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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Rescuing Prince Charming by Edward Hoornaert @EdHornaert #RLFblog #SciFi #RomanceToday’s featured book is Rescuing Prince Charming by Edward Hoornaert. Tell us about your story. We’ll have other questions in a moment.
Dusty Johnson, a self-styled ordinary, everyday woman, responds with extraordinary heroism when saboteurs try to bomb the prototype of Earth’s first starship. She wants to return to anonymity, but that burst of courage propels her ever deeper into dangers that tear the scabs off her dark past — and thrust her into the arms of the unattainable man of her dreams.
Reese Eaglesbrood, an alien prince, yearns to restore his tattered reputation by guiding the starship project to completion, but his fascination with the unassuming heroine threatens to undermine his fragile authority. Shunning Dusty is necessary, yet unthinkable — and when the saboteurs strike again, she may be his only ally against Earth’s most elusive enemies.
What species/races of people are in your book?
The main characters are all human — Native Americans from the future. The villains are shapeshifters from the ‘nothingness’ In Between alternate realities.
Do you have non-sentient creatures or animals in your story? If so, what are they?
A Siamese cat plays an important part.

Language and Culture in Rescuing Prince Charming

What languages are spoken in your story universe?
English and Shanoog
If you created a language for the story, what is it called?
Shanoog, based on the Chinook trade jargon used by Pacific Northwest Native Americans but intermixed with French and Spanish
Please give us a few words in this language and their translation.
klootch – an impolite but not obscene word for a woman: roughly “broad” or “chick.”
kwayviva – literally ‘cave for living’; one of the underground cities the Kwadrans lived in before hopping to our Earth.
siatko – a legendary demon who visited unfortunates in the night. By extension, the name given to the enemy shapeshifters.
In the culture of your story world, what is different from ours?
Kwadra Island has landed on near-future Earth. It’s a duplicate of Vancouver Island, but inhabited by the descendants of the Kwakiutl tribe of Native Americans. On an alternative Earth that diverged from ours around 1800, they ruled the Pacific Northwest until the planet’s environment collapsed. Using 23rd century technology (they’re from the future) they ‘hopped’ their entire nation to our Earth, though the machinery cost all their resources. However, the impoverished kingdom possesses schematics for the most advanced technology on Earth.
What rights (such as equality) are challenges for your characters?
Racial prejudice against the First Nations people from the future.

Story Setting

Describe one of the worlds where your story takes place.
Most of the story happens underground in an abandoned kwayviva that now houses a top secret research and development facility designed to build a starship using plans and specifications from Kwadran databases.
What makes this world unique?
Kwadra’s presence has upset the world’s status quo, including religions (which didn’t foretell Kwadra’s coming), race relations (because the most advanced nation is now Native American) and the balance of power. The new route to power is to ‘romance’ Kwadra into sharing some of its advanced technology.
Other books in the series highlight various aspects of Kwadra’s arrival, but this one focuses on a joint Kwadran-North American project to build a starship.
Tell us about the age of the culture in your story, i.e., are the people part of an ancient civilization, a newly formed group within an established culture, pioneer colonists, etc.
Dusty, the heroine, is a contemporary American technical writer from Tucson. She’s one-fourth Mexican, is extremely intelligent, and has an engineering degree.
Kwadra is based upon the historical Kwakiutl tribe that I became fascinated with after teaching at a one-room school on an island off the British Columbia coast. But they aren’t our world’s Kwakiutl; no totem poles, for example. Instead, it’s an extrapolation of what might have been if the tribe was heavily influenced by France, Spain, and China, yet managed a tenuous autonomy until escaping to our Earth.
What food or drink is available to your characters?
The usual food of our times.
In what ways was it helpful to have a map (or sketch of one) for your story?
The map of North America’s west coast has changed dramatically. A map of the future is attached.

