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Category Archives: Paranormal

Paranormal includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, blending themes from fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

In NJ Walters’ new paranormal romance, Bjorn Cursed, Bjorn Knutson is ordered by Odin to find and kill a woman who escaped from the Norse afterlife only to discover the woman is his long-dead wife.

NJ, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Bjorn Cursed.

Bjorn Cursed by NJ Walters

Genre PNR

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Lucifer is up to his old tricks, causing problems for the Forgotten Brotherhood. This time, he’s had a woman removed from the Norse afterlife and placed her right in the path of Bjorn Knutson. After the slaughter of his wife and family centuries ago, tortured and broken, Bjorn was cursed as the first Norse werewolf. Now he’s been tasked by Odin himself with killing the woman who escaped. Failure is not an option.

Before he can track her, he stumbles across a woman being accosted by three men in the middle of the night. Even though she’s human, he intervenes and is shocked to recognize the face of the one woman he could never kill — his wife Anja.

She’s also the one he’s hunting…and if he doesn’t kill her then both their lives are at stake.


What’s your favorite book?…

That’s an impossible question to ask a reader. But I read Amanda Quick’s book Surrender when it first came out in 1990. I was reading mostly historical fiction and historical romance back then. I discovered she was also Jayne Ann Krentz and went looking for those books. It introduced me to Harlequin romances and opened me up to the entire romance genre.

What’s a genre you want to write?…

I’m lucky to be writing in the romance genre, which has so many subgenres. I’ve written contemporary, fantasy, erotic, cowboy, sci-fi, and of course, paranormal romance of all kinds. So far, I’ve written whatever I’ve wanted to.

Best writing advice you ever heard?…

Just write what you love. There are no shortcuts to this business. You have to sit down and write the book, so you better love your characters.

What’s the title and genre of your first book, and where can we find it?

The first book I ever wrote was Discovering Dani, book 1 of my Jamesville series. But my first published book was Annabelle Lee back in 2004. It’s now available as Uncovering Annabelle. You can find both on Amazon.


Coffee or tea? Tea
Sit down dinner or drive through? Sit down dinner
Fold laundry immediately or let it sit? I fold it immediately.
Unload dishwasher right away or use dishes from it? I don’t own a dishwasher.
Driving for pleasure or avoid driving anywhere? I don’t drive or own a car. If someone else is driving, I’ll go anywhere.
Talk or text? Both, but I’d rather talk
Emoji or smilie? Smile

Where to buy Bjorn Cursed

Barnes and Noble

NJ Walters Social Media

NJ Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks–all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.
Amazon Author Page
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Know the Hero from Mermaids Marry in Green by Alice Renaud @alicerauthor #RLFblog #ParanormalRomance #MermaidsIn Mermaids Marry in Green, a fantasy romance by Alice Renaud, a feisty shape shifting mermaid teams up with a warlock to capture a water monster who is threatening to flood London. They soon begin to fall for each other, but will her people accept a warlock as her mate? Will his troubled past tear them apart?

Alice, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We’re excited to find out more about your hero, but first, tell us about Mermaids Marry in Green.

Mermaids Marry in Green by Alice Renaud

Genre Fantasy Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Caltha Dooran is the toughest, fiercest shape-shifting mermaid in the western seas. She has three Clans to rule, and no time for romance. But when a warlock, Jonty, turns up and asks her to come with him to London to capture a water monster, she can’t say no. In London, away from her duties, her attraction for Jonty grows… and they soon fall under each other’s spell. But will his past and her responsibilities pull them apart, or can they find the only true magic, the one that binds two souls together?

Know the Hero, Jonty, from Mermaids Marry in Green

Here are some fun questions to help us know your hero.

It’s late, he’s bored. What does he do?

In the past, he would have cast some spells to pass the time, perhaps conjured up a spirit in the shape of a talking animal to have a chat. But now he has given up magic, so he’d probably go for a walk in the dark.

What kind of food would he impulse buy if hungry?

Burger and chips. He grew up on a farm and loves red meat, but only if it comes from animals who have been well treated.

Describe the kind of clothes he prefers to wear.

Battered leather trousers and jacket, T-shirt, boots. Tough, workaday clothes, that won’t show dirt or blood. Being a warlock, even a retired one, can be a messy business.

Does he know how to fix things?

Yes. In the past he would use magic, but he can fix many things even without spells… except his life.

He tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.

He challenged a trio of hags to impress the woman he loved. It went wrong, the hags killed and ate her. He has lived with the guilt ever since.

How does he act around children he doesn’t know?

He loves children and is comfortable around them. He’ll play with them and teach them stuff.

What is he like first thing in the morning?

Like most warlocks and witches he’s a creature of the night, but being a hunter he’s trained to get up early to catch monsters… or round up the sheep on his parents’ estate.

