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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Know the Heroine from Claimed, by Heather Hambel Curley @Heather_Curley #RLFblog #Paranormalromance #PNRHeather Hambel Curley, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We’re excited to find out more about your heroine, but first, tell us about the book.

Claimed by Heather Hambel Curley

Genre Paranormal romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
The first time the world ended, she went into hiding.
The second time, she became a fugitive.
When war breaks out between the Western State and Regent’s Block, two North American political coalitions, Wren Richards is forced into hiding. Her father insists that, as witches, they have more at risk; more to hide. It is a time of division, of careful planning and preparation. They conceal themselves and their power, living on only what they can grow and create with their own hard work.
But then there is a break in the doldrums of normalcy: Wren is sent to fetch supplies in town. Her younger sister tags along—it’s a waste of time, a waste of energy.
And then the atomic bomb hits.
Everything changes.
Now Wren isn’t just a witch: she’s a survivor. A slave. A water seeker. A murderer. She and her sister are kidnapped and dragged to another dimension, a mirror of Earth, dying from nuclear winter. Energy is worth more than gold and harder to find. As witches, they’ll fetch a higher dollar at auction. Because as witches, energy can be sourced from their souls.
The only person who can save Wren is herself.
And she’s just been sold to the highest bidder.

Know the Heroine from Claimed

Here are some fun questions to help us know your heroine.
It’s late, she’s bored. What does she do?
I try to stay out of trouble, I really do (leave the piano alone, Wren). I love art history, so I might pull out a book on art. Or history. Or, I’ll just throw caution completely to the wind and sleep.
What kind of food would she impulse buy if hungry?
Chips. It’s always chips. Potato chips, pickle chips, chocolate chips. Yum.
Describe the kind of clothes she prefers to wear.

I prefer dark colors. I work outdoors a lot now, so I usually wear leather trousers and sturdy, heavy boots for protection. A sheer tunic (to stay cool) underneath a black corset. The corset may seem like a hinderance, but trust me: I wouldn’t leave the homestead without it. I can hide a knife in the side lacing. I can conceal a pouch of gold down the front. It might not be armor, but it protects me. And improves my posture!
Does she know how to fix things?
I DO! Before the world ended, I wanted to go to school for art history. My father didn’t feel that held much of a future, so I dropped out and got a certificate in auto repair. I can fix engines and repair a lot of mechanical things. Oh, and my ex-boyfriend taught me to hot wire a car. It comes in surprisingly handy in this post apocalyptic world.
She tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.
I cannot cook to save my life. Luckily, it’s never actually come to that. The last time I tried to make a fancy dessert, I almost burned the house down. I was going to surprise my family with creme brulee and everything was going just fine…that is, until it said to burn the top. Crispy, crunchy goodness. We didn’t have a fancy “foodie” torch, so I used my blow torch….and proceeded to catch the drapes on fire. The creme brûlée, however, managed to stay runny and unscathed.
How does she act around children she doesn’t know?
Ehhh….I’m not good with kids. Strange kids, unfamiliar kids, family kids, sticky kids, loud kids. Kids just KNOW things. And they tend to flail around and break things. Yes, I realize this is not at all unlike how I am….but, no. I’d rather cross a desert than be stuck in a room with a random child.
What is she like first thing in the morning?
Grumpy. I like my sleep!
How does she act around people who don’t know what she is?
My father always said that being a witch made us different. We had bigger responsibilities and there was more at stake if we screwed up. When I’m around people who don’t know I’m a witch, I just do what I always do: I hide it. I blend in, I act normal…or at least, what other people perceive as normal.
Will she let a worker handle things or do it herself?
I feel awkward having someone do work for me. I try, I really do, and stand off to one side to make sure they’re doing it right. And trust me, I bite my tongue to keep my thoughts to myself…it’s just,…look, I do things in certain ways. Ways that work. And I’m going to let you know that, especially because I can see you struggling to do it and—okay, look, just give it me and I”ll do it. No really, it’s fine. I’d prefer to do it.
Earrings/piercings/tattoos or unadorned skin?
Just a hidden tattoo on my thigh of a sparrow, a spur of the moment decision when I turned 18. You know, the old rhyme about sparrows? “One is for sorrow, two is for joy….” I have two holes pierced in each ear, which seems pretty tame in retrospect.
Personal vehicle or public transport?
Before the world ended, it was a sporty little British import or the cute farmhand’s rusted green pickup truck. Now, it’s by foot or with a stubborn old horse who would rather be napping in the barn….so, yeah, it’s pretty much by foot.
Recycle or toss?
We didn’t take all that good care of the Earth to begin with so, now that we’ve destroyed it completely, I recycle what I can. Milk jugs into bird feeders, empty whipped cream containers into food storage. I’m thrifty and nifty, what can I say?
Thanks for helping us get to know your heroine!

