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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Have you read the paranormal romance Alpha Lover by Brenda Sparks @brenda_sparks #RLFblog #PNR Brenda Sparks, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Alpha Lover by Brenda Sparks

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Starved for blood, vampire, Nicholai Peterhof is greatly relieved when two tourists decide to grace his restaurant, but one sip from the pretty brunette and his world is forever turned upside down. Juliette Staint-John is everything he could have asked for in a heartmate; pretty, smart, built with curves in all the right places…and totally unavailable.
Juliette doesn’t want anything to do with the handsome, young-looking Nicholai. As if their differences aren’t enough, the acute grief over the loss of loved ones keeps her heart guarded. He may be her fantasy, but that’s all he can ever be.
To get past Juliette’s defenses and in order to keep her safe, Nicholai must prove himself worthy of her love and trust. Unbeknownst to the couple, her personal demons are not the only ones threatening their relationship. Hiding virtually unseen by the vampires, Demon Royalty plots to destroy not only the couple but the entire vampire breed. Luckily, Nicholai will do anything for Juliette—even if it means sacrificing himself.
To have their happily ever after, Nicholai must save Julie from her demons- both real and imaginary.

Where to buy Alpha Lover

Barnes and Noble

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Brenda Sparks has always loved all things spooky and enjoys incorporating paranormal elements in her writing. She refuses to allow pesky human constraints to get in the way of telling the story. Luckily the only thing limiting her stories is her imagination. Her characters are strong, courageous, and she adores spending time with them in their imaginary world.
Her idea of a perfect day is one spent in front of a computer with a hot cup of coffee, her fingers flying over the keys to send her characters off on their latest adventure.
Amazon Author Page


Read Satin Boots by Holly Bargo @hollybargobooks #RLFblog #NewRelease #westernromanceHolly Bargo, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Satin Boots by Holly Bargo

Genre: Western Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

Enjoy these sweet, clean romances set in the American Old West:

Angels High: A woman who makes her living by winning at a man’s game learns to expect trouble, especially when the stakes are high. But when trouble finds her this time, Angelica Durant gets more than she bargained for.

The Mail Order Bride’s Choice: Looking to improve her circumstances, an indigent woman travels across the country as a mail order bride to meet a fiancé who has plans for her other than marriage.

Coming Home: Life is hard. No one knows this better than Dessie Humphrey who’s trying to hold onto the family farm. When aid comes in the form of a wanted gunslinger, she’s in no position to refuse.

Pride And Peace: It’s an open secret on the Lazy Five that Jessie North is a woman, but that doesn’t stop Daniel Harper from reacting badly when he learns about it. Can he overcome his prejudice when the proud half-breed saves his life?

Resurrection: Undertakers bury the dead; they don’t resurrect bodies left for dead. But that’s exactly what Antonio DiCarlo does when a lovely Swedish immigrant lands on his doorstep.

The Rancher’s First Love: When a gravely wounded Chinese woman collapses on Clint Cheswick’s front porch, he doesn’t expect to compete with his half-breed foreman for her affection.

Why did you write this book?

I previously collaborated with bestselling western author Russ Towne on a collection of western short stories, Six Shots Each Gun. We had a lot of fun. Since I’d hopped into his genre for that project, he suggested collaborating again and edging into my genre: romance, but sticking to the American Old West. We had a lot of trouble coordinating our schedule, which resulted in us releasing separate collections of western romances, mine being Satin Boots. We still intend to collaborate on another project.

What is your favorite genre to read?

Romance. No question about that. Fantasy follows close behind. However, I also enjoy reading mysteries (Robert B. Parker and Dick Francis are old favorites), too.

Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?

I have to admit to an enduring fondness for Spenser, created by Robert B. Parker. He’s so self-contained and confident in what he can (and can’t) do and what he knows (and doesn’t know) that I envy him. I enjoy the wry humor, too.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a contemporary/new adult/biker romance that takes place in northern Ohio. Two disparate worlds collide when a country girl crashes into a biker rally in pursuit of the biker who shoots and kills her sister’s 4-H steer. The hero is a war veteran, a former Marine who lives the motorcycle club (MC) lifestyle because he needs the organizational structure and freedom of the open road. I haven’t quite figured out how they’re going to reconcile their differences in such a manner that doesn’t require either of them giving up everything to conform to the other’s lifestyle. That should be interesting.

What books will we see from you in coming months?

