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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Today’s featured book is Tell It Like It Is a Romantic Suspense by Stanalei Fletcher
When Northstar Security agent Justine Shelby is assigned to protect world-famous author Rosalee Kane, the last thing she wants is help from the author’s nephew, prickly but attractive FBI Special Agent Nelson Kane. Shelby is used to depending on herself and is content to work alone, but Rosalee and Kane make Shelby wish for something more. Of course, he may never forgive her if the assignment isn’t successful, and the threats are escalating.
Kane doesn’t trust Northstar Security, blaming them for his close brush with death. His first encounter with the deceptively innocuous agent doesn’t improve his attitude, but circumstances compel them to join forces. As things turn deadly and their every move is countered, Kane comes to depend on Shelby in a race against the clock to keep Rosalee alive. Shelby and Kane must uncover the deadly betrayal without dying first.
Genre Romantic Suspense
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13
Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Stanalei Fletcher Social Media

Stanalei’s love of writing romance stems from reading favorites such as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Barbara Cartland, and Alistair MacLean. She has over twenty years of training in the martial arts and holds the rank of Sandan, a third-degree black belt, in Aikido.

After a taste of life on both U.S. coasts, she now resides near the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range with her hero, who just happens to be her best friend and husband. Together they enjoy backcountry dirt trails on a RZR, visiting our National Parks, or exploring museums and ghost towns.
Amazon Author Page


Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Let’s play Is It True with today’s guest, Gabi Stevens, author of Mystic, an urban fantasy. This is a game with yes and no questions. Writers can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG 13

How could a good deed go so wrong?

Trask Sinclair enjoys his life as a famous author living in New York City. His greatest adventures come from the characters in his books. But after stepping in to protect a woman on the run—a woman with eyes that speak of hidden depth, intrigue, and loneliness—Trask is suddenly pulled into a world he never could have written.

Allys Joel sees the future when she touches someone. That’s why a Wall Street firm held her prisoner for sixteen months. Escaping with Trask’s help puts both their lives at risk. When conventional travel proves impossible, they must journey cross-country to get to the safety of the mysterious town of Mystic, Wyoming. As they fight for their lives, their freedom, and a possible budding romance, they must come face to face with the reality—and secrets—that may change their lives forever.

Is it true:

this is your first book?
Not true. Mystic is my fourteenth published book, but only the sixth under the name Gabi Stevens.
this book is part of a series?
True. This is the first of a planned series about the mysterious town of Mystic and its inhabitants.
you lost sleep while writing this book?
True. But then again, I’m a poor sleeper.
you did research for this book?
True. I spent time in a friend’s RV, which plays a role in the story. I contacted the Cheyenne Airport for information about flights, planes their airport could handle, and private jets. And I read extensively about goats, King Arthur legends, and animal communication. Try tying all those things together.
some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example)
Definitely! I don’t want to spoil anything, but creatures play a big role in this book.
this book has more than one genre?
True. It’s a little romance, a little humor, a little fantasy.
you speak more than one language?
True. In addition to English, I am fluent in Hungarian and German, and I studied Latin for many years.
you grew up where you live now?
Not true. I grew up in SoCal, went to boarding school in Colorado, college in New York, Germany, and California, and grad school in Illinois. Finally I ended up in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
you love to read?
True. I believe my day is wasted unless I have read something that day. It’s an addiction. If I run out of books, I’ve been known to read my husband’s engineering periodicals.
you are never late?
True. I am on time always. Can’t help it.
you love pizza?
Not true. While I eat pizza sometimes, I’d rather have a burger any day.
you love sushi?
True. I would eat sushi everyday if I could.
you have a pet?
True. Two dogs presently—a cockapoo and a boxer mix.

Where to buy Mystic

Barnes and Noble

Gabi Stevens Social Media



It’s #FreeBookFriday on RLFblog! Join us for a new collection of free reads and downloads each week. All genres and heat levels. Bookmark this site so you don’t miss a thing. This week’s featured author is Claire Gem.

Welcome to FreeBook Friday

Each week, you’ll find free books to download and read. Some are straight up giveaways, some KindleUnlimited, others are Kindle Select, and some are free with newsletter sign up. Always a mix of genres and heat levels. These free deals may be limited in time, so please be sure to check prices before clicking the final buy button.

When you sign up for a newsletter, you are signing up ONLY for that author’s newsletter, not a list of authors who will all then email you. You can unsubscribe at any time, however, please do not mark these emails as spam. When you sign up, you give your permission for the author to email you. Thank you, and enjoy the books!

