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Monthly Archives: May 2018

#FreeBookFriday Join Pamela Ford @pamelafordbooks and other authors for free books #RLFblogIt’s #FreeBookFriday on RLFblog! Join us for a collection of free downloads and great books to read. All genres and heat levels. This week’s featured book is Love on the Lane by Pamela Ford. Bookmark this site so you don’t miss a thing.

Books to Read on FreeBookFriday

Each week, you’ll find free books to download and read. Some are straight up giveaways, some KindleUnlimited, others are Kindle Select, and some are free with newsletter sign up. Always a mix of genres and heat levels. These free deals may be limited in time, so please be sure to check prices before clicking the final buy button.

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Love on the Lane by Pamela Ford

What if changing your name is all it takes to change your life?
Return to her ten-year reunion as a lowly traffic manager? No way. Izzy Gordon is determined to become a filmmaker by creating a documentary about the gangster history of an old lodge. But her parents own the property and want to sell – and the lodge owners are fighting to stay open. So Izzy decides not to tell anyone who she really is.
Gib Murphy, globe-trotting photojournalist, is home recovering from an injury he got on a deadly assignment in Afghanistan. All he wants is some peace. Instead, he’s landed in the middle of his grandparents’ battle to keep the lodge they’ve run for forty years. And then he meets Izzy – and it’s lights, camera, action! But when he discovers her real identity, will their blockbuster beginning become a box-office flop?
Download your free book:
This is a permafree book.#FreeBookFriday Join Kris Bock and other authors for free books #RLFblog

The Mad Monk’s Treasure by Kris Bock

The lost Victorio Peak treasure is the stuff of legends—a heretic Spanish priest’s gold mine, made richer by the spoils of bandits and an Apache raider. When Erin, a quiet history professor, uncovers a clue that may pinpoint the lost treasure cave, she prepares for adventure. But when a hit and run driver nearly kills her, she realizes she’s not the only one after the treasure. And is Drew, the handsome helicopter pilot who found her bleeding in a ditch, really a hero, or one of the enemy?
Erin isn’t sure she can trust Drew with her heart, but she’ll need his help to track down the treasure. She heads into the New Mexico wilderness with her brainy best friend Camie and a feisty orange cat. The wilderness holds its own dangers, from wild animals to sudden storms. Plus, the sinister men hunting Erin are determined to follow her all the way to the treasure, no matter where the twisted trail leads. Erin won’t give up an important historical find without a fight, but is she ready to risk her life—and her heart?
“The story has it all – action, romance, danger, intrigue, lost treasure, not to mention a sizzling relationship…”
“Great balance of history, romance, and adventure. Smart romance with an ‘Indiana Jones’ feel.”
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Free for a limited time. Get your copy today.

#FreeBookFriday Join Kristina Knight and other authors for free books #RLFblogThe Saint’s Devilish Deal by Kristina Knight

Esmerelda Quinn has been looking for a place to belong since her parents were killed in a car crash when she was young. The closest thing to home has always been Aunt Constance’s villa in Puerto Vallarta, so after a string of dead-end hotellier jobs, she’s coming home to run the villa.
Santiago Cruz has called the villa home for as long as he can remember. In between surfing events, Constance has always had a room for him. Color him surprised when Constance decides to retire – and leaves a joint interest in the villa to both Santiago and Esme.
Esme isn’t thrilled to share ownership of the villa with the the youngest Cruz brother – especially when she learns Santiago’s brother has been after the villa for years. But Santiago has grown up while she’s been away at school and soon she finds herself falling for the rich boy down the hall.
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Free for a limited time. Get your copy today.

Second Chance Heart by Marie Lavender#FreeBookFriday Join Marie Lavender and other authors for free books #RLFblog

After a wild storm forces her to take shelter in a small town inn, Dana Nelson thinks that all she has to worry about is a brief stay before she heads back to the city. She gets far more than she bargained for…
The last thing she expects is to run into an old flame, and even worse, the man who broke her heart twelve years ago. She’s sure that the only thing remaining between them is a strong attraction for another.
She can’t be more wrong…
The more time she spends with Vince Reynolds, the more she begins to believe she can trust him again. But, can she put her faith in the one man who captivates her, body and soul, or are some wounds too deep to heal?
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#FreeBookFriday Join Rachel Leigh Smith and other authors for free books #RLFblogMy Name is A’yen by Rachel Leigh Smith