Rescuing Prince Charming by Edward Hoornaert @EdHornaert #RLFblog #SciFi #RomanceCharacter Physiology

What are the physical characteristics of the race/species of your main characters?
They’re both human. Dusty inherited black hair from her Mexican grandmother, but doesn’t otherwise look Hispanic; since people can’t tell, she enjoys surprising them with the fluent Spanish Abuela Estrella taught her. Reese looks like an aboriginal American, but mixed with Asian and European ancestry.
What physical differences exist in the way your characters communicate (i.e., telepathy, empathic abilities, etc.) with each other?
Many Kwadrans have implants that include personal assistant/computers and thought-operated radios.

Sharing World Building Expertise

Please give us three tips you find helpful when creating a story world:
Write what you know (or enjoy) – and then research like crazy to know more.
Know all aspects of your world (economy, history, power structure, family mores, etc) even if they aren’t central to the story. Much of this will end up being important in some way to the backstory and/or the feel of the culture.
Don’t fake it! Research it!
When you researched for your story setting, what kinds of things did you learn?
My alien shapeshifters are from In Between alternate realities. The quantum-mechanical hypothesis of parallel universes is “universes that are separated from each other by a single quantum event” . . . but researching “single quantum event” leads to utterly unhelpful phrases such as “the subjective appearance of wavefunction collapse is explained by the mechanism of quantum decoherence.” So although I learned more than I could ever understand about quantum theory, I ended up with artistic license to design my own In Beetween.
What things should writers avoid when building a science fiction world?
Be original; avoid taking a quick and easy well-traveled path. A few years ago, fictional worlds inhabited by heroic, superhuman vampires were all the rage, until suddenly they weren’t. Now, it seems that heroic, superhuman shapeshifters are everywhere. If you must use a tried-and-true element, be sure to give it such a strong twist that you own the idea.
Share a resource you found helpful when researching for your story.
It’ll be of no use to anyone else, but Language of Oregon, by George Gibbs, published 1863, was essential in developing my aliens’ language, Shanoog.
What’s your advice for writers who want to create a solid background for their story world?
Be thorough. Be original. Imagine more about your world than you ever think you’ll need

Rescuing Prince Charming by Edward Hoornaert

Specific science fiction genre: Science fiction romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Publisher: self
Barnes and Noble

Edward Hoornaert Social Media

What kind of guy writes romance? A guy who married his high school sweetheart a week after graduation and still lives the HEA decades later. A guy who’s a certifiable Harlequin hero—he inspired Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Rita Award finalist Mr. Valentine, which is dedicated to him.
Ed started out writing contemporary romances for Silhouette Books, but these days he concentrates on science fiction romance. He’s been a teacher, principal, technical writer, salesman, janitor, and symphonic oboist. He and wife Judi live in Tucson, Arizona. They have three sons, a daughter, a mutt, and the galaxy’s most adorable grandsons. Visit him at
Website / Blog
Amazon Author Page


Let’s meet Jake Carrington from All the Deadly Lies, a thriller, by Marian Lanouette. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about the story your author wrote.

Hi Kayelle, thank you for hosting us today.

All the Deadly Lies

Genre Thriller
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Homicide detective Jake Carrington takes murder personally…
The victim was bludgeoned, stripped, and left for dead. Shanna Wagner deserves justice—and there’s no better cop than Lieutenant Jake Carrington to find her killer. The brutality of the crime reminds Jake of his sister’s murder seventeen years ago, and the remorseless man responsible, now up for parole.
Then another woman is killed—and Jake goes dangerously close to the edge. He’ll have to face his personal demons and focus his formidable skills if he hopes to stop a vicious murderer from striking again—and hold on to his career, and his life…