Claire Gem: A Taming Season

New books to read on #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog @gemwriterContemporary Romance
Manhattan domestic violence counselor Zoe Anderson is going on the most important vacation of her life.
Before she can move on, help other women, Zoe needs to heal herself. She sets out for picturesque Lake George to claim the treasured family cottage she recently inherited. The place where she found happiness—before.
What she finds is a rundown shack.
The neighboring resort mogul, Jason Rolland, whisks in to her rescue, insisting Zoe stay at his upscale Lakeview Lodge. The wealthy, handsome playboy figures he’ll seduce her, then convince the her to give up the crumbling eye-sore next door. He’s been trying to buy the cabin—and demolish it—for years: the last reminder of his own tragic childhood.
What Jason doesn’t figure on is Zoe melting his emotional armor. But with his reputation, can he ever win her heart? Or will their pasts come back to bite them both?
Download your copy here:
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My Baby Wrote Me A Letter

Jacquie BiggarNew books to read on #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog @gemwriter
A family’s brush with the past will threaten the fabric of their lives.
Eight months pregnant and her Navy husband away on a mission, Grace Freeman craves the security of her childhood home in Canada.
When a letter written by her long-lost mother is found in an old writing desk it creates a tear in the fabric of her family.
Can Grace find a way to bring peace to those she loves, or will a message from the past destroy their future?
Download your copy here:
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Whole Lotta Love

New books to read on #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog @gemwriterLuanna Stewart
Lotta has a few days to get her bakery up and running, otherwise she’ll let down her best friend days before her wedding. But that means talking to an old high school crush, the cutest handyman in town. Baking bread and hanging out with her dog is much safer.
Mitch is high and dry with a broken leg so can’t help run the family fishing business. To keep from going stir crazy he straps on his tool belt – he can still pound a few nails. His customer is the shy girl from chemistry class, now a sensual woman with a sweet smile, though she still doesn’t say much. But what Mitch has in mind doesn’t involve a lot of talking.
While Lotta struggles to bake all the sweets, Mitch becomes interested in nibbling more than just her cookies.
Download your copy here:
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Seeking Catherine

Josie RivieraNew books to read on #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog @gemwriter
From USA Today bestselling author Josie Riviera comes the first heart-warming book in the Romany Gypsy Seeking Series.
Bargained away to a brothel, she is beyond hope, beyond rescue…but not beyond the reach of the one man who can save her.
He’s hurt her in the past. Can she trust her heart to him again?
During an age of chivalry they were sweethearts, planning a future together in England.
Headstrong and proud, Catherine Sudfield remembers everything about Stefan Boswell. And she loved him in spite of his poverty and lack of nobility. The restless Gypsy rogue’s powerful good looks and promises of love were more than enough to satisfy her youthful dreams.
But then Stefan left without a word, and Catherine’s uncle bargained her off to a brothel.
Sometimes, bonds between a man and a woman, however young, are meant to last a lifetime. But will it take more than a dose of Gypsy magic to chase away the doubts between two guarded lovers?
Download your copy here:
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Her Gilded Prison

Beverley Oakley
She was determined to secure the succession, he was in it for the pleasure. Falling in love was not part of the arrangement.
When dashing twenty-

New books to read on #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog @gemwriter

five-year-old Stephen Cranbourne arrives at the estate he will one day inherit, it’s expected he will make a match with his beautiful second cousin, Araminta.
But while proud, fiery


Araminta and her shy, plain sister, Hetty, parade their very different charms before him, it’s their mother, Sybil, a lonely


and discarded wife, who evokes first his sympathy and then stokes his lustful fires.
As Stephen introduces Sybil to every pleasure she’s been deprived of, duty and passion become a deep and mutual love. But with the unexpected arrival of a contender to the estate, Sybil realises that what she’s set in motion to save the family might have tragic consequences.
Her Gilded Prison is Book 1 in the Daughters of Sin series, a Regency-set ‘Dynasty’ that follows the sibling rivalry between Viscount Partington’s two nobly-born and his illegitimate daughters as they compete for love during a London Season. Her Gilded Prison can, however, be read as a stand-alone.
Download your copy here:
(Free for limited time on Amazon)

Endure, Illustrated Quotes of Pietas

New books to read on #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog @gemwriterKayelle Allen
Illustrated Book

What does the most dangerous man in the galaxy have to say about enduring?
Known to other immortals as the Bringer of Chaos, Pietas is the most powerful of all the Ultras. The 7′ tall warrior has platinum hair and eyes the color of raw turquoise. His beauty is legendary. So is his prowess at war.
A scientist, brilliant strategist, and passionate lover, this immortal understands the need to accept what life throws his way, embrace change, and take destiny into his own hands.
Thirty beautifully illustrated life affirming and insightful quotes, such as;

When a just king rules, the people applaud. When a tyrant rules, the people endure.

If you crave the stars you must endure darkness.

To look back with regret is to endure suffering twice.

plus twenty-seven more!

When you join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group, you’ll get Endure free plus 3 more exclusive books for members only.
Download your copy here:
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Cover model for Endure: Nik Nitsvetov (courtesy of

Bookmark this site and come back for more great books!


