixteen-year break in my writing career due to a combination of family health crises with my mother, my husband and one of my sons. Ebooks were invented and the whole book world really changed during that time. I started my re-entry slowly, first re-editing and re-issuing some of my old backlist (and three are still with Penguin, unrevised). The Little Macclow books are my first new ones. Lord of Misrule was a finalist for the 2019 Maggie Award for Best Historical Romance, which really boosted my confidence. It’s kind of scary to come back after such a long break. Writing, like any skill, takes practice!

Where can we find links for all your books?

My website (, of course, has links and information about all of my books, plus newsletter sign-up, etc.

My author page at Amazon should have all the books, as well:

Where to buy Lord Of Her Heart

Amazon (Kindle)
Amazon (print)

Gail Eastwood Social Media

Award-winning author Gail Eastwood started writing stories as soon as she learned to string words together on paper, and blames Beatrix Potter and A.A. Milne for making her a devoted Anglophile at a very early age. After detours into journalism and rare books, she finally found her path writing Signet Regencies acclaimed for their emotional depth and innovative plots. Twice nominated for RomanticTimes Magazine’s Career Achievement award, a Golden Leaf winner and twice a Holt Medallion finalist, Gail had to put writing on hold to deal with family health issues. But now she’s back doing what she loves best and offering readers a new, heart-warming Regency series set in a small village possibly touched by magic (or it is just the power of Love?), Tales of Little Macclow.
Facebook (profile):
Facebook (page):
Amazon Author Page
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Please welcome author Cheryl Bolen as a special guest on Romance Lives Forever. Her book is an Amazon Bestseller in Regency Romance.

Miss Hastings’ Excellent London Adventure (Brazen Brides #4)

Author Cheryl Bolen

Genre Regency Romance

Series Brazen Brides

Having never left Upper Barrington in her twenty years, orphan Miss Emma Hastings is overjoyed when the uncle she’s never met invites her to come live with him in London. Everything about living in the Capital lures her. She doesn’t even mind sharing her seat in the mail coach with a gargantuan man whose belly rests on his lap. Even when her uncle fails to meet her at the posting inn in London, she’s too exhilarated over the city’s sights and sounds to be worried. After many hours pass and her uncle does not collect her, she determines to lug her trunk behind her as she struggles through London’s streets at night to find her uncle’s home.

Spurned by his mistress and vowing to never love again, Adam Birmingham, whose family is the richest in Britain, decides to get very drunk. As he’s staggering home, he takes pity on a very small young lady who’s lugging a very large trunk behind her. In the rain. Her destination is the home of his next-door neighbor, but no one answers the bell. Adam is compelled to ask the young woman to spend the night at his home. Promptly after showing her the chamber in which she’ll sleep, Adam passes out on her chaise. It’s not until the following morning he remembers that the lady’s uncle has died.

When Adam learns that Emma cannot return to Upper Barrington and that she has nowhere to go, he offers marriage to the hysterical lady. His heart is so shattered, he will never love again. Why not make this helpless orphan happy? Soon after they wed, they become convinced that someone has forged her uncle’s will–and likely murdered her uncle. Their resolve to bring the murderer to justice jeopardizes Emma’s life. Knowing she’s in danger brings out Adam’s protective instincts–and something far deeper, something he’d thought to never feel again…

Where to buy Miss Hastings’ Excellent London Adventure


About Cheryl Bolen

Cheryl Bolen is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of more than three dozen romances. She’s also an Amazon All Star author. She’s written for Harlequin Historical, Kensington Books, Montlake, and Love Inspired Historical, and has published independently through her Harper & Appleton imprint. Many of her books have placed in contests, including the Daphne du Maurier (romantic suspense) and have been translated into nine languages. She was Notable New Author in 1999. In 2006 she won the Holt Medallion, Best Historical, and in 2012 she won Best Historical in the International Digital Awards, a competition in which she’s had five other titles become finalists in Best Historical categories. Her 2011 Christmas novella was named Best Novella in the Romance Through the Ages contest.

A former journalist and teacher, Bolen adores reading about dead Englishwomen. She is married to the retired professor who captured her teenage heart when they were undergraduates. Their favorite pastimes include watching college sports and traveling, especially to England-often accompanied by their grown sons.

She invites readers to, or her blog, or Facebook at Super fans can join her Facebook readers’ group, Lady Cheryl’s Ladies of the Ton at


Discover fast fun facts about Juli D Revezzo author of Engaging the Heiress (Camden Girls #2) @julidrevezzo #RLFblog #historicalromanceJuli D Revezzo, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Engaging the Heiress (Camden Girls, book 2).

Engaging the Heiress (Camden Girls, book 2) by Juli D Revezzo

Genre: historical romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): G

Mr. Edwin Hetherington needs a fiancée he will never have to marry.