Introducing Jake Carrington

Please tell me about yourself.
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Wilkesbury, CT
Profession: Homicide Cop
Ethnicity: Irish American
What do you look like?
I’m six one, a hundred and seventy five pounds, with green eyes, and reddish brown hair with a sturdy medium build. In cop speak I’d be 6’1″, 175, green/chestnut, medium/solid.
Who is the significant other in your life?
Mia Andrews
Please tell us about your education.
I studied criminal justice at UConn in CT. I had attended there on a full sports scholarship. In my senior year I had an offer to play for my favorite team but turned them down. I had decided after my sister’s murder to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a cop.
Do you see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?
I think it’s pretty cut and dry. That said, the job taught me there’s shades of gray.
If someone from your past showed up, who would you most NOT want it to be, and why?
That’s easy, but every few years I have to face him down when I attend his parole hearings with the pictures of my sister’s crime scene. It’s George Spaulding. That murdering no good son of a…
What is your biggest need?
Peace, which seems to elude me.
What would help you face hardship and meet any challenge?
My partner and best friend Louie Romanelli and his wife have been with me throughout most my life and have carried me in times of despair.
If you could make any one thing happen, what would it be?
I was a selfish teenager. I couldn’t wait to meet up with my girlfriend and turned down my sister who had asked for a ride to her friend’s house.

I’d turn the clock back and give Eva the ride she had asked for that fateful day.

Where to buy All the Deadly Lies

Publisher Kensington/Lyrical
Barnes and Noble

Marian Lanouette

A self-described tough blonde from Brooklyn, Marian Lanouette grew up as one of ten children. As far back as she could remember Marian loved to read. She was especially intrigued by the Daily News crime reports. Tragically, someone she knew was murdered. The killer never found.
Her Jake Carrington thriller are inspired by her admiration for police work, her experience in working a crematorium, and her desire to write books where good prevails, even in the darkest times. Marian lives in New England with her husband.

Marian Lanouette Social Media

Amazon Author Page


Abandoned by Mary Martinez @marylmartinez #RLFblog #RomanticSuspenseMary Martinez, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Abandoned by Mary Martinez

Genre Romantic Suspense
Book heat level (based on movie ratings) R
Glenna Beckett loves her family dearly, but being the youngest of six can be overwhelming. Moving across country helped her learn who she was outside the family. She’s built a successful business in the form of a quaint shop on Main Street of Calistoga, that sells a bit of everything vintage, the new age term for antique. What more does she need?
Then he walked into her shop. International playboy, Lance Gordon. After a whirlwind courtship he asks her to marry him. Burying a niggle of doubt in the pit of her tummy, she says yes. He’s even agreed to have the wedding in Brooklyn so her family can attend. But he never arrives.
Glenna refused to believe she’d been abandoned at the altar and asks her brother, Tyler, to contact an agent friend on the West Coast to search for Lance.
Patrick McGinnis can’t believe he’s walking into a prissy shop in the high end of the Napa Valley searching for a missing groom. The bride, Glenna Beckett, is everything he feared, drop dead gorgeous, and a spoiled brat. Not that he’d ever tell her brother that. He hates wild goose chases, and this mission is exactly that. Patrick’s certain the playboy fiancé is off wooing some other delectable creature.
Unfortunately, once Patrick started to dig, he finds there’s more to the tale and it will take all his skills as an agent to keep Glenna safe. Especially when the case takes a turn and threatens the safety of his son, Finn.

Where to buy Abandoned


Mary Martinez Social Media

Mary lives in Magna, a little town west of Salt Lake City, Utah. Together with her husband, she has six grown children, and six wonderful grandsons and five beautiful granddaughters. She loves to spend time with family and friends–she includes good books as friends!
Mary and her husband love to travel, especially to the Caribbean for relaxing, and Italy for the wine. And most recently she discovered she was Irish and Scottish, of course they had to visit Ireland and Scotland. Mary fell in love with both, but the green hills of Ireland felt like home. With the experience from the exotic places she has visited, she is able to fill her books with colorful descriptions of cities, painting a colorful backdrop for her characters. One of her favorite US destinations is New York/Brooklyn, where her beloved Beckett’s live. When she visits, she can wander their neighborhoods, favorite parks, and visit their favorite pub, Putnum’s.
They are avid concert ‘Ho’s’! Yes, they pretty much want to do them all. They love outdoor amphitheaters the best and attend as many during the warmer months as possible.
Mary writes mostly romantic suspense, romance, women’s fiction, and she has just begun to dabble in young adult mystery. She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA). During her writing career she has been a conference coordinator, workshop presenter, and chapter president for the Utah Chapter of RWA. In 2007 she was presented with the Utah RWA service award in acknowledgment and appreciation for outstanding service. Mary has also participated in numerous library panels on writing and co-presented a workshop on writing a series at the League of Utah Writers conference.
Mary and her husband are also enthusiastic college football fans. They have season tickets to the UTES, University of Utah Football and they tailgate every game. They love tailgating so much, that they were married at a tailgating in 1999.
Blog Mary’s Garden Blog
Blog The After Work Cook
Amazon Author Page


