Welcome, Beatrice Bordel, from Marked by Honor (Book 2
Knights of Honor), a new medieval historical romance.
Genre medieval historical romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13
1363 A.D. – Lady Beatrice Bordel loses her mother and
grandfather on the same day, leaving her penniless. With no protector and no
prospects for marriage, her future is dismal. Hoping her grandfather’s oldest
friend will take her in, Beatrice journeys north and is set upon by a band of
highwaymen. All seems lost—until Sir Raynor Le Roux arrives.
Raynor nurses a broken heart as he returns to his home. He
comes upon a scene of horror in the woods and rescues a beautiful woman who
stirs strong emotions within him. When he learns that Lady Beatrice travels to
her betrothed and is alone in the world, the code of chivalry that guides
Raynor’s life compels him to escort her so that she may marry her intended.
But Beatrice has told Raynor a white lie, trying to protect
herself, even as she is drawn to the handsome knight. As their growing
attraction turns to love, her dishonesty stands in the way. Will Beatrice admit
to her deception and tell Raynor the truth—or will this chivalrous knight turn
away from the women he desires?
Join Raynor and Beatrice as they travel toward their
inevitable destination of love.

Introducing Beatrice Bordel

Age: one and twenty
Gender: female
Birthplace: England
Profession: noblewoman
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Please provide a
physical description of yourself.
I am considered petite, especially when I stand next to Sir
Raynor Le Roux. I have straight hair that falls to my waist, a rich brown in
color, and my brown eyes are mixed with amber. My skin is porcelain, and I have
a dimple in my right cheek.
Please tell us a
little about yourself.
I am quite practical in nature. We have little coin, and
I’ve never known any luxuries. I enjoy gardening and sewing and cook better
than most. I play the lute and compose my own songs. I have been afraid of
horses my entire life because when I was young and riding with my father, we
were thrown. I survived the fall, but my father died soon after. I’ve grown up
in isolation, with my mother and grandfather as my only companions. Grandfather
says I’m most stubborn.
Who is the significant
other in your life?
I have fallen in love with the most dashing knight in all of
England, Sir Raynor Le Roux. Unfortunately, I told Sir Raynor a small, white
lie in order to protect myself. If he finds out the truth, I shudder to think
what might occur between us.
Do you have children?
More than anything, I long to be married and have children.
We are poor, though, and Grandfather cannot afford the bridal price. I fear I
will never know the touch of a man nor carry a babe in my belly.
If someone from your past
showed up, who would you most want it to be, and why?
If my father could once again enter my life, I would be the
happiest woman in England. He died in a riding accident when I was young. I can
still remember how we would race on his horse around the meadow, the colors
flying by, and the wind in my hair. I loved Father more than anyone in the
world and miss him every day.
What is your biggest personal
My biggest flaw is that I am a liar. I never was before, but
suddenly I find I have lied to my landlord, to the man I love, and to the man I
hope will offer me refuge in his castle. Lying is a grievous sin, and I can
only hope that God will forgive me.
What would you like
people who hear your story to know?
I did receive my happily ever after with Raynor, thanks to
Alexa Aston. I would tell others that they must be strong and truthful,
especially with those they love.

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Alexa Aston’s historical romances use history as a backdrop
to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense
desire for one another grows into the treasured gift of love.
She is the author of The Knights of Honor, a medieval
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Edward III and centers on the de Montfort family. Each romance focuses on the
code of chivalry that bound knights of this era.
A native Texan, Alexa lives with her husband in a Dallas
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