I started on another paranormal romance which may very well be a fifth book in the Immortal Shifters series. The hero is a dragon shifter and I think I’m going to make the heroine sidhe. I also have over two dozen more unfinished manuscripts to work on if nothing else grabs my attention.

Where to buy Satin Boots

Publisher: Hen House Publishing


Holly Bargo Social Media

Holly Bargo never outgrew a love of fairy tales, legends, and myths. Or horses. However, one foot must remain firmly planted in the real world which is where Holly makes her living as a freelance writer and editor. She and her husband have two grown children and live on a southwest Ohio hobby farm with a menagerie indoor and outdoor animals.
When she’s not working on other people’s documents or reading, Holly finds time to transfer the voices in her head to paper … er … computer. If she doesn’t, there’s a definite possibility her mind will explode.
And for those who might wonder from where the pseudonym of Holly Bargo came, it’s quite simple really. Horses. Namely an elegant and temperamental Appaloosa mare who has long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is fondly remembered for guarding toddler children and crushing a brand new pager.
But that’s another story.
Amazon Author Page


Know the Heroine from Pets in Space® 4 Star Cruise Idol's Curse by Veronica Scott @vscotttheauthor #RLFblog #scifiromanceVeronica Scott, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We’re excited to find out more about your heroine, but first, tell us about the book.

Pets in Space® 4 Star Cruise Idol’s Curse by Veronica Scott

Genre Scifi romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13

One of the 13 all new stories in this year’s Pets in Space® 4 anthology to benefit Hero-Dogs INC.,

An unusual bequest….

Juli Shaeffer, the Nebula Zephyr’s cruise director, receives a mysterious bequest from the estate of a longtime passenger – a lump of rock taken from a reef on the planet Tahumaroa. Legend states anyone who steals from the ocean gods will be cursed. The passenger’s will requests the rock be returned to the beach so his heirs won’t be affected by the bad luck he believed he’d incurred. Juli doesn’t believe in superstitions and she agrees to carry out this small favor on the ship’s next stop at the planet in question.

Until the rock disappears from her office…

When the rock disappears and reappears in various locations around the ship, and seems connected to a steadily escalating series of mishaps, Juli turns to Third Officer Steve Aureli as the only one she feels she can trust. Along with Steve and his elderly Aunt Dian – a passenger aboard the Nebula Zephyr for this cruise – she investigates the strange series of malfunctions plaguing the interstellar luxury liner. Steve and Juli enlist his Aunt Dian’s dog, Charrli, a retired Sectors Z Corps canine, to help them track the missing rock as it moves about the ship.

Juli and Steve must find the rock, hang onto it and transport it to the planet’s surface, before the alien idol’s curse turns deadly. The attraction between the two of them grows as the threat to Juli becomes more and more focused. Can she carry out her task while he keeps her safe from the alien curse? Will the capricious alien idol bring them good fortune…or disaster?

Know the Heroine: Juli

Know the Heroine from Pets in Space® 4 Star Cruise Idol's Curse by Veronica Scott @vscotttheauthor #RLFblog #scifiromanceHere are some fun questions to help us know your heroine.

It’s late, she’s bored. What does she do?

Juli would probably research the next stop for the Nebula Zephyr, since she’s the Cruise Director, and identify fun things for her passengers to do while on the planet.

What kind of food would she impulse buy if hungry?

She tries to eat a healthy diet but she’s on the go all day so her snacks are fruits and nuts. If she was feeling really decadent, she’d go have a special ice cream cake in one of the ship’s upscale restaurants.

Describe the kind of clothes she prefers to wear.

On duty she wears the cruise line’s blue and white uniforms, mixing and matching various approved pieces depending on the day’s activities. She likes to be casual in her time off but she does enjoy wearing a fabulous gown for special occasions.

Does she know how to fix things?

Juli knows how to problem solve for her passengers, so she knows who to talk to on the ship to resolve issues and she’s happy to work through the cruise line’s offices on various planets to fix problems encountered by passengers in their local travels. She’s not technically trained in any way so she’d call the ship’s chief engineer or ask the ship’s Artificial Intelligence to fix anything of that nature.

She tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.

Earlier in the same cruise, one of the passengers, who is a famous opera singer, and who has symbiotic butterflies instead of hair, was pounced on by the ship’s cat. The alien butterflies flew away, the diva nearly died (because she lost her symbionts – the cat didn’t hurt her) and only the ship’s captain could persuade the singer not to sue. Luckily the butterflies returned. Juli had to apologize and swallow a lot of insults directed at the cat!