Where to buy Claimed

Heather Hambel Curley Social Media
Heather Hambel Curley is thirty-something year old fake red head from the city of Pittsburgh. She has a growing collection of tattoos, a love for the Caribbean, and an obsession for running (like a T-Rex, she has strong legs and feeble arms). Currently, she lives in central Pennsylvania with her patient husband and two, rowdy sons.
Amazon Author Page


Fiction Furbaby: Meet Eyrael from The Summoning by Linda Nightingale @LNightngale @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PetsLinda Nightingale, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We support all furbabies, real life or fictional. We want to know all about your Fiction Furbaby, but first, please tell us about your book.

The Summoning by Linda Nightingale

Genre Fantasy Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Heather Morique is a witch. The problem is she doesn’t know it. Her husband Jahill was a refugee from an obscure branch of the Arawak Indians. After his death, mysterious whispers lure her to his homeland of Jamaica. Soon, she finds herself in a web of secrets, lies and illusions.
Jahill’s people worship Eyrael, the God of Wind and Sea, and his brother Sofiel, the God of Fire and Earth. The new Shaman has pitted brother against brother, and these two powerful spirits from an alternate universe fight to become the tribe’s ruling deity. Will light or darkness reign?
When Heather unwittingly summons Eyrael, these two unlikely soul mates face a dangerous fate. The chemistry between them is more disturbing than the long-buried secrets.

Meet Eyrael from The Summoning

Full name: EyraelFiction Furbaby: Meet Eyrael from The Summoning by Linda Nightingale @LNightngale @RobsRescues #RLFblog #Pets
Nickname: Eyrael
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Physical description: Large black horse with long mane and tail (Friesian)
Relationship to main character: He is the hero
Relationship to the villain/antagonist: Brother
Where this furbaby came from: Another dimension

What inspired you to create this character?
A picture of a beautiful Friesian horse (black with long mane and tail) pictured like Pegasus with mammoth wings in flight.
What does the main character think about this furbaby?
The furbaby is the hero. He considers the flying horse a physical representation to his people of his deity. At first, the heroine is afraid of him but when he fights to protect her and her whisks her to safety on his beautiful black wings, she falls in love with this aspect of her rescuer, a dynamic shapeshifter.
What does the villain/antagonist think about this furbaby?
In this world, the Shaman has pitted brother against brother, and Sofiel, the villain, dislikes any battle with the winged horse. He has wings and he has the weight and speed to be a formidable opponent for Sofiel’s own equine form—a more agile but slenderer Arabian.
How do other characters react to or interact with this furbaby?
The main character, the heroine falls in love with him. His worshipers prefer this shape when he is not in human form.
What is this furbaby’s natural habitat?
The beach, places outside, since the shape is a horse. Although, he can navigate indoors as long as there is enough room.
What does this furbaby add to the story?
He is the hero, and the shape of the Friesian adds the charm of the horse. Most people are drawn to the horse. Even those afraid of them, see them as beautiful and powerful. Eyrael’s equine manifestation brings the heroine to trust him quicker than his natural form—a human man with long hair the color of seafoam and crystalline eyes.
What about this furbaby will readers like, and why?
He is a beautiful, gentle and kind in animal form as he is in human form. The Friesian which inspired the shapeshifter’s shape is a docile and stunning horse.