Years ago, his family lost everything to an unscrupulous landlord. Now, the Irishman offers to reinstate Edwin’s title so long as he weds Miss Jera Camden. As far as Jera is concerned, so long as she manages to avoid an unwanted suitor of her mother’s choosing, the bluestocking is happy to play the part of Edwin’s blushing bride-to-be.

Can Edwin and Jera dupe the crafty landlord into making good on his promise before the wedding date arrives…or will their best-laid plans result in disaster?


What’s your favorite book?…

Oh boy! How much time do you have? J There’s a list. But my favorite romances are Nora Roberts Three sisters series, Tessa Dare’s Wanton Dairymaid Series, anything by Suzanne G. Rogers or Michael Moorcock.

What’s a genre you want to write?…

I’ve dabbled in just about everything. But I’d like to write a true historical fiction, someday, I think.

Best writing advice you ever heard?…

That’s changed, over the years. Now, I’d say, learn the basics, but still, write the book you want to write.

What’s the title and genre of your first book, and where can we find it?

The title of the first book in the Camden Girls series is Courting the Stationmaster’s Daughter, and it too is available on Amazon.


Coffee or tea? both

Sit down dinner or drive through? both

Fold laundry immediately or let it sit? I fold it immediately, if I can.

Unload dishwasher right away or use dishes from it? I have to admit, I’ve used dishes from the dishwasher before.

Driving for pleasure or avoid driving anywhere? Avoid driving.

Talk or text? Both. Most of the time, I prefer to talk, though.

Emoji or smilie? Smile

Where to buy Engaging the Heiress (Camden Girls, book 2)

Publisher: Raven Queen Publications


Juli D Revezzo Social Media

Amazon Author Page
Amazon Author Page
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Alcohol Abuse in the Regency Era by AngelinaJameson @RegencyLady #RLFblog #HistoricalRomance #RegencyAngelina Jameson welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here!

Looking forward to reading about your research on alcohol abuse in the Regency Era, but first, please tell us about A Lady’s Addiction.

A Lady’s Addiction by Angelina Jameson

Genre Historical Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Anna, a widow battling alcohol addiction, is convinced she is worthless unless she bears a child. Devlyn, sterile after an accident, has returned to England from an assignment for the Foreign Office. Anna and Devlyn join forces to protect an innocent child from a blackmailer. Can they come to terms not only with their feelings for each other but whether they will allow society to dictate the true significance of life?

Alcohol Abuse in the Regency Era

The heroine of my book A Lady’s Addiction has a problem with alcohol. Anna used it to self-medicate, to deal with the disgusting attentions from her husband. Now a widow, Anna struggles to rid herself of her nightly ritual of drinking a bottle of wine to dull her senses.

The term alcoholism wasn’t around in the Regency era and wasn’t coined until 1852. Reformers labeled those who often drank in excess as habitual drunkards. At the time habitual drunkenness wasn’t seen as a disease. I portrayed Anna as an alcohol abuser not an alcoholic. She uses alcohol to de-stress. If she continues on this path she would most likely become an alcoholic.

Anna’s drink of choice was wine. Wine was plentiful in upper class Regency households. Wine was a gentlemanly drink. It was imported and expensive, perfect as a posh drink for the upper classes. During the years of war between France and England it was harder to get French wine. The English turned to new favorite wines from Spain, and Portugal. These wines were Madeira, Malaga, port, or sherry. The hero in my book refers to Portuguese wine in the first chapter.Alcohol Abuse in the Regency Era by AngelinaJameson @RegencyLady #RLFblog #HistoricalRomance #Regency

During the Gin Craze in 18th century London binge drinking became a huge social problem. Gin was cheap and readily available to the lower classes. The heavy consumption of alcohol continued during the Regency. In the Reminisces of Captain Gronow, the author stated: “Drinking was the fashion of the day.”

It is well known that George IV drank heavily. Did George’s excessive drinking reflect current fashion or set it? I think both. Drinking played an extremely important social role in eighteenth century England. Anyone who reads Regency historical novels has heard of gout. The high consumption of port and fortified wines led to the upper class disease of gout.

What about women drinking in the Regency era? While there are many cartoons and articles from the Regency showing excess drinking by men, it was much harder to find information about those Regency women who may have abused alcohol. Lady Caroline Lamb was known to be addicted to alcohol and laudanum near the end of her life. It is taken for granted that women of society drank to relieve the boredom and monotony of their lives. Women drank wine with their meals and drank sherry in the drawing room after dinner. It is not hard to imagine women overindulging with all the alcohol surrounding them.

The prevailing attitude seemed to be that as long as your addiction didn’t affect your social obligations you were not rebuked for it.

Where to buy A Lady’s Addiction


Angelina Jameson Social Media

Angelina Jameson is a multi-published author of historical Regency romance. Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Angelina joined the US Air Force to see the world. Dreams of visiting the United Kingdom were fulfilled when she was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, England. Five years later she returned to the states having acquired a love of not only all things British but also Regency and historical romance.
Amazon Author

Image credit: James Gillray (18th century) copyright CC by 4.0

Know the Heroine from A Leap Into Love by Alina K Field @AlinaKField #RLFblog #SweetRegencyRomanceAlina K Field, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We’re excited to find out more about your heroine, but first, tell us about the book.

