One Night in San Francisco 
5 Easy Questions is an interview is designed to be quick, easy,
and fun. Today’s guest is Cass Peterson.
What is your go-to meal to order when you dine out? Your favorite
“I know it will hit the spot” item.
I try so hard to break away from this, but whenever I think a
steak will be cooked properly, tender and very rare I have to go for that one. I
know it’s boring, but a perfect steak with chunky home-cut chips and a salad is
just miraculous. And a bottle of good red wine too; steak’s naked without it. Oh,
and some French mustard on the side.
Would you rather stay inside and watch snow falling, or get
out in it and build a snowman?
I’d be out there, wrapped up and getting soaking wet. Snow is
my absolute favourite weather to play in.
What is your favorite quote?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
If the hero of your latest book called you on the phone, what
would be a perfect ringtone for him?
Blur – Tender is the Night. A creature of the night, throbbing
and sensual, that’s Liam.

About the Book

Title One Night in San Francisco
Genre Erotic romance
Author Name Cass Peterson
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Blurb Nicky and Liam have only twenty four short hours to find
out if their instantaneous attraction can develop into something more than an electric
mile-high fumble. San Francisco has everything they need to put their previous disastrous
relationships behind them but when they lose touch with each other almost immediately,
fate seems to have other ideas. As the precious hours tick away, Liam moves heaven
and earth to find the woman of his (filthiest) dreams before she leaves the city.
Will he get to her in time?

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