How does he act around people who don’t know what he is?

Warlocks hide their powers from ordinary humans. He will act natural, but will tell people as little as possible about himself.

Will he let a worker handle things or do it himself?

He’ll do it himself. He hates it when he is unable to do something and has to get another man to do it.

Earrings/piercings/tattoos or unadorned skin?

No ornaments or tattoos for him – warlocks shouldn’t draw attention to themselves.

Personal vehicle or public transport?


Recycle or toss?

Recycle! Warlocks and witches respect nature and would never litter.

Thanks for helping us get to know your hero!

Where to buy Mermaids Marry in Green

Publisher Black Velvet Seductions
Universal Buy Link

Alice Renaud Social Media

Alice lives in London, UK, with her husband and son. By day she’s a compliance manager for a pharmaceutical company. By night she writes fantasy romance about shape shifting mermen, water monsters and time-travelling witches. Her first book, “A Merman’s Choice,” was published in January 2019 by Black Velvet Seductions. It is the first book in a fantasy romance trilogy inspired by the landscapes and legends of Brittany and Wales. The second book in the series, “Music for a Merman,” and the third, “Mermaids Marry in Green,” are out now. Alice has also contributed short stories to the BVS anthologies “Mystic Desire” and “Desire Me Again”, both out now. Alice loves reading and writing stories, and sharing them with anyone who’s interested!
Amazon Author Page


Haunting Refrain, a paranormal romance by Mary Marvella, tells the love stores of Sarah and William who have been best friends since her birth. How will they handle learning they were married a one and a half centuries ago? Sometimes a love is so strong one lifetime isn’t enough.

Mary Marvella, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Haunting Refrain.

Haunting Refrain by Mary Marvella

Genre Paranormal Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

Haunting Refrain is about a love that lasts more than one lifetime. Sometimes one lifetime isn’t enough.

When Sarah Overby, a music professor, finds ghosts in her attic, she hesitates to tell her best friend, William McKeown. She doesn’t think he’ll understand. Telling him he lived a previous life as her husband would make him think she was crazy.

William, the psychology professor, has adored Sarah forever. He just doesn’t realize this isn’t the first time he loved her. His feelings for his best friend are changing, but he doesn’t believe in ghosts, reincarnation, or lasting romantic relationships. How can he handle the idea that he lived a previous life?

Sarah’s ghosts and an old trunk in her attic reveal secrets about the past and tell of a haunting refrain.

Love, Lust, and Sweet Tea.

Tell us about yourself as a person.

What is your personality type?

I love to learn new things. My curiosity knows few bounds. I am disorganized but not.

What was your favorite childhood game?

I was a “Let’s Pretend” child. I made up the games we played in our playhouse in our large back yard. Sometimes I even scared myself. I climbed trees and took my dolls with me.

What is your favorite subject to talk about?

I’ll talk about almost anything, but I LOVE to talk about writing and teaching.

What is your favorite meal?

I love hibachi salmon and shrimp. (The leftovers are amazing)

Tell us about yourself as a writer.

What made you want to be a writer?

I have always been a storyteller, so when I retired from teaching, I decided to write the stories my grandmamas told us. Then I discovered romance novels, and characters in my head insisted their stories must be told.

When you go to a convention, what kinds of things do you take along?

I pack everything I might need. I’m the person with the things others forgot. I take sensible shoes and one purse. Extra clothes are a must since I have been known to wear parts of my meals. No one could wear all the jewelry I take with me, but I LOVE my jewelry!

My laptop goes along, of course, and a rolling briefcase!

What’s your best advice for a new writer?

Write as much as you can. If all that comes to mind is crap, write it, and sort it out later. NEVER throw away anything you write. Keep a file of deleted material to revisit and repurpose.

What are your writing goals for the next year or so?

I hope to finish book one of a paranormal series and a paranormal novella I started. I have plenty of unfinished projects waiting.

Where to buy Haunting Refrain

Publisher M. Barfield Publishing
Barnes and Noble

Mary Marvella Social Media

Mary Marvella has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. The arrival of the book mobile was as exciting as hearing the music of the ice cream truck. As a child of the South, she inherited the storytelling gene from her parents and writes with a southern flair.

Retired from teaching classic works of the masters, Mary plays let’s pretend with her characters. She has published 10 novels, 1 book on editing, and a collection of Christmas stories.
Mary tutors and coaches writers when she isn’t working on projects as a freelance editor. She has always been a grammar geek who loved soaking up new knowledge and reading everything, including labels on cereal boxes.
Mary has taught workshops for Georgia Romance Writers, Northeast Metro Atlanta Christian Writers, Savvy Authors, Hearts through History (RWA) and FF&P (RWA) and The Southern Pen Indie Conference. Mary loves teaching so much she published a book called Weeding of your Manuscript: What Editors Wish You Knew
Facebook Author/121044561311561
Amazon Author Page
Barnes and Noble


Read the series: Wolf at the Door by NJ Walters @njwaltersauthor #RLFblog #PNR #ParanormalRomanceWhat starts out as a freelance article about werewolves turns deadly in NJ Walters’ paranormal romance, A Wolf at the Door. When real-life werewolf Jacque LaForge comes knocking, should Gwendolyn Jones run or let him in?

