The Romance Lives Forever blog moves from Blogspot to
Wordpress May 17, 2017. Once the move completes, all posts currently on the
Blogspot version of Romance Lives Forever will appear on the new site also. On
the Blogspot site, a note at the top will redirect readers to the new WordPress
location. Links on original posts will remain active and all posts will remain
on the Blogspot blog while also appearing on the WordPress blog.
Want a sneak peek of the new blog? It’s under construction
so it doesn’t look now the way it will when it opens. But here’s a peek. Be sure to bookmark it!
On the new site, each book will be listed by name and by
genre. Author interviews will have their own button and so will character
haring and Reach
The current feed from the blog to Triberr’s blog-sharing
system will reroute to the new site, ensuring an unbroken link to Twitter and
Facebook outreaches. As always, social media share links will appear on each
post. Genre specific areas will allow you to post your book in the area it best
fits. A new registration system is already in place. We now use SignUp Genius,
which lets you confirm your own date and sends you a reminder as well. A new
interview system is being prepared. Old favorites such as Character Interviews,
5 Easy Questions, and so on will be available. Overall, the site will be easier
to sign up on and will draw even more readers. The current reach is over 3
million. I expect that to increase rapidly.

RLFblog Cover ads

A cover ad costs $5 for one month. There is a discount for
multiple months. A quarter year is $12, and a year is $48. Year-long ads will be featured in a banner at the top of the new site.
A Double Feature post allows you two books plus a featured spot on the front page (it’s only $10). Prices will remain
the same until the end of 2017.
If you buy one year of ad space between now and the end of
June, you’ll get an additional three months free. Fifteen months of ads would
normally cost $60, so it’s a savings of 20%.
Can you change covers?
Yes, as often as
once a month. Please click the PayPal button on the right side of the blog to
order, or email me to request an invoice.

The #RLFblog Hashtag

has been the blog’s hashtag since 2009. We will continue to use it. Watch it to
keep up with authors and new books.
Want to blog here? Do you have an author friend you think
would love to? Here you go!
Come back every day and visit RLF for new books .
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