A Leap Into Love by Alina K Field

Genre Sweet Regency Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

Can a gentleman be too charming? The ladies of Upper Upton think so. And it’s almost Leap Day, when a man who refuses a lady’s proposal of marriage must offer a forfeit.

When the single ladies of the village conspire to teach their charmer a lesson that might bankrupt him, the town’s loveliest young widow steps up to warn him.

His secrets and hers make them a perfect match—and she’s the lady he wants. But she won’t accept his proposal, not even to rescue him.

As Leap Day approaches, the clock is ticking. Can he convince her in time to say yes to his offer and take a leap into love?

Know the Heroine from A Leap Into Love

It’s late, she’s bored. What does she do?

Boredom is a welcome respite for Mrs. Myra Smith, who chases children all day. In the rare evenings when she has nothing to do, she has a cup of tea and a chat with her friend and employer, Mrs. McClintock.

What kind of food would she impulse buy if hungry?

Something sweet.

Describe the kind of clothes she prefers to wear.

She would dearly love a new dress, something pretty and stylish.

Does she know how to fix things?

Mechanical problems are best left to others, but fixing an injustice is another matter.

She tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.

Once upon a time, she fell in love with a neighbor’s son, and made the mistake of trusting his good intentions. That one mistake changed the course of her life, with dire, nearly fatal results.

How does she act around children she doesn’t know?

As a teacher at a children’s home, Myra can be both gentle and firm, as needed.

What is she like first thing in the morning?

Slipping out of bed in her unheated cottage on a cold morning requires rapid dressing!

How does she handle things when in a “proper” social situation?

Raised as the daughter of the gentry class, Myra has excellent manners.

Maid or takes care of herself?

Takes care of herself.

Proper dress or casual clothes?

Proper work dress.

Sleeves buttoned or rolled up?

When helping with baths or cooking, she’ll roll up her sleeves.

Powdered wig or natural hair?

Myra couldn’t afford either, even if they were in fashion.

Carriage or horseback?

Walking is her usual mode of transportation, but when hauling supplies, she’ll take the donkey cart.

Thanks for helping us get to know your heroine!

Where to buy A Leap Into Love

Barnes and Noble
GooglePlay Books

Alina K Field Social Media

USA Today Bestselling and Award-winning author Alina K Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature, but prefers the much happier world of romance fiction. Though her roots are in the Midwestern U.S., after six very, very, very cold years in Chicago, she moved to Southern California where she shares a midcentury home with her husband and her spunky, blonde, rescued terrier.
She is the author of several Regency romances, including the 2014 Book Buyer’s Best winner, Rosalyn’s Ring. She is hard at work on her next series of Regency romances, but loves to hear from readers!
Amazon Author Page
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Read Midnight with the Marquess @AlexaAston #RLFblog #RegencyRomanceAlexa Aston, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Midnight with the Marquess (The St. Clairs Book 2) by Alexa Aston

Genre: Regency Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Can love heal a wounded army officer who doesn’t believe it exists?
Lady Rachel St. Clair has witnessed how powerful love can be, thanks to the example her brother and wife set, and she won’t settle for anything less. At a house party, Rachel meets an officer returning from the Peninsular War and believes she may have found love, thanks to their clandestine midnight lessons in kissing.
Major Evan Drake, Marquess of Merrick, witnessed his father murder his mother and believes love doesn’t exist. He’s returned from combat wounded in both body and soul. When he meets Rachel he changes his mind about love, drawn to the raven-haired beauty’s spirit. Yet Rachel devastates him by rejecting him before he can declare his feelings for her, sending Evan into a downward spiral that almost ends in death.
Nursing her broken heart, Rachel continues her search for love the next Season, though her thoughts linger on those midnights with her marquess.
Will Evan be able to regain Rachel’s trust—and open his heart to love?
Find the answer in bestselling author Alexa Aston’s second book of The St. Clairs, Midnight with the Marquess.
Each book in The St. Clairs Trilogy is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Devoted to the Duke
Book #2 Midnight with the Marquess
Book #3 Embracing the Earl

Where to buy Midnight with the Marquess

Amazon: (and read for free in KU!)

Alexa Aston Social Media

Native Texan and former history teacher Alexa Aston lives with her husband in a Dallas suburb, where she eats her fair share of dark chocolate and plots out stories while she walks every morning. She enjoys reading, Netflix binge-watching, and attending sporting events when she’s not watching Survivor, The Crown, or Game of Thrones.
Alexa’s Medieval and Regency historical romances bring to life dashing knights and loveable rogues and include the series The Knights of Honor, The King’s Cousins, and The St Clairs.
Amazon Author Page

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