They’ve taken everything from him. Except his name.
The Loks Mé have been slaves for so long, freedom is a distant myth A’yen Mesu no longer believes. A year in holding, because of his master’s murder, has sucked the life from him. Archaeologist Farran Hart buys him to protect her on an expedition to the Rim, the last unexplored quadrant.
Farran believes the Loks Mé once lived on the Rim and is determined to prove it. And win A’yen’s trust. But she’s a breeder’s daughter and can’t be trusted.
Hidden rooms, information caches, and messages from a long-dead king change A’yen’s mind about her importance. When she’s threatened, he offers himself in exchange, and lands on the Breeders Association’s radar. The truth must be told. Even if it costs him his heart.
Download your free book:
This is a permafree book.

Endure, Illustrated Quotes of Pietas by Kayelle Allen#FreeBookFriday Join Kayelle Allen and other authors for free books #RLFblog

Illustrated Book
What does the most dangerous man in the galaxy have to say about enduring?
Known to other immortals as the Bringer of Chaos, Pietas is the most powerful of all the Ultras. This 7′ tall warrior has platinum hair and eyes the color of raw turquoise. His beauty is legendary. So is his prowess at war. A scientist, brilliant strategist, and passionate lover, this immortal understands the need to accept what life throws his way, to embrace change, and take destiny into his own hands.
Thirty beautifully illustrated quotes.
You’ll get 3 other free books plus other exclusive content for members only.
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Cover model for Endure: Nik Nitsvetov (courtesy of

Bookmark this site and come back for more great books!

Lies and Solace by Jana Richards @AlexaAston #RLFblog #contemporary #romanceJana Richards, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here!

Lies and Solace, Book 1 by Jana Richards

She can’t live with one more lie. He can’t tell the truth.
Harper Lindquist is convinced she’s found the answer to her financial prayers. Unless she pours cash into crumbling Solace Lake Lodge, she’ll lose her family’s legacy. Her would-be savior arrives in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard and she’s determined to prove to her reluctant, and trapped, financier the lodge is a sound investment. But Harper isn’t completely honest with him. And she has no idea the lake is hiding secrets of its own.
Ethan James is a liar, but his money is very real. He isn’t convinced a broken-down inn is a smart investment opportunity. But the more he understands Harper’s dreams and desires, the more he wants to be the man to make them come true. The trauma in both their pasts means neither can fully trust the other. They must find the courage to love, to trust, and to accept, or yesterday’s sorrows will keep them apart.
Genre: Contemporary Romance, small town romance
Heat Level: Spicy, fully described love scenes
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU

Jana Richards Social Media

When Jana Richards read her first romance novel, she immediately knew two things: she had to commit the stories running through her head to paper, and they had to end with a happily ever after. She also knew she’d found what she was meant to do. Since then she’s never met a romance genre she didn’t like. She writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and historical romance set in World War Two, in lengths ranging from short story to full length novel. Just for fun, she throws in generous helpings of humor, and the occasional dash of the paranormal. Her paranormal romantic suspense “Seeing Things” was a 2008 EPPIE finalist.
In her life away from writing, Jana is an accountant/admin assistant, a mother to two grown daughters, and a wife to her husband Warren. She enjoys golf, yoga, movies, concerts, travel and reading, not necessarily in that order. She and her husband live in Winnipeg, Canada with their Pug/Terrier cross Lou and several unnamed goldfish. She loves to hear from readers.
Amazon Author Page

Mystic, Urban Fantasy by Gabi Stevens @GabiStevens #RLFblog #urbanfantasy Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Today’s guest is Gabi Stevens, author of Mystic, an urban fantasy.

Mystic by Gabi Stevens

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG 13

How could a good deed go so wrong?

Trask Sinclair enjoys his life as a famous author living in New York City. His greatest adventures come from the characters in his books. But after stepping in to protect a woman on the run–a woman with eyes that speak of hidden depth, intrigue, and loneliness–Trask is suddenly pulled into a world he never could have written.

Allys Joel sees the future when she touches someone. That’s why a Wall Street firm held her prisoner for sixteen months. Escaping, with Trask’s help, puts both their lives at risk. When conventional travel proves impossible, they must journey cross-country to get to the safety of the mysterious town of Mystic, Wyoming. As they fight for their lives, their freedom, and a possible budding romance, they must come face to face with the reality–and secrets–that may change their lives forever.

