Whether it's vampires, sweet romance, small town romance, sexy romance, or anything in between, RLF has an author who writes it! In 2020, when all of us wanted a means of escape (to ANYwhere else), this blog was a haven. There were always good authors and great books.

RLF shared over 360 posts this year, even with me taking a few more days off than usual (I needed a break!). Not all the authors who blogged are listed.

These are the bloggers who shared the most and chatted the most (in alphabetical order).

Alexa Aston
Alice Renaud
Alina K Field
Amber Daulton
Bernadette Jones
CB Clark
Dee S Knight
DV Stone
Karen Cino
Lorelei Confer
Lyndell Williams
NJ Walters
Tena Stetler
Vicki Batman

I should be in there since I blog once a month, but I saved room for others. As it was, I couldn't fit everyone's @name into the title, but I tried. These authors are the ones who have been on RLF the most, or who have garnered the most comments.

Every author on RLF is special to me, and over the years, they have become my friends.

In 2021, I hope to have all of you back to visit, and to invite a whole host of new friends to join us.

Happy New Year! Here's to a wonderful year in 2021.

Awesome Authors Who Blog: @alicerauthor @TenaStetler @donnavstone @cbclarkauthor @AlinaKField @VickiBatman @brenda_sparks

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