Is It True: King of Swords by Anna Durbin @TheAnnaDurbin #RLFblog #Regency #RomanceWelcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Let’s play Is It True with today’s guest, Anna Durbin, author of King of Swords, a Regency romance. This is a game with yes and no questions. Writers can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.

King of Swords by Anna Durbin

Genre Regency romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
A fiercely independent spinster who desperately needs assistance . . .
Lady Cassandra Gardner will inherit fifty thousand pounds when she turns thirty—and just in time. She has a special purpose for her money, one no man could understand. But when her brother the duke tries to cheat her out of her fortune, she has no choice but to accept the help of the man who shattered her heart years ago.
A gallant nobleman who can’t resist rescuing a damsel in distress . . .
Lord William Poniard is looking for a wife, but the last woman he should consider marrying is his archenemy’s sister, the woman who hates him with a vengeance. Yet, when she is compromised by her brother’s nefarious scheme, he sees an opportunity not only to rescue the lady by marrying her but also to exact revenge on the duke for his past betrayal.
Will she accept his offer of help and at what cost?
Despite the long-standing animosity between Cassandra and William, sparks fly when their attraction to one another ignites into a passion neither saw coming. Will one night of rapture unite them or drive them apart? Can she forget past wounds and let him back into her heart? And can he convince her that she is the only woman he wants?

Is it true:

this is your first book?
Yes. It’s my first published book at any rate. I wrote my first true “book” when I was in grade school and have been thinking up stories ever since.
this book is part of a series?
Yes. King of Swords is part of the Kings of the Tarot series. Each hero in the series is based on one of the kings in the tarot card deck, and I use the symbolism of the tarot cards throughout the story.
you lost sleep while writing this book?
Yes. I frequently think about plot points while trying to fall asleep, and it can keep me wide awake while I go through scenarios in my head. Sometimes, I give up on trying to sleep and just get up and go to my computer room and write.
you did research for this book?
Yes. Tons of research. The book takes place in Regency England, so I had to do extensive research on the period. Specifically, I delved into marriage laws of the era, Gretna Green elopements, and other topics.
some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example)
No. There are no non-human characters in this book.
this book has more than one genre?
No. The book is simply a Regency romance.
you speak more than one language?
No. I did take French in junior high and high school but never mastered the language.
you grew up where you live now?
No. I grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, but now live in Madison, Wisconsin.
you love to read?
Yes. I love to read all sorts of books ranging from romance to non-fiction.
you are never late?
No. I always aim to be on time, but sometimes I miss the mark.
you love pizza?
No. I’ll eat pizza, but I do not love it whatsoever.
you love sushi?
No. Absolutely NOT.
you have a pet?
Yes. We have a calico cat named Maizy. She will be one year old in March, and we call her Crazy Maizy because she leaps through the air and flies around the house like a crazy woman. Although it’s fun to see her burn off that kitten energy, we’re hoping she calms down when she’s a little older.