How does she act around children she doesn’t know?

She’s very good with children, a natural at talking with them and discovering their interests and enthusiasms. She organizes a lot of activities on the cruise ship to keep passengers’ children happy and busy.

What is she like first thing in the morning?

She needs a loud alarm to wake up but once she does open her eyes, she’s a total morning person who jumps out of bed and dives into the day’s tasks. She’s always conscious of her To Do list and feels the pressure to get things done.

How does she act around people who don’t know what she is?

Juli has built up a healthy level of self-confidence over her years working in the interstellar cruise ship industry so she knows she can resolve problems and issues successfully. In her personal life, she’s a bit more insecure, as with her crush on Third Officer Steve Aureli. Fortunately the events in this story force Juli and Steve together in the course of their duties and she’s able to pursue the romance she’s always hoped to have.

Will she let a worker handle things or do it herself?

She has a bit of an inner conflict not doing everything herself but as she’s risen through the ranks, she’s had to learn to delegate effectively and not micro manage. She’s effective at training people to carry out their duties, which eases her mind, and she has a wonderful assistant on the Nebula Zephyr, who is able to fill in for Juli when the issue of the idol’s curse sidelines her.

Earrings/piercings/tattoos or unadorned skin?

I know Juli loves earrings but she doesn’t have any piercings or tattoos. She does like the tatts Officer Aureli has though.

Personal vehicle or public transport?

Since she lives aboard the ship, she borrows a groundcar from the local cruise line office if possible when she’s on a planet, or would rent a vehicle if necessary. She’s not much for public transit only because she’s always under so much time pressure.

Recycle or toss?

Definitely recycle!

Thanks for helping us get to know your heroine!

Where to buy Pets In Space® 4

Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Barnes and Noble

Veronica Scott Social Media

USA Today Best Selling Author
“SciFi Encounters” columnist for the USA Today Happy Ever After blog
Veronica Scott grew up in a house with a library as its heart. Dad loved science fiction, Mom loved ancient history and Veronica thought there needed to be more romance in everything. When she ran out of books to read, she started writing her own stories.
Seven time winner of the SFR Galaxy Award, as well as a National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, Veronica is also the proud recipient of a NASA Exceptional Service Medal relating to her former day job, not her romances!
She read the part of Star Trek Crew Member in the audiobook production of Harlan Ellison’s “The City On the Edge of Forever.”
Amazon Author Page


Read the new No Good Without You by Emma Ames @EmmaAmes11 #RLFblog #sweetromanceWelcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

No Good Without You by Emma Ames

Genre Contemporary Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13

Swan Malone never imagined leaving Sparrow, Texas, but when her college cheerleading gig leads to fame, and her first film becomes the top-grossing movie of the year, she realizes dreams really do come true. However, not everything in her life is as good as a fairytale.

Nothing could have prepared Army Sergeant Teague Shanahan for what he endured while held hostage in enemy hands. Battered and scarred, he returns home hoping to put his life back together but finds he’s still a prisoner of his past–too broken to be fixed, even by the woman he loves.


Do you write more than one genre? If so, what are they?

Contemporary romance and romantic mysteries with a kick of humor.

How do you come up with ideas?

Everywhere from something I hear in a doctor’s office to a picture on a magazine.

What is the single most important part of writing for you?

The expected answer here is editing. However, I think every part is equally important. Without an idea–no book. Without a plot–no story. Without a good cover, title, and opening line–no interest. Without a good story–no readers.

When did you write your first book?

I’m just getting started in the ‘sweet’ romance department. No Good Without You is my first book, which is a ‘cleaner, sweeter, version of Ann Everett’s steamy romances.


Leather or lace? Leather

Black or red? Black

Satin sheets or smooth cotton? Cotton

Ocean or mountains? Mountains

City life or country life? Country

Party life or evening at home? Evening at home.

Dogs or cats? Cats

Where to buy No Good Without You


Emma Ames Social Media

Emma Ames is an alter-ego of Ann Everett who is an alter-ego of a real person. All three live in Texas. Emma’s books are sweeter versions of Ann Everett’s steamy romances/mysteries. They contain no graphic love scenes or language and always end with happily ever after.
To find out more about Emma, visit Ann Everett’s website listed below. Hopefully, by the time this is posted, Emma will have her own page there–fingers crossed.
Amazon Author Page


Read Dracula's Bride by Rebekah R Ganiere @vampwerezombie #RLFblog #GothicRomance #PNR

Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Let’s play Is It True with today’s guest, Rebekah R Ganiere, author of Dracula’s Bride.