For Shapeshifters

What triggers the shift from human to animal?
The shift is totally voluntary. In the first chapter, the choice is made because Eyrael is protecting the heroine against a dark spirit and his darker Shaman, trying to sacrifice her on a stone altar. He shifts to the shape his worshipers find most appealing in his deity.
How does the shifting process happen?
He pales to transparent, shimmers and reappears as the other shape/
How does the human character think and feel about the animal side?
Once she begins to trust Eyrael, Heather, the heroine, falls in love with his equine manifestation. She asks him again and again to shift to the horse, but in the story, he never does again because the battle and the danger have escalated to the human level requiring planning ad split-second decisions. In animal form, he thinks and feels as he would in human form.
In what ways are the human and animal characters different in belief and needs?
Is the shifting process part of a deeper, mystical process (i.e., moon phases, rituals, life events)?
No, it is totally voluntary, though he and his followers worship at the full of the moon on the beach by his sea.

Where to buy The Summoning


Linda Nightingale Social Media

Born in South Carolina, Linda has lived in England, Canada, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta and Houston. She’s seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck pulling a horse trailer, having bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses for many years.
Linda has won several writing awards, including the Georgia Romance Writers Magnolia Award and the SARA Merritt. She retired from a career as a legal assistant and loves events with her car club. The stars in her crown are two wonderful sons. In a former life, she must have had to walk everywhere because today she is into transportation with fine taste in expensive horses and hot cars! She likes to dress up and host formal dinner parties.
Website – Visit and look around. There’s a free continuing vampire story.
Blog – Lots of interesting guests & prizes

Shout out to Rob’s Rescues – founded by a 9-year-old animal activist

Rob’s Rescues is a non-profit organization in Georgia helping people in need care for and feed their pets. It was founded in 2014 by a then nine-year-old boy. Rob’s Rescues is dedicated to collecting pet food for people in need to reduce shelter surrenders, and to advocating for the adoption of shelter pets. Rob writes monthly articles advocating for shelter animals in the Around About Local Media magazine publications. His column was first published in 2014. He also has pet food collection sites for people in need in the community and interviews amazing people. His interviews appear online once they are published in his column.
Rob volunteers for Pet Buddies Food Pantry, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cobb County Animal Control and collects pet food for these organizations and the communities they serve. He also wants to bring attention to smaller, rural shelters. Mostly he wants to get kids to be Rob’s Rangers to teach kids that they can help shelter animals. Rob has also talked to kids in a classroom setting.
Rob’s Rescues is a Non-Profit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible.


Read Break Through the Ice by Rachell Nichole @RachellNichole #Suspense #FreeBookFriday #RLFblogIt’s #FreeBook Friday on RLFblog! Join us for a collection of free reads and downloads. All genres and heat levels. This week’s featured book is Break Through the Ice by Rachell Nichole. Bookmark this site so you don’t miss a thing.

Welcome to FreeBook Friday

Each week, you’ll find free books to download and read. Some are straight up giveaways, some Kindle Unlimited, others are Kindle Select, and some are free with newsletter sign up. Always a mix of genres and heat levels. These free deals may be limited in time, so please be sure to check prices before clicking the final buy button.