NJ, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your series.

Wolf at the Door in the Salvation Pack Series

Genre PNR

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Gwendolyn Jones is working on an article about werewolves, not that she believes they exist. But there are people out there who do, like the nervous man who slips her a flash drive with information he claims will prove to the word shifters are out there. Gwen starts questioning just what to believe when two very real werewolves come knocking on her cabin door later that night.

Someone has a flash drive with pictures that could endanger his pack, and alpha Jacque LaForge will do whatever it takes to destroy it. But the something deep inside him ignites when he knocks on the door of that “someone”. He didn’t think he’d find a mate, or that when he did, she’d be human. But now that he has Gwen in his arms found Gwen, he knows he has a fight on his hands to protect her from his former vengeful pack who are out to hurt him by any means necessary.

Which book is this in the series?

Wolf at the Door is the first book in the Salvation Pack series.

How many books do you plan for the series?

There are nine books in this series. It’s complete, although I have always toyed with doing an “next generation” spinoff.

How many books are completed?

There are nine books in total.

What characters are the main stars in your series?

The original Salvation Pack consisted of five male werewolves—Jacque LaForge (alpha), Louis LaForge (Jacque’s brother), Armand LaForge (cousin of Jacque and Louis), Cole Blanchard, and Gator Rollins. These men broke away from their former pack to start their own. Any of them could be alphas of their own pack, but together they are unbeatable. It was only intended to be five books, but when I started writing their world expanded bringing in more characters, including the women they love.

What is the overall theme in this series?

This series is ultimately about love, loyalty, acceptance, and what it means to be a real family.

Please list the series titles below, in any order you prefer.

Read the series: Wolf at the Door by NJ Walters @njwaltersauthor #RLFblog #PNR #ParanormalRomanceEach book in the Salvation Pack series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Wolf at the Door
Book #2 Wolf in her Bed
Book #3 Wolf on the Run
Book #4 Wolf from the Past
Book #5 Wolf on the Hunt
Book #6 Wolf on a Mission
Book #7 Wolf in his Heart
Book #8 Wolf in her Soul
Book #9 Wolf of Her Own

What did you like best about writing this series?

The characters. I fell in love with the Salvation Pack. I hated for the series to end. It was like leaving behind a group of old and trusted friends.

What other books (not in this series, have you written?)

I’ve written over 100 books over the past 16 years, so too many to lists. Some of my more popular paranormal series are: Forgotten Brotherhood, Hades’ Carnival, Blood of the Drakon, Legacy Series, Spells, Secrets & Seductions, and Dalakis Passion. I also have three sci-fi/futuristic series: Project Alpha trilogy, Marks Mercenaries, and Assassins of Gravas. Contemporary series: Jamesville, Summersville Secrets. The Tapestries series is straight up menage a trois/fantasy. And I have other single-title books, as well as stories in anthologies. I like to write in different genres, but I mostly write paranormal.

Where can we find links for all your books?

All My Books:

Salvation Pack series:

Where to buy Wolf at the Door

Barnes and Noble


NJ Walters Social Media

NJ Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks–all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.
Amazon Author Page
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Read The Boy on the Bridge by Effrosyni Moschoudi @FrostieMoss #RLFblog #PNRA teenage boy with the power of prophecy changes the life of a loving young couple in Effrosyni Moschoudi’s new paranormal romance novella, The Boy on the Bridge. Set in a Greek mountain village, this suspenseful story will intrigue you in every page until the identity of the teenage boy is fully revealed…

Effrosyni, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about The Boy on the Bridge.

The Boy on the Bridge by Effrosyni Moschoudi

Genre paranormal romance novella

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG (sweet romance)

A young man determined to protect his girl… A teenage boy offering prophecies… and a series of unexplained events.

Lefteris and his darling girl, Evgenia, live a quiet and happy life together in a mountain village in Zagori, Greece. One day, as Lefteris crosses an old stone bridge, he meets a teenage boy who warns him that Evgenia is in danger and gives him instructions to follow.

Lefteris doubts him, but does as he is told, just in case. The warning turns into reality and the girl is saved, so the next time the boy warns of danger, Lefteris is more willing to listen…

What follows is a series of astounding events as the boy’s prophecies of mortal danger continue, and Lefteris does his best to protect his girl. Now, he considers reverting to his old ways of solving all differences with his fists. Will he allow himself to resort to violence? How does the mysterious boy on the bridge fit in all this? And why does he refuse to meet Evgenia?


