Fiction Furbaby Meet Niabi, Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern, Pete and Ophelia from Tender Misdemeanors by Alana Lorens @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PetsAlana Lorens, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We support all furbabies, real life or fictional. We want to know all about your Fiction Furbaby, but first, please tell us about your book.

Tender Misdemeanors by Alana Lorens

Genre Romantic suspense

Book heat level (based on movie ratings) PG

Caryn Orlane has law enforcement in her blood; her father was a cop, and his father, too. She’s a federal agent in northwest Montana, protecting the old forests and keeping the peace.

Levi Bradshaw also believes in protecting the forests, but has a very different MO. He’s the leader of a group of eco-warriors, determined to save the trees of the Bitterroot by legal—and illegal—means.

When they meet in the woods at gunpoint, their encounter ignites a spark of interest, despite operating on opposite sides of the law. When their worlds turn on them, they only grow closer. If they don’t work together, can either survive?

Meet Niabi, Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern, Pete and Ophelia from Tender Misdemeanors

Full name Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are brothers

Gender male

Species dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Physical description The hallmark of this breed is the ridge on the back.

This is formed by the hair growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. It starts just behind the shoulders and continues down to just before the hips. At the beginning of this ridge are two identical crowns (whorls) directly opposite each other.

The Rhodesian ridgeback is a strong, muscular, balanced and athletic dog. He is capable of great endurance with a fair amount of speed. Males range in height from 25 to 27″ (85 pounds, 38 kilograms) and females from 24 to 26 inches (70 pounds, 32 kilograms). Known for an even, dignified temperament, the ridgeback is devoted and affectionate to his master and reserved with strangers.

Relationship to main character The hero’s long-time pets and protectors

Fiction Furbaby Meet Niabi, Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern, Pete and Ophelia from Tender Misdemeanors by Alana Lorens @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PetsFull name Niabi

Gender female

Species Green iguana

Physical description A herbivore, it has adapted significantly with regard to locomotion and osmoregulation as a result of its diet. It grows to 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) in length from head to tail, although a few specimens have grown more than 2 metres (6.6 ft) with bodyweights upward of 20 pounds (9.1 kg). Commonly found in captivity as a pet due to its calm disposition and bright colors, it can be very demanding to care for properly.

Relationship to main character The heroine’s companion, shares space in the motorhome where Caryn lives

Full name Ophelia

Gender female

Species dog, springer spaniel

Physical description English Springer Spaniels are tough, muscular hunters standing 19 to 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing between 40 and 50 pounds. She is brown and white, her ears are long and lush, and the kindly, trusting expression of the eyes is a cherished hallmark of the breed. Springers move with a smooth, ground-covering stride. Bred to work closely with humans, Springers are highly trainable people-pleasers. They crave company and are miserable when neglected.

Relationship to main character The hero’s adopted pet, lamed from being hit by a car

Full name Pete

Gender male

Species dog, black lab

Physical description Pete is about two feet tall, weighing 60 pounds. The dense, hard coat is black, his head wide, the eyes glimmer with kindliness, and the thick, tapering “otter tail” seems to be forever signaling his innate eagerness. Labs are famously friendly. They are companionable housemates who bond with the whole family, and they socialize well with neighbor dogs and humans alike.

Relationship to main character The hero took him in when he was abandoned by the hero’s long-time friend

What inspired you to create this character?

As a pet owner myself, I know what a good relationship with an animal can do for people. Levi has a big heart and loves to be in the outdoors, so having a group of dogs is perfect for him. The rugged Ridgebacks are well-trained and help him protect his Montana land from intruders.

Caryn isn’t traditional, and neither is owning an iguana—they suit each other.

What does the main character think about this furbaby?

Levi counts on his dogs to be his family—friends, brothers and other extended support.

What does this furbaby eat?

Levi feeds his dogs a special mix They each get one scoop kibble, half a can of wet food, and a hard-boiled egg.