Where to buy Mystic

Barnes and Noble

Gabi Stevens Social Media

Gabi Stevens/Gabi Anderson was born in SoCal to Hungarian parents. After spending time in boarding school, college, and studying abroad (Germany), she spent seven years in the classroom trying to teach eighth graders the joys of literature. An award winning author, Gabi writes in New Mexico where she lives with her robotics engineer husband, three daughters, and two dogs. She loves to play games (She’s appeared on Family Feud and Jeopardy!), has a wicked addiction to reading, avoids housework and cooking, and doesn’t travel nearly as much as she would like to.


Kristina Knight, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Perfect on Paper by Kristina Knight

Genre Contemporary
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Nicholas Vega started ManServants as a way to make extra cash in college; five years later, his business is bigger than he ever imagined. And it’s in trouble. An angry ex-client wants to sue because one of his employees didn’t sleep with her. To keep things going, Nick takes on a client of his own – his best friend Daisy MacIntosh.
Daisy needs a boyfriend in a bad way. Her current boss – and ex-lover – has planned a retreat and makes no bones about wanting her back in his bed, at least for the weekend. Daisy wants a barrier between them, and an on-paper boyfriend seems like the best idea.
The problem? Once they’re playing at being in love, their fictional relationship might blow their real life friendship out of the water.
Why did you write this book?
Perfect on Paper was so much fun to write! It developed as part of a multi-author continuity – the gist was to somehow work a manservant, kind of like a gigolo, into the book. In my book, Nick runs a company called ManServants, and while a lot of his employees are hired as escorts, many are also hired to walk women to their cars or check their homes after being away for a while. They’re a kind of first defense for their clients.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I read across genres, but I’ve never met a contemporary romance I didn’t love.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
Oh, so many…and usually its based on the book I just finished reading. One of my favorites from recent reads is Ford, from Nora Roberts’ Tribute.
What are you working on at the moment?
I always have a new project in the pipeline! I just turned in a women’s fiction with romantic elements to my agent, and I can’t wait to see it hit store shelves.
What books will we see from you in coming months?
I’m working on a few news things. I’ll have a new contemporary series coming out in about six months, and I’m working on something that’s a little different, with a suspense element, too.

Where to buy Perfect on Paper

Barnes and Noble

Kristina Knight Social Media

Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police–no, she wasn’t a troublemaker, she was a journalist. Her career took her all over the United States, writing about everything from a serial killer’s capture to the National Finals Rodeo. Along the way she found her very own Knight in Shining Cowboy Boots and an abiding love for romance novels. And just like the characters from her favorite books, she’s living her own happily ever after.
Kristina writes sassy contemporary romance novels; her books have appeared on Kindle Best Seller Lists. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line!

Let’s meet Avarice Licciardi from Avarice and Charity, an Australian Historical Romance by Faye Hall. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about the story your author wrote.

Avarice and Charity by Faye Hall

Genre Australian Historical Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Would you protect the one you love from relentless greed?
Avarice Licciardi worked for his father, Antonio – a greedy, loveless man who destroyed everyone in his way. When Avarice met Charity, a woman with fiery red hair and the touch of an angel, he discovered there was something he craved so much more than his father’s money. What he wanted was this woman.
When Antonio ordered his son to get the hidden papers in Charity’s estate, Avarice refused. That was until Antonio threatened to go get the papers himself. Knowing the brutality of his father, Avarice went to Charity’s estate, ready to protect her at all cost. When she invited him to stay with her, he hoped to find nights of endless passion. What he found was a hidden tunnel with incriminating mysteries far greater than hidden papers.
Charity Bohdan lived up to her name, giving her herbal medicinal treatments freely. What started off as patching up wounds soon took a very different direction when she was being called to treat young women who’d been brutally raped and left pregnant. She knew the risks involved with treating and re-homing these women, but until she could find the monster attacking them, she could see no other choice.
When Charity was called to treat a drunk’s wounded hand, she expected to find some elderly station hand. Who she met was Avarice. As she treated his wound, she couldn’t ignore just how handsome he was, or the feelings he stirred in her when their skin touched. The more time they spent together, talking of Irish legends and going on picnics, Charity could feel herself losing her heart to him.
Together Avarice and Charity are forced to uncover secrets from the past that sicken their souls as an evil, greedy man threatens to tear them apart in his search for the evidence hidden in the Bohdan estate.

