For those who don’t know, Triberr is the blog amplifier. How
does it work? Imagine you have 9 friends who blog. The 10 of you agree to send out
a tweet every time one of you posts an article. Each of you has 100 followers on
Twitter. If you send out your one tweet, that’s only 100 people who see it. If all
of you share it, that’s 1000 people. That’s what Triberr does. You join a tribe
of like-minded bloggers, and agree to share posts. You decide whether that’s on
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or some combination of those. Once you link your blog
to Triberr, your posts go up automatically through an RSS feed.
But you need to take care when importing your posts, because
your titles become tweets. Here are some tips to remember when creating them.
  • Make use
    of #hashtags. If you don’t want them on your blog, then go to the Triberr stream,
    pull up your post, and edit it. Send out great titles with words like #Contest
    and #Giveaway with a hashtag in front of them. People search those hashtags
    every day. Use it to gain readers — that’s why you’re on Triberr.
  • When using
    hashtags, less is more. No more than three at a time. Otherwise it’s hard to
    read when most of the text is hotlinks in a different color.
  • Exclamation
    points !!! are just as vile on Twitter !!! as they are in your manuscript!!!!!
    See what I mean!!!!???? If you use them all!!! the time they have no value!!!!!
    Posts with those come across like used car salesmen!!!!!! Please stop doing
  • Think about
    the fact that your post goes out over other people’s streams on Twitter. I
    don’t send out a post that says “Buy my new book” or “Why I
    quit writing” or “My interview with…” Why? Because it’s not
    my book, I didn’t quit writing, and I didn’t interview that person. Be objective
    in titling your posts. You will get more shares.
  • To get
    people to approve your posts, and then to get readers to your blog, make the
    titles do the work. “My Post” isn’t going to cut it obviously, but
    neither is a meme. Using “Sexy Saturday” when thousands of others
    are tweeting the exact same thing is not going to get you any attention either.
  • Craft a
    great title and you will attract attention. Instead of Sexy Man Monday #27,
    try something with meaning: Sexy Man Monday: Is Almost Nude Hotter than Nude?
    / #SexyManMonday: Hottest Cowboy in Dallas / Sexy Man Monday: Not Your Mama’s
    Soldier Boy. You get the idea.
  • Use the
    Twitter handle of guest bloggers. When the post goes live and everyone on Triberr
    sends it out, it will get your guest mentions. For an example of doing that,
    look at the titles on this blog.
Triberr will bring readers to your blog. Do your part to bring
them by using good blog titles, adding hashtags when appropriate, and sharing the
Twitter handles of your guests. I hope these tips help you gain readers on your
blog and involved tribemates on Triberr.
Come check out one of my tribes on Triberr: Books and Book Bloggers

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Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, award-winning Science Fiction
Romance author of unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion.

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