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Break Through the Ice by Rachell Nichole

When Jasmine Graves is invited to the set of the movie based on her book series, she thinks all her dreams have come true. The Vince Demarco, the man she’s based her hero on for the past seven years, will be there and she can’t wait to meet him. Little does she know that she’ll have to face her worst fears to keep her leading man.
Vince Demarco has never been as intrigued by a character or an author before being introduced to the haunted werewolf he’s been cast to play. So when he comes face to face with its creator, Jasmine Graves, he’s awestruck. But he fears an author who’s a reported recluse will want nothing to do with the paparazzi madness and crazy shooting schedule that comes with dating a movie star.
Neither one can deny the almost animal attraction that overwhelms them at first contact. But can an author and her muse breakthrough the barriers between them, or will the heat between them turn to ice in the winter cold of the Adirondack Camp?
Download your free book:
Free for a limited time. Get your copy today.Daughter of the Dark Moon by Holly Bargo #Read #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog

Daughter of the Dark Moon by Holly Bargo

Worlds fear the powerful, ruthless, and cold-hearted Unseelie king. Deposed and his kingdom conquered, Uberon answers the call of a young human woman’s soul and claims her as his mate. Corinne’s clever mind captivates him, her compassion intrigues him, her beauty enchants him, and her body stokes his libido like nothing else ever did or could.
Discovering that myths and legends really are based in fact, Corinne soon learns her fate as the Unseelie king’s chosen mate and the consequences of fae immortality as she adapts to a new world and her relationship with Uberon develops. She revels in Uberon’s passion and shoulders the burden of power and responsibility beyond anything she ever dreamed.
Download your free book:
Free on KindleUnlimited

Seeking Catherine by Josie RivieraSeeking Catherine by Josie Riviera #Read #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog

He’s hurt her in the past. Can she trust her heart to him again?
During an age of chivalry they were sweethearts, planning a future together in England.
Headstrong and proud, Catherine Sudfield remembers everything about Stefan Boswell. And she loved him in spite of his poverty and lack of nobility. The restless Gypsy rogue’s powerful good looks and promises of love were more than enough to satisfy her youthful dreams.
But then Stefan left without a word, and Catherine’s uncle bargained her off to a brothel.
Sometimes, bonds between a man and a woman, however young, are meant to last a lifetime. But will it take more than a dose of Gypsy magic to chase away the doubts between two guarded lovers?
Download your free book:
This is a permafree book.

Pam of Babylon by Suzanne JenkinsPam of Babylon by Suzanne Jenkins #Read #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog

A beautiful life at the beach is marred when Jack has a heart attack on the train from Manhattan and his wife and his two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other.
Pam of Babylon is a story about looking forward to resume living, even in the presence of death. When a book starts from a seemingly perfect place for the character, you know he is not going to stay there long… So when Jack Smith is looking at the face of Sandra, his mistress, thinking “I am the luckiest man alive,” his luck is at its end. Not only would Marie, his wife’s sister, find out about his affair, but he wouldn’t live long enough to try to handle the scandal with Pam, his meek, trusting wife. Pam’s healing, part of which comes from forgiveness, is a rocky road of self-discovery and in the end, letting go.
Download your free book:
Free for a limited time. Get your copy today.

Endure, Illustrated Quotes of Pietas by Kayelle AllenEndure, Illustrated Quotes of Pietas by Kayelle Allen #Read #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog

Illustrated Book
What does the most dangerous man in the galaxy have to say about enduring?
Known to other immortals as the Bringer of Chaos, Pietas is the most powerful of all the Ultras. This 7′ tall warrior has platinum hair and eyes the color of raw turquoise. His beauty is legendary. So is his prowess at war. A scientist, brilliant strategist, and passionate lover, this immortal understands the need to accept what life throws his way, to embrace change, and take destiny into his own hands.
Thirty beautifully illustrated quotes.
You’ll get 3 other free books plus other exclusive content for members only.
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Cover model for Endure: Nik Nitsvetov (courtesy of

Bookmark this site and come back for more great books!


Is It True: Blood Instincts by Marie Lavender @marielavender1 #RLFblog #ParanormalRomance #PNRWelcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Let’s play Is It True with today’s guest, Marie Lavender, author of Blood Instincts, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy with a futuristic angle. This is a game with yes and no questions. Writers can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.