Where to buy King of Swords


Barnes and Noble

Anna Durbin Social Media

Anna Durbin is the author of charming tales of the Beau Monde. Having grown up reading sagas of chivalry and romance, she began crafting her own elaborate stories in her imagination at a young age. It was only natural that she would one day write them down. Her first novel, King of Swords, was a 2012 Golden Heart® finalist.
Despite years of study in the biological and physical sciences, her true love has always been the literary arts. Inspired by her favorite author, Jane Austen, Anna adores the Regency Era and writes period pieces set during that time that show love conquering adversity. Oddly, for all her love of science and history, she is a faithful devotee of the New Age. She discovered tarot cards in a New Age shop in Minneapolis during a high school class trip one year and has been enchanted with them ever since. She enjoys weaving the symbolism of the tarot deck into her storylines.
Anna has lived in ten different states throughout her lifetime, from California to New Jersey. A Midwesterner at heart, she was born in Kansas and raised in Iowa. Currently, she lives in Wisconsin with her husband and works as a technician for local government.
Amazon Author Page


Let’s meet Six from Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire, a science fiction with romantic elements by Kayelle Allen.

Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire by Kayelle Allen

Genre science fiction with romantic elements
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
When the immortal Pietas is marooned on a barren world with no food and few survival tools, he knows it could be worse. He could be alone. But that’s the problem. He’s not.
Half a million of his people sleep in cryostasis, trapped inside their pods and it’s up to Pietas to free them. He can’t release one at a time. It’s all or nothing. He’s facing over five hundred thousand hungry, thirsty, homeless immortals who will call on him for rescue and he has no way to answer.
It’s not all bad. The beautiful telepathic warrior he’s loved for lifetimes is at his side. He’s bonded with a sentient panther. He hates humans but the one dumped on this planet with him has become a trusted friend.
Before Pietas can build shelter, figure out how to grow food, or set up a government, he must take back command from a ruthless enemy he’s fought for centuries. His brutal, merciless father.
Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever…

Bucket List

When someone dies, we say they “kicked the bucket.” Therefore, a list of things that a person wants to accomplish, places to go, situations to experience, and so on have become known as a “Bucket List.”

Age: 38
Gender: male
Birthplace: Earth
Profession: soldier
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Species (for scifi/fantasy characters): Quasi-human (Ghost Corps)
Please provide a physical description of yourself.
I’m about six feet tall, brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin. I tend to fade into the background and not be noticed. I’m not so ugly I can’t get a date on payday, but I’m average enough not to stand out.
Please tell us a little about yourself.
I was a soldier, a grunt who pushed his way up. Got noticed and inducted into special ops. I speak multiple languages and I’m good with knives and a bow and arrow. I have a good aim with most any weapon.
Who is the significant other in your life?
I don’t have anyone right now. Mainly because I’m the only human (or almost human) on my planet. The Ultras around me don’t like humans that much. Besides, I’ll die, eventually. None of them will.
If you haven’t made a bucket list before, perhaps now would be a good time. Who knows? It might inspire another book. While you’re at it, how about telling us about some of your other favorite things? Here are the questions.
What is your birth order?
One and only. When God made me, he threw away the mold. He knew trouble when he saw it.
Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.
I played ball with the neighbor kids. Not really a toy-kinda person. But I did own a soccer ball and I took good care of it.
Describe your favorite food and how it’s prepared.
Apple fritters. Fresh chopped apples dipped in brown sugar and mixed into batter, then fried. Served hot. Great with coffee.
Tell us about your best friend.
I call him Pi (as in 3.14), but his name is Pietas. It’s pronounced pee-ah-toss, as he’s fond of reminding me. I eventually discovered why he hated the nickname and told him I’d stop, but he insisted I keep it. Seems his father called him that when he made mistakes. The nicest thing I can say about his pop is that the guy is a bully. Tried to kill me the moment he laid eyes on me. Anyway, Pi says when his dad hears me call him that it shows the man he has no hold over him. Pi is closer to me than a brother. When I was his worst enemy and hated him, he taught me the meaning of honor. If you wanted a picture for the word “noble” in the dictionary, you could use him.
What are two places you would like to visit before you die, and why?
I’d like to go fishing in a lake up in the mountains where the air is clean and cold and the fish like to bite. And then I’d go to the oceanside and lay on a hot sandy beach drinking a nice cold beer.
Where is a place you would never like to return, and why?
Enderium Six. What a nightmare that was. Although that is where I met Pi.
Who is someone you would like to meet, and why?
A fast woman who likes slow guys.
Who is someone you would like to avoid, and why?
Pietas’s father. The man makes me crazy. The urge to strangle him is too strong for me to resist for long, so I avoid him.
If you could time travel to any date, what would it be, and what would you do there?
I’d go back to Enderium Six and change everything that happened, except the part where I ended up friends with Pi. Although, come to think of it, the nightmare part was what made us friends in the first place. So… I think I’ll stick to my own time, thank you.

About Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen did a tour in the US Navy, where she climbed around airplanes (on the ground, thankfully) fixing black boxes that helped pilots find their way home.
She wrote her first science fiction novel at 18 and to this day, it’s hidden under the bed, where she vows it will remain. Gems from it, however, launched several series in her galaxy-wide universe of stories.
From childhood, Kayelle was the victim of an overactive imagination and inherited the Irish gift of gab from her mother. From her father, she got a healthy respect for mechanical things.
No wonder she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy peopled with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She’s been married so long she’s tenured.
What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?
Letting the story unfold and be as surprised as they were with how it turned out. The end had a real twist that even I didn’t see coming.
Why did you choose this character for the interview today?
Six is a blast to write. He’s one of my favorite characters.
When writing the book, what did you discover about this character that surprised you?
That he was jealous of the time Pietas spent with others. He’d been the only person in Pietas’s life for months during their journey. Once they found the people they were searching for, he was so busy he had little time for Six. But he handled it with surprising grace and humor.
Are any sequels planned for this book?
Yes, I’m writing one now, called Watch Your Six, in which Six is the major character.
What genre(s) would you like to write that you haven’t tried yet?
Time travel. Just don’t have a good paradox in mind yet. Maybe someday.
What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?
That I almost never cook at home. I prefer to either eat out or go with prepared meals. To my kids, Mom’s home-cooked mac and cheese came in a yellow and blue box.
Why should readers who haven’t picked up one of your books before give this one a try?
This one is the culmination of years of writing. It’s my best so far, and it’s both funny and heartbreaking. If you like buddy movies, you’ll like the Bringer of Chaos series altogether.
Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?
Please keep in touch. I’d love to know what you think of my characters and books.

Where to buy Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire

Publisher Romance Lives Forever Books
Amazon and in print. Free on Kindle Unlimited

Kayelle Allen Social Media

Romance Lives Forever Reader Group
Amazon Author page


It’s FreeBook Friday on RLFblog! Join us for a collection of free reads and downloads. All genres and heat levels. This week’s featured book is The Heart Teaches Best by MJ Schiller. Bookmark this site so you don’t miss a thing.

Welcome to FreeBook Friday

Each week, you’ll find the freebook list of books to download and read. Some are straight up giveaways, some KindleUnlimited, others are Kindle Select, and some are free with newsletter sign up. Always a mix of genres and heat levels. These free deals may be limited in time, so please be sure to check prices before clicking the final buy button.

When you sign up for a newsletter, you are signing up ONLY for that author’s newsletter, not a list of authors who will all then email you. You can unsubscribe at any time, however, please do not mark these emails as spam. When you sign up, you give your permission for the author to email you. Thank you, and enjoy the books!

The Heart Teaches Best by MJ Schiller

It's #FreeBookFriday Need some free reads? @mjschiller #RLFblog #FreeBook*This freebook is part of a collection not a series, different characters, different settings. They all center around people with “real” jobs, (teachers, firemen, construction workers, roadies…) unlike my other collections which feature rock stars and royalty. They can be read in any order.*
He’s the cop…
Cooper Sullivan is the cop in charge of investigating a murder outside of a Los Angeles night club. The famous romance author, Sydney Essex, has been found strangled in the parking lot. When the young officer returns to the scene of the crime the night after the murder, he gets involved in a fight in order to protect a woman, who he realizes afterward, is the victim’s sister. Soon he finds himself torn by his attraction to the irresistible blond teacher, and his need to maintain a professional distance.
She’s the teacher…
Laney Essex is distraught over her sister’s death, so the high school English teacher returns to the bar where the crime occurred to find answers. To her dismay, she is only left with more questions, many centered on her developing relationship with Cooper Sullivan. Is the pull she’s feeling towards him reciprocated, or is the handsome detective only showing her professional courtesy, or, perhaps, even pity?
…but he’s the one teaching her lessons of the heart.
When Laney receives a threatening phone call from Sydney’s murderer, it quickly becomes evident that the man who killed her sister is after her, too. Can Cooper figure out who the killer is before it’s too late? And if he does solve the case, will it just be another file stamped “CLOSED” in red and locked away in a drawer, or will the sparks that have been flying between the two finally ignite?

