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Paranormal includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, blending themes from fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo ‪@ketadiablo #RLFblog #WesternRomanceKeta Diablo, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo

Genre Romance/ Western
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
Six months ago, Anya Fleming’s ten- year-old son, Willie-boy, found his father hanging in the barn. Traumatized over his father’s suicide, the boy hasn’t spoken a word since. Now, Willie-boy has come down with a grave, unknown illness and there’s only one man who can save him, Sutter Sky, a learned Blackfoot shaman known as Yellow Smoke—a shaman who was once deeply in love with Anya.
But Fate had other plans for Anya and Sutter—she was forced to marry Lewis Fleming, a cruel man who berated her night and day, and brokenhearted Sutter immersed himself in the mystical customs and beliefs of his People and became a shaman.
As if Anya didn’t have enough to deal with after her husband’s death and son’s illness, an evil, sinister ghost is terrorizing their ranch. Anya is convinced the spirit is Lewis, who apparently isn’t done making her life miserable.
When she turns to Yellow Smoke for help, will he put side his bitterness and save Willie-boy? And can the renowned shaman dispel the powerful ghost from their lives and send him back to Hades?
Why did you write this book?
It’s Book 2 in a ghost series. I plan to write 2 more for the series. All books include a ghost. I seem to be fascinated with ghosts because they keep showing up in my books.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Romance with suspense or Paranormal
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird
What are you working on at the moment?
The third book in the Ghostland Series, Comes A Drifter
What books will we see from you in coming months?
A contemporary romance titled I Spy A Demon. Comes A Drifter, Book 3 in Ghostland and the start of a new western romance series called 50 Horses.

Where to buy Comes A Specter


Keta Diablo Social Media

Keta Diablo lives in the Midwest part of the United States on six acres of woodland. When she isn’t writing or gardening she loves to commune with nature. She adores animals and has made it her mission in life to help feed hungry children in the USA. Greatly disturbed by the statistic that one in every five children goes to bed hungry, she donates her time and support to local food and animal shelters.
Keta is a multi-published author in both erotic romance and gay fiction. Her erotica novel Decadent Deceptions was a finalist in the MOLLY contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America and has been nominated for a Red Carpet Award in 2014. Her paranormal novel Where the Rain Is Made has been nominated for a Bookie Award by Authors After Dark. Her historical novel Sky Tinted Water has been nominated for a RONE Award by Ind’Tale Magazine. Keta’s books have received numerous Top Pick, Book of the Month, and Recommended Read awards from the top professional review sites.
Amazon Author Page


Fiction Furbaby: Meet Bartholomew a Racoon Familiar from Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes by Michelle M Pillow @MichellePillow @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PetsMichelle M Pillow, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We support all furbabies, real life or fictional. We want to know all about your Fiction Furbaby, but first, please tell us about your book.

Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes by Michelle M Pillow

Genre: Cozy Mystery Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): G
Welcome to Lucky Valley where nothing is quite what it seems.
Lily Goode wasn’t aware she had an inheritance waiting for her in the form of a huge Victorian house in Lucky Valley, Colorado. Life might finally be coming together for her. That is if you don’t count the endless home repairs, dealing with eccentric Aunt Polly who claims they’re both witches, and Nolan Dawson the handsome home inspector who seems to have it out for her, then, sure, life is grand. Oh, and not to mention the strange hallucinations and garden gnomes who are far more than lawn ornaments.
If mysterious accidents don’t do her in, then the rebellious gnomes just might. With the help of Aunt Polly, it’s up to Lily to discover who’s sabotaging her new home and trying to drive the Goodes out of Lucky Valley once and for all.

Meet Bartholomew from Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes

Full name: Bartholomew
Gender: Male
Species: Racoon
Physical description: A rather large racoon. He’s been eating well.
Relationship to main character: Her brother’s new familiar.
Relationship to the villain/antagonist: He doesn’t have time for that sort of thing.
Where this furbaby came from: He’s been living in the walls of the Victorian house Lily Goode just inherited.
What inspired you to create this character?
As one often does, I was watching adorable animal videos on the internet and saw one of a racoon riding on the windshield of a car. It reminded me of the incredibly well-fed racoon that would come each evening to eat the food I’d put out for the stray cat who moved into my yard. He’d sneak a hand forward and grab a piece. The cats didn’t care.
What does the main character think about this furbaby?
I don’t Lily Goode is thrilled by the idea of wildlife living in her new home.
How do other characters react to or interact with this furbaby?
Dante Goode, the heroine’s brother, gets off to a rough start with Bartholomew. I can’t give too much away because of spoilers.
What is this furbaby’s natural habitat?
The walls and floor of the Goode’s third story storage area.
What about this furbaby will readers like, and why?
What’s not to love about any furbaby? Bartholomew is mischievous and does his own thing. He also causes a little trouble.