Do you write more than one genre? If so, what are they?

My novels are paranormal or fantasy romances. Most are sweet, one of them is clean and wholesome, and there’s also a Christian fantasy among them.

How do you come up with ideas?

My beloved Greek island of Corfu inspires me more than anything else. I was once inspired to write The Raven Witch of Corfu as I swam in the sea there gazing at a mountain – the place where, in the story, the witch has her secret dwelling. Other of my published stories have come to me out of the blue, either while I relaxed on the beach, or in bed in a half-awake state. I never really force myself to come with an idea. I find the best ones come to me unprompted. I get ideas all the time, but I don’t write them down or anything. Experience has shown that the ones worth exploring will persist in my head anyway.

What is the single most important part of writing for you?

Editing. No question about it. For me, a perfectly polished MS is a must. As a reader, I get jolted and put off if I am reading a book that’s full of typos or syntax errors. Or even worse – plot holes… Once these things become repetitive, the joy of reading goes out the window. At that point, I don’t care how good the story is, I’ll stop reading. This is why I am committed to offering my readers high-quality reads and nothing less.

When did you write your first book?

I started writing my first novel, The Necklace of Goddess Athena, when I was a student in Athens University in my early twenties. It was a slow process, until I got my first job upon graduation and then I completely set it aside. Twenty years of work in the corporate world later, I found myself unemployed with loads of free time on my hands. I still thank my lucky stars for the Greek financial crisis back in 2010 as that’s when I was led to discover the joys of creating new worlds out of thin air. I finished the book within one year and kept on writing!


Leather or lace? Lace. Leather is uncomfortable. And I am too old for uncomfortable.

Black or red? Black.

Satin sheets or smooth cotton? Any type of cotton. Flannel is even better.

Ocean or mountains? Ocean.

City life or country life? Country life forever!

Party life or evening at home? Guess what? You’re talking to the Queen of Cocooning!

Dogs or cats? I love and have had both, but only have two cats at the moment.

Where to buy The Boy on the Bridge

Or free on Story Origin

Effrosyni Moschoudi Social Media

Effrosyni Moschoudi was born and raised in Athens, Greece. As a child, she loved to sit alone in her garden scribbling rhymes about flowers, butterflies and ants. Today, she writes books for the romantic at heart. She lives in a quaint seaside town near Athens with her husband, two cats, and a ridiculous amount of books and DVDs. Her little town is heavenly enough, yet her mind forever drifts to her beloved island of Corfu.
Amazon Author Page
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Coming Soon: Alpha Eternal by Brenda Sparks @brenda_sparks #RLFblog #PNRA chance meeting in the past comes back to haunt the unlikely couple in Brenda Sparks’ new paranormal romance, Alpha Eternal. He’s a spy. She’s his enemy. But fate seems destined to bring them together.

Brenda, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Alpha Eternal.

Thank you so much for having me, Kayelle! I’d love to share a little about my newest story that is available for pre-order now before it’s official release date of December 9, 2020.

Alpha Eternal by Brenda Sparks

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Alexander Hall is a fun-loving vampire whose duty comes before all else, except maybe finding a heartmate. Discouraged when he is assigned to infiltrate a demonic compound, Alex plans on getting in and out fast, but fate has other plans. Once Alex discovers a sexy demon from his past is chosen as his guide, he couldn’t be more pleased.

Shira is a demon who likes to keep to herself, so when the demon king asks her to be Alex’s guide, she couldn’t be less pleased. Keeping the vampire from discovering demon secrets quickly becomes a fulltime job. A job she didn’t ask for and most definitely doesn’t want.

With the vampire’s desire for someone to commit his heart to and the demon looking to run as far away as possible, how will fate intervene to bring this unlikely couple together?

Where to buy Alpha Eternal

Publisher The Wild Rose Press
Coming Soon! To know when this book is available, follow the author on Amazon or sign up for the author’s newsletter
List preorder links below, if any.
Barnes and Noble

Brenda Sparks Social Media

Brenda Sparks has always loved all things spooky and enjoys incorporating paranormal elements in her writing. She refuses to allow pesky human constraints to get in the way of telling the story. Luckily the only thing limiting her stories is her imagination. Her characters are strong, courageous, and she adores spending time with them in their imaginary world.
Her idea of a perfect day is one spent in front of a computer with a hot cup of coffee, her fingers flying over the keys to send her characters off on their latest adventure.
Brenda loves connecting with readers. To contact Brenda or for more information on her books, including excerpts, free reads, and more please visit her website.
Amazon Author Page
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