Niabi, on the other hand, gets a mix of fruits and vegetables similar to what they would get in the jungle.

What is this furbaby’s natural habitat?

Niabi would live in a tropical forest—in the Amazon, perhaps, or south Florida, because of their need for temperature regulation, it needs to be a warm environment in the wild.

The Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred in Africa to fight off lions. They’re tough, strong dogs.

What about this furbaby will readers like, and why?

I think you learn a lot about people the way they treat their animals, or even strange animals on the street. When Levi and Caryn (and a few others) deal with the animals, we can understand a lot about their hearts and souls.

Describe a humorous incident involving the animal character.

Niabi , when being transported back to the Candy Cane house, is nervous and pees on Levi while he’s driving. Caryn jokes that he’s been “baptized” into the family—he’s not so sure he’s happy about it.

Which, if any of the pets in your writing are modeled after your own pets? In what way?

Actually, none. I’m a natural cat person, but I’ve made a study of friends and their dogs in order to make these babies come alive.

What do your pets do when you are writing?

I have a basket on my desk, and there’s usually a cat in it while I’m working—sometimes two! My oldest kitty also takes a position on top of the computer where the heat comes out to keep herself warm. Several others will be nearby on my bed or their cat tree, always wanting to be near.

What’s the most unusual pet you ever had?

A frog that I rescued from our science class dissection program.

Where did you find your pet?

All my kitties are rescues—Ziggy, Reba and Clarice are kittens I fostered into grownups.

What do you feed your pet?

Regular cat food. But their favorite is chicken stolen from my plate!

Describe a toy or favorite item your pet loves.

They love those little plastic springs! They’re light to push around and can be carried out of the other cats’ reach.

Where to buy Tender Misdemeanors

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Amazon TBA

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Alana Lorens has been a published writer for more than forty years. Currently a resident of Asheville, North Carolina, she loves her time in the smoky blue mountains. One of her novellas, That Girl’s The One I Love, is set in the city of Asheville during the old Bele Chere festival. She lives with her daughter, who is the youngest of her seven children, three crotchety cats, and four kittens of various ages.




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Shout out to Rob’s Rescues – founded by a 9-year-old animal activist

Rob’s Rescues is a non-profit organization in Georgia helping people in need care for and feed their pets. It was founded in 2014 by a then nine-year-old boy. Rob’s Rescues is dedicated to collecting pet food for people in need to reduce shelter surrenders, and to advocating for the adoption of shelter pets. Rob writes monthly articles advocating for shelter animals in the Around About Local Media magazine publications. His column was first published in 2014. He also has pet food collection sites for people in need in the community and interviews amazing people. His interviews appear online once they are published in his column.

Rob volunteers for Pet Buddies Food Pantry, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cobb County Animal Control and collects pet food for these organizations and the communities they serve. He also wants to bring attention to smaller, rural shelters. Mostly he wants to get kids to be Rob’s Rangers to teach kids that they can help shelter animals. Rob has also talked to kids in a classroom setting.

Rob’s Rescues is a Non-Profit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible.





I foster for FurEver Friends Animal Rescue Network, a non- profit, NO-KILL, volunteer rescue committed to improving the welfare of community stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens. They have been in operation since 2002 serving the Buncombe County, NC area and surrounding counties, providing a NO-KILL alternative to government shelters.

“Our goals include an active TNVR program currently working to feed, trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate and return at 13 colonies in West Asheville (NC); to provide an alternative destination for cats that can no longer be kept by their owners, while at the same time educating the owners in regards to proper care and problem solving. We do our best to help all those that come to us or try to recommend alternatives if we cannot help them immediately. We assist families with loved ones who are ill and can no longer care for their pet. We also assist families that have generously taken in a forgotten stray and are looking for a permanent home. We provide sanctuary for pets whose owners are in abusive personal situations and need temporary placement until they can be reclaimed, and for cats who have themselves been abused.”

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