Dracula’s Bride by Rebekah R Ganiere

Genre Gothic Romance – Paranormal Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Mina wants to escape her sheltered life. Blue needs a fresh start. Together they might find the satisfaction they both crave. Mina has spent the last five years being house servant to her three older siblings- Arthur, Quincey, and Lucy, under the thumb of her volatile Admiral father, But her entire life is changed in an instant–when she is almost run over by a mysterious black horse-drawn carriage.

Count Vlad “Blue” Draugr flees his castle in Transylvania after an unspeakable act draws too much attention his way. Now secluded in his rural English estate, he finds himself drawn to a most unlikely creature. The sweet and innocent Mina Van Deem from the neighboring estate. Unable to get her out of his thoughts, Blue wants nothing more than to make her like him – a vampire. But Blue’s thirst for blood keeps him from fully trusting himself to keep his fangs off her neck.

In an act of desperation, Mina runs from her dysfunctional family and escapes to London. There she finds more than solitude in the sooty city streets that are alit with whispers of a string of recent bloody murders–she finds Blue, waiting for her, tempting her, stalking her. And as she falls deeper under his spell, Mina learns that some creatures lying in the shadows of London’s underbelly are more enticing than she ever thought possible.

Those who crave the dark passion of Dracula and Crimson Peak, Dracula’s Bride will be your new favorite.

Where to buy Dracula’s Bride


Rebekah R Ganiere Social Media

Rebekah is a USA Today Bestselling Author and Screenwriter. Her debut novel Dead Awakenings, hit the bestseller list on release day. She has won several awards in both writing and screenwriting. Books in her popular fairytale retelling series Fairelle have won many awards including the Golden Palm and was a finalist for Rone Award as well as won Best Fantasy Series of 2014 from the Paranormal Romance Guild. Her trilogy The Society was released by Kensington, and her new series Wolf River released in 2016. Rebekah is a prolific author releasing upwards of five books a year and is currently working on six different series.
Rebekah is the former President of the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA as well as a member of several local and online chapters. In her spare time when she isn’t writing you can find her teaching on or at RWA. Rebekah is also known for her elaborate cosplays with her family and has been a guest speaker and panelist at San Diego Comic Con, Wondercon, Salt Lake Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, Comikaze, Fyrecon and several other Comic Cons on the west coast as well as LTUE, Romantic Times Convention, RWA, InD’Scribe, Genre LA and Authors After Dark and Book Lovers Con.
Amazon Author Page


Bucket list of Lily Pearl Evans from Secrets in the Sand #RLFblog #romanticsuspense Let’s meet Lily Pearl Evans from Secrets in the Sand, a romantic suspense by Alana Lorens. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Secrets in the Sand by Alana Lorens

Genre Romantic suspense

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

After a run of bad relationships, Lily Pearl Evans has finally become an independent woman. In the New Mexico desert town of Chaparral, she works for herself, sets her own rules, and is determined no man will hold her back again.
Gene Nicholas worked for more than a decade to achieve his dream to be a doctor. Wanting to share his gifts with those less fortunate, he leaves south Florida to volunteer for Doctors Without Borders in Mexico.
When Gene provokes a showdown with the local Mexican drug cartel, he becomes a man with a price on his head. On the run, he ends up on Lily’s doorstep–a mystery man forced to conceal his past to protect them both. With the cartel’s dangerous web drawing tight around them, can Lily and Gene survive a drug lord’s revenge?

When someone dies, we say they “kicked the bucket.” Therefore, a list of things that a person wants to accomplish, places to go, situations to experience, and so on have become known as a “Bucket List.”

Age: 30-something (a lady doesn’t tell)

Gender: female

Birthplace: Indiana

Profession: whorehouse madam

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Please provide a physical description of yourself.

Let’s say I’m a well-preserved redhead, eyes so dark blue they’re nearly violet. I like to dress in soft, comfortable clothes, but they have to be a little sexy. After all, I run a bordello in New Mexico, just north of the border.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I didn’t start out to be a madam. My aunt Candy let me visit when I was a teenager, and I always loved her big old house outside of Chaparral. When she died fifteen years ago, she passed it on to me, and I gathered up a group of women I knew were having trouble in their own lives to move in here. Now we each contribute a share to making the place successful. Some work with clients—not me. I provide the place and the management. I’m independent, and don’t need anyone. That’s the way I want to live.

Who is the significant other in your life?

