How author Brenda Sparks became a #1 Blogger 2 years in a row on #RLFblog @Brenda_Sparks

How Does Brenda do it?

Brenda Sparks managed to be the top blogger on Romance Lives Forever, two years in a row. How? I can tell you one thing, she talks about other authors who appear here and sends out tweets every week leading people back to her posts. In return, she gets a book listed on the front page of the blog for a year. Not shabby at all! See an example of one of her tweets below. It’s about her book, but it goes to the RLF blog. I think one secret is she cares and shares.

And what about Vicki Batman, who managed to get 40 comments on one blog post? What does she do to get people to read and comment? One thing about her that I know, she supports other authors, and she has an incredibly compelling personal story to tell. She and her husband, whom she always calls Handsome, have been going through a long battle with cancer. She’s shared her unfolding story each year during Cancer Awareness in October. Her readers love keeping up with her. I think one secret is her big heart.

How author Brenda Sparks became a #1 Blogger 2 years in a row on #RLFblog @Brenda_Sparks

Both Brenda and Vicki get a full year of advertising on RLF. Congratulations!

What kind of books do they write? Brenda writes Paranormal and Vicki writes Contemporary and Women’s Fiction. The other authors listed below are an interesting mix. Two write historical fiction, and several write suspense. The biggest draw on this site is romance, followed by contemporary, PNR (paranormal romance), romantic suspense, historical, contemporary, and sci fi. That last one is partly because it’s what I write and I sneak in a post every month myself. We have a large number of Sci Fi posts from others too. But those are not the only genres. We have everything except kidlit.

In 2019, There were many authors who did an amazing job of bringing visitors to the blog. After Brenda Sparks, the following authors are listed in order based on the number of visits they brought to the blog.

#1 Lyndell Williams
#2 Dee S Knight (Dee comments on RLF every day!)
#3 Kryssie Fortune
#4 NJ Walters
#5 Alina K Field
#6 Daryl Devore
#7 Alexa Aston
#8 Karen Cino
#9 Jami Gray
#10 Amber Daulton

Two authors whose visits were also high overall were Vicki Batman (surprised? not) and Lorelei Confer.

So how do you get to be a number one blogger and get your name out there where people can hear about you? Use Twitter. Share on Facebook. Pop it into your newsletter. Share pictures on Tumblr. Whatever works for you, use it to tell people where you are going to be. When an author shares it helps others as well as the author. Being a champion for others is what it’s all about.

Here’s the link to sign up for next year. I use SignupGenius to let you pick your own date, plus, you’ll get automated reminders so you don’t miss a scheduled visit.

My thanks to all the wonderful authors who have appeared on RLF during 2019. Here’s to a prosperous and successful 2020.

— Kayelle Allen