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Lyrical Embrace by Amber Daulton

Genre Romantic Suspense
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13
Out-of-work violinist Erica Timberly decides enough is enough. She leaves her abusive boyfriend and flees the big city, but then her car breaks down in the middle of the night. Though wary of men, she accepts help from Dylan Haynes, a stranger driving by on the road, and soon recognizes him as the sexy former drummer of her favorite indie rock band. Maybe, just maybe, her run of bad luck is finally turning around.

Music teacher Dylan Haynes knows Erica is in trouble, and her black eye is only the first clue. The stubborn yet vulnerable woman needs a friend, but he’s determined to give her everything she deserves. 

Will Erica listen to the music in her heart and trust Dylan, or will her past always threaten her future?

Why did you write this book?   

Last year, The Wild Rose Press sent out a submission call for in-house authors to write for the Deerbourne Inn, a new multi-author series spanning several sub-genres of romance. I’d already published one novel with them and was pleased with both my editor’s and the publisher’s professionalism, so I was happy to write up a novella to submit to the call.

What is your favorite genre to read?   

That’s a tie between romantic suspense and paranormal romance. 

Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?    

I really like the book and the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy is totally yummy, and I don’t think there’s anyone who could play the part better than Colin Firth. 

What are you working on at the moment?   

Arresting Mason, book one in the Arresting Onyx series, came out last year, and I hope the second installment in the series will come out sometime in late 2019. Arresting Jeremiah follows hardnosed parole officer Jim Borden and his obsession Calista Barlow as they stick their noses where they don’t belong and fall deep into the trouble with the criminal organization known as Onyx.

This series is a set of five romantic suspense books with a standalone HEA for each rough-and-tumble hero and their spunky heroines.

What book will we see from you in coming months?   

Hopefully Arresting Jeremiah!

Where to buy Lyrical Embrace

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Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.
Amber lives in North Carolina with her husband and four demanding cats.
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