Download your freebook here:
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It's #FreeBookFriday Need some free reads? Mary Winter #RLFblog #FreeBookMary Winter
Erotic Romance
Trisha was excited that her boyfriend wanted to learn how to ride horses and share in her sport. When he fell off a month before regionals, everything changed. Now, Trisha needs to decide if she’s okay pursuing her equestrian passion solo, and let her work at 2 Hearts Rescue South be fulfilling, or if she needs a partner who loves riding as much as she does.
Jacob thought they were doing okay, each pursuing their own sport. He’s a gymnast, one with an Olympic hope. But once he gets a taste of riding, he knows he wants more. The question is to balance his professional aspirations with his personal one, and make sure that Trisha knows, she’s the woman he wants–forever. No training required.

Download your freebook here:
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Marrying Mr Wrong

It's #FreeBookFriday Need some free reads? Robin Michaela #RLFblog #FreeBookRobin Michaela
Sarah Burkes is too busy to date, much less marry. So when she wakes up with an incredibly sexy, naked man in her bed and a wedding ring on her finger, she knows it’s a Big Mistake. She went to Isla del Tesoro to be a bridesmaid, not a bride.
Ryder Evans is stunned to awaken with a beautiful new wife by his side. Especially since she’s a woman he doesn’t even remember. The last thing he recalls is being the best man at his brother’s wedding, yet this woman is wearing a wedding ring. And so is he.
No matter how attracted they are to each other, Sarah and Ryder know their marriage can’t last. As soon as they get back from the island, they’re getting a quick divorce.
But a week in paradise might change everything. It might just turn Mr. Wrong into Mr. Exactly Right.
This is a steamy romance novelette meant for readers 18+.
Download your freebook here:
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Master Me

It's #FreeBookFriday Need some free reads? Sayara St Clair #RLFblog #FreeBookSayara St Clair
Trixie Meier, a club submissive who’s tired of being pushed around, has decided she’d rather be on the other end of the whip. She’s set her sights on Xavier Adams—the most enigmatic and unapproachable man in the club. Xavier’s a regular Mr. Darcy. If Mr. Darcy was covered in tattoos, wore black leather, and was built like a Sherman tank.
Xavier has big secrets, and he keeps them behind an impenetrable wall of intimidation he employs to keep everyone at a healthy distance. Everyone but Trixie. The irrepressibly feisty sprite isn’t afraid to get all up in his face, in the worst and best ways. He’s convinced himself she’s far too sweet for the likes of him…just before he starts stalking her.
When he discovers Trixie doesn’t want to submit to him, but master him instead, Xavier’s sure it’s the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard. A big, scary guy like him, submitting to what has to be the tiniest Mistress known to BDSM kind? Ludicrous.
But Trixie packs a lot of woman in a small package. And Xavier’s about to learn sometimes the old adage is true—the bigger you are, the harder you fall.
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Endure, Illustrated Quotes of Pietas

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Illustrated Book
What does the most dangerous man in the galaxy have to say about enduring?
Known to other immortals as the Bringer of Chaos, Pietas is the most powerful of all the Ultras. This 7′ tall warrior has platinum hair and eyes the color of raw turquoise. His beauty is legendary. So is his prowess at war. A scientist, brilliant strategist, and passionate lover, this immortal understands the need to accept what life throws his way, to embrace change, and take destiny into his own hands.
Thirty beautifully illustrated quotes.
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Cover model for Endure: Nik Nitsvetov (courtesy of

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