Read the new romance The Slow Burn by Caro Carson @TheCaroCarson #RLFblog #ContemporaryRomance She’s the college’s new swim coach, facing an unexpected pregnancy by a man who’s left the country–and her. Firefighter Caden Sterling is determined to be the friend this mother-to-be needs after he delivers her baby on the side of a road. Just friends…

Caro Carson, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about The Slow Burn.

The Slow Burn by Caro Carson

Genre A single parent, friends-to-lovers contemporary romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

Out of the friend zone

And into the fire!

When firefighter Caden Sterling unexpectedly delivers Tana McKenna’s baby by the side of the road, the unlikely threesome form a special bond. So, when Caden offers friendship and a helping hand, single mom Tana can’t say no. Their flirty friendship slowly becomes more, until Tana’s ex and the truth about her baby catches up with her. Can she win back the only man who can make this family complete?


Do you write more than one genre? If so, what are they?…

Most of my books are contemporary romances, but I have a deep and abiding love for time travel romances. I’ve had the chance to write two related time travels, each involving women who lands on a pirate ship in 1740. Dashing sea captains are such great escapism, but I do a lot of research to get the details right. Ditto with my contemporary romances.

How do you come up with ideas?…

I am such a fan of romance novels, I love to challenge myself to write the classic tropes: amnesia, second chance romance, bad boy with the heart of gold, opposites attract, etc. The Slow Burn was my answer to the “other man’s child” trope. I knew the firefighter hero would have a very strong bond to the child if he delivered the baby on the side of the road!

What is the single most important part of writing for you?…

The characters are so real to me that I actually miss them when I finish the book. Readers who tell me they fell in love with the characters really fill my heart. It’s like hearing that someone you care deeply about is still alive and well, making others happy!

When did you write your first book?…

I wrote my first book on a cross-country car trip the summer I turned seven. My stuffed animals were the main characters, and it was all about the lives they led when there were no humans around. Fast forward a few decades, and imagine my surprise when the first “Toy Story” movie came out! I guess I’m not the only one who felt their toys led lives of their own.


Leather or lace? I always want to be lace, sweet and delicate, but I know I’m really a tougher, more tested leather.

Black or red? Red is my power color—not very unique, I know.

Satin sheets or smooth cotton? I have my grandmother’s satin pillowcases, which she used to keep her hairdo from getting too messy overnight. They work! I have very long hair, and I definitely wake up with fewer tangles when I use the satin pillowcases.

Ocean or mountains? I love them both, but I was born and raised in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale part of Florida, so I can’t remember a time when the ocean wasn’t always there as my personal play place.

City life or country life? City life. I adore the ballet, I adore pubs and bars, and I have a great fear of living too far from the nearest hospital. Weird, I know. It felt good to write a story about a woman who was too far from the hospital as her labor progressed rapidly, but who ended up delivering her baby just fine—thanks to the firefighter/paramedic friend who was with her. The handsome firefighter/paramedic. The handsome and single and good-hearted firefighter/paramedic…

Party life or evening at home? I do enjoy myself when I go out with friends, but I really have to force myself to get out of the house. Once I do, I have a great time. I don’t know why I don’t go out more often, except I’m quite happy reading books and watching movies at home. The one place that I’ll jump off the couch and run out the door to go to is Disney World. I live in Central Florida and have annual passes. Epcot is my happy place. It will be first on my list of places to go in post-pandemic life.

Dogs or cats? I’m allergic to cats. Like, super allergic. Dogs it is!

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Despite a no-nonsense background as a West Point graduate, Army officer, and Fortune 100 sales executive, Caro Carson has always treasured the happily-ever-after of a good romance novel. As a Rita-winning Harlequin author, Caro is delighted to be living her own happily-ever-after with her husband and children in Florida, a location which has saved the coaster-loving theme park fanatic a fortune on plane tickets.
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