Bleeding Like Me by Riley Parks @writerileywrite #RLFblog #MM #romanceCompulsion, a post by Riley Parks
When I want to read a new story, I write one instead. I’m not sure if my compulsion to create new worlds, rather than to get lost in someone else’s is a blessing or a curse. There’s a release I get from writing that I’ve never been able to achieve when sitting down with a book. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy reading, I do, but not as much as I wish I could. I find it difficult to turn off my mind and let myself go.
Often, I recognize I’m considering how I’d approach the story, or tuning in on the author’s use of literary elements, not in a critical way, but as a study of the craft. It’s especially challenging when I read a novel that’s beautifully written. Regardless of how delicious the prose, I daydream about writing something so stunning, drawing inspiration from my fellow writer’s words. My fingers twitch to to type and I’m left abandoning the gorgeous work, at least for a while, to delve back into my own.
There are positive aspects of my obsession, the most apparent being, I’m a productive novelist. Writer’s block is a bitch who attempts to get in my way, but she rarely slows me down. The practice of writing so often allows me to perpetually remain in the zone. If I take a few days off, I feel I lose the rhythm of the work, therefore, I don’t stop.
I wrote Bleeding Like Me in forty-five days. The editing process took longer, but I was feverish in getting the story out. Completing it left me in a stupor, so I picked right up and started writing my next novel.
While I don’t think I’ll ever break pace, I do want to try to read more. Recently, I joined Goodreads and was awed by the number of books people take down in a year. I decided to make a goal: twenty-four books in twelve months. It’s a lofty ambition, but I feel good about giving it a try. Feel free to visit my Goodreads page to root me on, and I’ll cheer you on too.

Where to buy Bleeding Like Me

Genre M/M contemporary new adult romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R+
Being gay in their neighborhood is perilous. Being gay in a street gang is unheard of. Being gay and in love with a man in a rival gang is a death wish. Through drug addiction, brutality, and seemingly endless peril, they remain, finding stability within each other that shouldn’t exist in their volatile world.
Publisher Boroughs Publishing Group
Barnes and Noble


Riley Parks Social Media

Riley has always loved to write, believing that life has the possibility to be its most beautiful when it’s portrayed on the pages of a book. Feeling the need to create and liberate in the midst of the political landscape, Riley writes novels that focus on LGBTQ protagonists, wanting to honor a community that deserves better representation depicting lives, loves and triumphs in all facets of fiction.
Amazon Author Page


Tigress by Lilli Carlisle @LilliCarlisle #RLFblog #ParanormalWelcome, Lilli Carlisle to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.


Genre Paranormal Fantasy
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Caged her whole life, Raz escapes only to find herself caught in a tender trap created by the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack.
A Triad Family
If only Raz had kept running, she wouldn’t have wound up on wolf pack lands putting herself in double danger. A three-hundred pound Bengal tiger shifter, Raz had been caged for as long as she can remember; tortured, beaten and used for sport. Finally, she’s escaped, but the hunters are hot on her heels, and she’s racing against time. When she heard the wolf pups’ cries, Raz couldn’t help herself; she went to their rescue even knowing that her trespass could mean her life. Now she’s wedged between the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack, and they’re insisting she’s their True Mate.

Where to buy Tigress

Publisher Boroughs Publishing Group
Barnes and Noble

Lilli Carlisle Social Media

Lilli Carlisle lives outside Toronto, Canada. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter, Toronto Romance Writers. Lilli is a mother of two wonderful girls, wife to an amazing man, and servant to the pets in her life. Lilli writes both contemporary and paranormal romance and believes love should be celebrated and shared. After all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue and passion in their lives.
Amazon Author Page


Kalkin by TL Reeve, Michele Ryan @tl_reeve @MRyan_Author #RLFblog #ParanormalWelcome TL Reeve to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.


Genre Paranormal Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Keeley Blueriver is not doing a very good job hiding out. After being viciously attacked, she and her sister Danielle pack up and move across the country to Window Rock, Arizona. But Simon found them before, and he’ll do it again. How and when are the only questions.
Kalkin Raferty, Alpha of the Raferty pack, has spent his life protecting his family and pack from outside threats. He believes his time for finding a mate has passed. Who would want an old Alpha wolf?
A chance meeting puts Kalkin face to face with his destiny and now he can’t get the blonde-haired, hazel-eyed woman out of his mind. His wolf is poised to claim her, but with danger lurking around every corner, is he willing to risk everything to have her?
Why did you write this book?
This book has been something Michele and I have wanted to do for six years. We can tell you their whole life stories without even batting an eye. We were lucky to get Stuart Reardon as our cover model and it just seemed to take off from there. We’re super excited. This has been an amazing trip from concept to seeing the book complete.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I have so many. I think Paranormal with any sub-genre thrown in, and the more the merrier.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
That’s a good question…I think Callan from Lora Leigh’s Breeds series.
What are you working on at the moment?
Caden Book 2 in our Apache County Shifters, also The Copper Spyglass Nursery and The Wolf’s Pewter Priestess, plus something super-secret!
What books will we see from you in coming months?
Caden, The Copper Spyglass Nursery, The Wolf’s Pewter Priestess, Midnight, Silence Isn’t Golden, Bearing It All, and a few others!

Where to buy Kalkin

Barnes and Noble

TL Reeve Social Media

TL Reeve, a bestselling, multi-published author was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in Alabama, TL misses Los Angeles, and will one-day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.
Amazon Author Page
Facebook Group


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