I had a long, sad relationship with Lonnie Berman. Fortunately, he was a long distance trucker, so we didn’t spend that much time together. He taught me not to trust men much. That’s why dealing with them as a business transaction is just fine with me. Until this stranger showed up on my doorstep in the middle of the night, Nick Richards. There’s a lot more to him than appeared on the surface, as I came to find out. He could be a danger—but my heart doesn’t say so.

Bucket List

If you haven’t made a bucket list before, perhaps now would be a good time. Who knows? It might inspire another book. While you’re at it, how about telling us about some of your other favorite things? Here are the questions.

What is your birth order?

Actually, I don’t really know. My real mother went off on some personal kick when I was two and left me with the Evans family next door. She was gone for months. When she came back, they wanted to keep me, and she just signed the papers. Nearly broke my heart when my adopted family told me the truth.

Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.

Books. Definitely books. I was always wanting to live some other life. Never expected to end up in this one, for sure.

Describe your favorite food and how it’s prepared.

I love a great salsa. We have a grill out back where we roast our own peppers, poblano, chipotle and more. Just the right amount of chopped garlic, onion, lime, cilantro and the freshest tomatoes we can find. Oh, heaven—it’s to die for.

Tell us about your best friend.

Esther works with me at the house, managing the kitchen and the backstairs. She’s like a sister, always nagging me about my decisions. She means well. But she knows I’d never let anything happen to her, or any of the other young women who’ve thrown their fates in with mine.

What are two places you would like to visit before you die, and why?

So many places, and I doubt I’ll ever see any of them! When you run a business, it’s hard to take time off. But if I had to choose…I’d say Paris, and the back country of Australia. Ha! Romantic dreams, right? But living in the desert has given me an appreciation of the wild lands, and I’d just love to see a kangaroo!

Where is a place you would never like to return, and why?

The hospital. I hate hospitals. I’ve had really bad migraines since I was about 14, and sometimes it’s necessary to hit the ER. But I hold off until I can’t avoid it. Too many needles and bright lights and people who don’t really care about you.

Who is someone you would like to avoid, and why?

My ex, Lonnie. He drops in every so often, trying to spark me up. I wish he’d just take no for an answer and take off for good.

If you could time travel to any date, what would it be, and what would you do there?

Huh. I don’t know. I think maybe I’d like to go back and ask my birth mother why she left me. Maybe I’d feel less insecure about everything in my life.

About Alana Lorens

Alana Lorens always dreamed of being able to handle the drama and intrigue in everyday life. She lives as a post-modern hippie in Asheville, North Carolina, a single mother of her last child of seven, a young adult daughter on the autism spectrum, finding that every day feels a lot like first contact with a new species.

What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?

These two characters actually came from a science fiction role playing game that my former husband and I used to play on the Internet. We both loved them very much, and I wanted to preserve them in a way that others could share them. At the time, I wasn’t writing sci-fi, so I had to find a way that I could recreate their story in the modern world, in America. Lily Pearl is still a madam, and Gene is still a doctor, but the dangers that face them both are quite different from ray guns and hostile aliens. I’m quite pleased with the transformation!

What genre(s) would you like to write that you haven’t tried yet?

I have jumped into most of them, I think. I write romance and suspense as Alana Lorens, and fantasy and science fiction for adult and young adult as Lyndi Alexander. I don’t focus on one genre—I write the stories that come to me, then figure out where they fit in the literary world.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

When I was a newspaper reporter in south Florida back in the 80s, I got to fly the F-16 flight simulator at Homestead Air Force Base. Totally destroyed a $7 million dollar plane in about five minutes!

Why should readers who haven’t picked up one of your books before give this one a try?

I prefer to write story over sex. While my characters have normal relationships (well, in this book there are some kinks off camera, because of the nature of the beast), I try to write the best suspense/plot I can. When I’m reading a story, if the plot doesn’t hold together, it doesn’t matter how much sexytimes there are, I just can’t keep reading. That being said, I believe readers will be satisfied with what intimate scenes they receive.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?

I appreciate everyone who reads my stories—that’s why I create them! I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I do.

Where to buy Secrets in the Sand



Barnes and Noble

Alana Lorens Social Media

Alana Lorens always dreamed of being able to handle the drama and intrigue in everyday life. She lives as a post-modern hippie in Asheville, North Carolina, a single mother of her last child of seven, a daughter on the autism spectrum, finding that every day feels a lot like first contact with a new species.
Amazon Author Page


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