About Lord Winston, Lady Annabelle, Princess Fiona, and Bunny

Fiction Furbaby: Meet Bartholomew a Racoon Familiar from Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes by Michelle M Pillow @MichellePillow @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PetsThis post is called Fiction Furbaby, but perhaps your own pet does not have fur. If you have a pet that has fins, wings, scales, or other features, please tell us about them here.
Winston and Anna are English Bulldogs and are about 12 years old now. Fiona is a Schipperke, and full of adorable tricks to con people out of treats. Bunny is a stray cat who adopted us.
Which, if any of the pets in your writing are modeled after your own pets? In what way?
Winston and Anna are English Bulldogs. In the series, Warlocks MacGregor, one of the uncles has an English Bulldog he enchanted to never age. I think a lot of us wish we has that kind of magic.
What do your pets do when you are writing?
Fiona patrols the house and makes sure everything is in order. Bunny’s domain is the garage and front bushes. I’m pretty sure she just rolls around in dirt all day collecting fur-leaves. Winston is content to find strange places to sleep (or he tries to sneak into my husband’s office). Anna is a resident of under my desk.
What’s the most unusual pet you ever had?
We rescued a baby duck. I taught him how to swim in the bathtub.
Describe a toy or favorite item your pet loves.
Fiona is my playful one. She hoards all the toys. I count five in a pile on her bed right now.

Where to buy Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes

Barnes and Noble

Michelle M Pillow Social Media

NYT and USAT Bestselling Author Michelle M Pillow is an award-winning romance writer with over 100 published books over the course of her nearly 15-year career. She is best known for her Quirlixen World including the series: Dragon Lords, Space Lords, Lords of the Var, Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides, and more.
Michelle is always up for a new adventure or challenge, whether it’s a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize. She was a refugee extra on SyFy’s Z Nation.
Amazon Author Page

Shout out to Rob’s Rescues – founded by a 9-year-old animal activist

Rob’s Rescues is a non-profit organization in Georgia helping people in need care for and feed their pets. It was founded in 2014 by a then nine-year-old boy. Rob’s Rescues is dedicated to collecting pet food for people in need to reduce shelter surrenders, and to advocating for the adoption of shelter pets. Rob writes monthly articles advocating for shelter animals in the Around About Local Media magazine publications. His column was first published in 2014. He also has pet food collection sites for people in need in the community and interviews amazing people. His interviews appear online once they are published in his column.
Rob volunteers for Pet Buddies Food Pantry, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cobb County Animal Control and collects pet food for these organizations and the communities they serve. He also wants to bring attention to smaller, rural shelters. Mostly he wants to get kids to be Rob’s Rangers to teach kids that they can help shelter animals. Rob has also talked to kids in a classroom setting.
Rob’s Rescues is a Non-Profit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible.


The Summoning by Linda Nightingale @LNightngale #RLFblog #PNR #ParanormalRomanceLinda Nightingale, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

The Summoning by Linda Nightingale

Genre Fantasy Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Heather Morique is a witch. The problem is she doesn’t know it. Her husband Jahill was a refugee from an obscure branch of the Arawak Indians. After his death, mysterious whispers lure her to his homeland of Jamaica. Soon, she finds herself in a web of secrets, lies and illusions.
Jahill’s people worship Eyrael, the God of Wind and Sea, and his brother Sofiel, the God of Fire and Earth. The new Shaman has pitted brother against brother, and these two powerful spirits from an alternate universe fight to become the tribe’s ruling deity. Will light or darkness reign?
When Heather unwittingly summons Eyrael, these two unlikely soul mates face a dangerous fate. The chemistry between them is more disturbing than the long-buried secrets.

Where to buy The Summoning


Linda Nightingale Social Media

Born in South Carolina, Linda has lived in England, Canada, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta and Houston. She’s seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck pulling a horse trailer, having bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses for many years.
Linda has won several writing awards, including the Georgia Romance Writers Magnolia Award and the SARA Merritt. She retired from a career as a legal assistant and loves events with her car club. The stars in her crown are two wonderful sons. In a former life, she must have had to walk everywhere because today she is into transportation with fine taste in expensive horses and hot cars! She likes to dress up and host formal dinner parties.
Website – Visit and look around. There’s a free continuing vampire story.
Blog – Lots of interesting guests & prizes

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