Blood Instincts by Marie Lavender

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Enter the Other World at your own risk…
What if you found out that you weren’t exactly…human?
Myah Sullivan is suddenly living that nightmare. There are Others in the world, dangerous, supernatural creatures that make her mind spin and cause her to question the reality she’s always known.
Oliver King is her savior, a vampire who tries to show her the way. Through her journey she learns far more than she ever thought she would about herself, and about the past. Soon, she discovers that there is so much more to meeting Oliver than mere happenstance.
Can Myah accept her new reality, or will she retreat into that normal, safe world she once thought was her own?

Is it true:

this is your first book?
No, I have been published since 2010.
this book is part of a series?
Yes, this novel is book two of the Blood at First Sight Series. This will be a trilogy when it’s all finished.
you lost sleep while writing this book?
LOL. Some sleep, yes. Often my characters keep me awake and won’t shut up until I write a scene or chapter.
you did research for this book?
Yes, I always do research for the books I write.
some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example)
Of course. What would a paranormal romance be without different creatures? The Other World, as I call it, is comprised of various supernatural species. Those that this book touches on are vampires, shapeshifters, witches, pixies and fairies.
this book has more than one genre?
Yes, my books often cross genres. So there is definitely paranormal romance/urban fantasy with a hint of a futuristic realm.
you speak more than one language?
Sort of. Though I’m fluent in English, my Spanish is a bit rusty, and I only know a handful of French words.
you grew up where you live now?
Yes, I’m still in Indiana, in a small town.
you love to read?
Of course! I’ve always loved reading books. From the time I was a kid, my nose was buried in one. I found the fictional world a great escape.
you are never late?
Not because I want to be. I really hate being late, but sometimes it’s out of my hands. Or the muse has other ideas.
you love pizza?
I love pizza! My doctor has me on a gluten-free diet right now, though, so that puts a bit of a damper on things.
you love sushi?
Yes, I adore sushi. I think salmon or tuna might be my favorite, though I’m willing to try others. Just not the bizarre stuff.
you have a pet?
I have two cats, actually. Emma and Katerina (Kit Kat).

Video for Blood Instincts

Where to buy Blood Instincts


Marie Lavender Social Media

Multi-genre author of Victorian romance, Upon Your Return, and 23 other books. Upon Your Love and The Missing Piece placed in the TOP 10 on the 2017 P&E Readers’ Poll. Directions Of The Heart was nominated for the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards. The I Love Romance Blog became a finalist in StartDating DK’s Romance Blog Awards of 2017. ILRB landed on Feedspot’s 2017 Top 100 Novel Blogs and TOP 100 Romance Blogs. Directions Of The Heart placed in the Top 10 Books of 2017 on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews blog. Top 20 Authors of 2017 on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews blog. Mystery Blogger Award for 2017. A to Z Blog Challenge Survivor in 2016. March 2016 Empress of the Universe title – winner of the “Broken Heart” themed contest and the “I Love You” themed contest on Poetry Universe. Second Chance Heart and A Little Magick placed in the TOP 10 on the 2015 P&E Readers’ Poll. Nominated in the TRR Readers’ Choice Awards for Winter 2015. Poetry winner of the 2015 PnPAuthors Contest. The Versatile Blogger Award for 2015. Honorable Mention in the 2014 BTS Red Carpet Book Awards. Finalist and Runner-up in the 2014 MARSocial’s Author of the Year Competition. Honorable mention in the January 2014 Reader’s Choice Award. Liebster Blogger Award for 2013, 2014 and 2016. 2013 and 2014 Amazon Bestseller Ranking for Upon Your Return. Top 10 Authors on Winner of the Great One Liners Contest on the Directory of Published Authors.
Marie Lavender lives in the Midwest with her family and three cats. She has been writing for a little over twenty-five years. She has more works in progress than she can count on two hands. Since 2010, Marie has published 24 books in the genres of historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, dramatic fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery/thriller, literary fiction and poetry. She has also contributed to several anthologies. Her current published series are The Heiresses in Love Series, The Eternal Hearts Series, The Magick Series, The Code of Endhivar Series and The Blood at First Sight Series.
Amazon Author Page:


Weapons of Redemption by Saloni Quinby @katehillromance #RLFblog #LGBT #romanceSaloni Quinby, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Weapons of Redemption by Saloni Quinby

Genre Paranormal, erotic, LGBT, vampire
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Five men, enslaved by a vampire pirate and forced to do his bidding, rebelled against their master and earned the wrath of a monster. Now, while plotting to destroy the man who, centuries later, still thinks he owns them, they use their powers to protect other victims.
Whips and Chains
In a seedy underworld of sex and violence, a serial killer is stalking men and Guy is called upon to find the murderer. Ryan, a professional Dom known as the Beast Tamer, specializes in meting out pleasure and pain to oversized men. Is the sexy young man with a mysterious past the next victim — or the killer?
Sword and Shield
Rule coped with his abduction by the vampire pirate Tarun by cutting off his emotions. After centuries of self-control through punishment, he found a man who finally reached his heart. Now it’s up to Rule to save his former lover, but once he sees Joel again, will Rule be able to resist him?
Cloak and Dagger
When police detective Bryce Tarunson arrests a man who looks just like his lover from two thousand years ago, he’s pulled closer to the vampiric master he hates. The bond between Bryce and Shane forces them into a battle that might end in the destruction of the Weapons of Redemption.
Ansley and Brayden were stolen as boys by the hated vampire pirate, Tarun, to work aboard his ship. As men, their friendship blossomed into a deep, undeniable love. In the final battle between the vampire pirate and the Weapons of Redemption, Ansley and Brayden’s love for each other will either save or destroy them.
Fangs and Floggers
To lure his rebellious blood children back into the fold, ancient vampire Tarun abducted the hunter Adrian. He hadn’t bargained on his human prisoner being a match for him in every way — including his darkest desires. Though Tarun warns Adrian he won’t like what he hears, the hunter is determined to uncover the secrets of the vampire’s twisted past.

Where to buy Weapons of Redemption

Barnes and Noble

Saloni Quinby Social Media

The child of a painter and a psychic dreamer, Saloni Quinby feels spirituality and storytelling go hand-in-hand. She loves the scent of gardenia, the sound of wind chimes and the taste of honey. By listening to what isn’t said, she creates works based on unspoken desires. Saloni prefers blurred gender lines and many varieties of romance. In a world where passion must at times be restrained, she believes erotica is a pleasure to be shared. With her stories she would like to make her fantasies yours and hopes you enjoy the ride.
Amazon Author Page


Vordol's Vow by Dena Garson @DenaGarson #RLFblog #SciFi #RomanceDena Garson, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Vordol’s Vow by Dena Garson

Genre Sci-Fi Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
A long time ago Vordol Silveira learned that if he wanted to become the best bodyguard in the galaxy he needed to keep everyone except his brothers at arm’s length. That vow served him well until he runs into the now grown-up daughter of his former mentor while working a security job aboard the LS Quantum.
Pitannah Lorento is a Quantum waitress who dreams of winning this year’s intergalactic burlesque competition in order to pay for her mother’s expensive medical treatment. Seeing Vordol again brings back years of unfulfilled desires – a distraction she doesn’t need. Yet, she’s no longer an awkward teenager and he is sexier than ever.
Vordol’s client’s safety has always come first but when Pitannah is threatened, his heart demands he make her his priority. If he somehow manages to keep them both safe through the competition, his vow may become obsolete.

Where to buy Vordol’s Vow

Barnes and Noble
Google Play

Dena Garson Social Media

Dena Garson is an award winning author of contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi romance. She holds a BBA and an MBA in Business and works in the wacky world of quality and process improvement. Making up her own reality on paper is what keeps her sane.
She is the mother of two rowdy boys and two rambunctious cats (AKA the fuzzy jerks). When she isn’t writing you can find her at her at the sewing machine or stringing beads. She is also a devoted Whovian and Dallas Cowboys fan.
Amazon Author Page


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