Introducing Avarice Licciardi

Please tell me about yourself.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Bowen, Queensland, Australia
Profession: Cattle Station owner
Ethnicity: Italian and Irish
What do you look like? I’m about 6ft tall, with blue eyes and slightly curly light brown, collar length hair.
Who is the significant other in your life? Charity Bohdan, an Irish beauty with fiery red hair.
How do you dress?
I mostly wear blue, denim jeans and white cotton work shirts. I also wear brown riding boots.
If we could only hear your voice (but not see you) what characteristic would identify you?
My slight Italian accent. I was raised to speak fluent Italian and English.
What is your viewpoint on wealth?
I know how important it is to be able to live a comfortable life, but I have also seen the destruction and heartache it can cause.
What is your family like?
My father, Antonio, is a very cruel man who thinks his power gives him the right to treat people as possessions. My mother was a beautiful, kind hearted woman who embraced her Irish heritage.
What would you like people who hear your story to know?
Despite the way my father raised me, I have tried to make better of myself and right the wrongs I was once foolish enough to commit. I have also tried to keep my mother’s memory alive by educating myself on the legends of her ancestors.

Where to buy Avarice and Charity


Faye Hall Social Media

Come on a journey with me through 19th century North Queensland, Australia and explore the passions and hardships of unique characters.
There is corruption, deceit and murder, as well as cattle rustlers, slave traders and hell fire clubs. Explore townships of Jarvisfield and Inkerman, as well as Ravenswood and Bowen. One book even incorporates my great grandmothers cattle station ‘Inkerman Downs Station’.
As well as an author, I am also the most spoilt wife in the world, and a very contented mother.
Come and discover all the passion and drama of North Queensland history with me.
Amazon Author Page

Is It True: A Dose of Danger by Kim McMahill @kimmcmahill #RLFblog #RomanticSuspense

Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Let’s play Is It True with today’s guest, Kim McMahill, author of A Dose of Danger, a romantic suspense. This is a game with yes and no questions. Writers can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.

A Dose of Danger by Kim McMahill

Genre Romantic Suspense
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
When researcher Grace Talbot and her team discover a possible solution for weight loss they are targeted by a group dedicated to controlling a diet product industry worth billions. Her unsanctioned testing methods bring tragedy to the family ranch and the attention of the local sheriff’s deputy. With her colleagues either dead, missing, or on the run she soon realizes she must trust the deputy with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?

Is it true:

this is your first book?
No, A Dose of Danger is my eighth romantic adventure/suspense novel
this book is part of a series?
Yes, A Dose of Danger is the first novel in the Risky Research Series, A Taste of Tragedy is the second, and the third, A Foundation of Fear, will release sometime this summer.
you lost sleep while writing this book?
Yes, waking up in the middle of the night with the perfect next scene is not that uncommon for me.
you did research for this book?
Yes, I had to learn a lot about diet drugs, nutrition research, the FDA, and the anatomy of pigs.
some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example)
Yes, most of the book is set on a ranch, so there are a lot of animals involved. A couple loyal dogs and a pig play significant roles.
this book has more than one genre?
Yes, the book has suspense, action, romance, and could also fall in the crime fiction genre
you speak more than one language?
No, but I wish I could. I took German in High School and Spanish in college and the extent of my vocabulary is to inform those speakers that I don’t speak their language.
you grew up where you live now?
No, I currently live in Colorado, but grew up north of the border in Wyoming.
you love to read?
Absolutely. I have an eclectic reading list including non-fiction and fiction, but my first love is action, adventure, and just a dash of romance.
you are never late?
No, at least not very often.
you love pizza?
Yes, my favorite is pepperoni and green chili and the thinner the crust the better. I even make my own in the summer when I have fresh tomatoes for my homemade sauce, but I have figured out how to get the crust as thin as I’d like.
you love sushi?
Yes, but I prefer the non-raw varieties.
you have a pet?
No, I probably will get another dog one day, but I’m still grieving the passing of my pup of fifteen years.

Where to buy A Dose of Danger

Publisher Prism Book Group
Barnes and Noble

Kim McMahill Social Media

Kim McMahill grew up in Wyoming which is where she developed her sense of adventure and love of the outdoors. She started out writing non-fiction, but her passion for exotic world travel, outrageous adventures, stories of survival, and happily-ever-after endings soon drew her into a world of romantic suspense and adventure fiction. Along with writing novels Kim has also published over eighty travel and geographic articles, and contributed to a travel anthology. Kim currently resides in Colorado, and when not writing, she enjoys gardening, traveling, hiking, and spending time with family.
Amazon Author Page


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