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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Undeniable Love by Susan V Vaughn @susanvaughn1124 #RLFblog #contemporary #romanceToday’s featured book is Undeniable Love, a contemporary romance by Susan V Vaughn.

Shane Reed won’t be swayed by love. He’s a city boy with a passion for tattoos and melting women’s hearts. Until he finds his bachelor status threatened by a beautiful news reporter he just can’t seem to forget.

Josie Brooks won’t let anything get in her way. She’s in Chicago to make her weather correspondent dreams come true. But when a dashing stranger comes crashing into her life, can she really ignore her heart’s desire to save her career?

When two paths entangle…resolves can be broken, hearts can be stolen, and a love can become undeniable.

Undeniable Love’s Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Publisher Inkspell Publishing

Susan V Vaughn Social Media

Romance Author Susan V Vaughn understood the meaning of sarcasm before she could walk. Her childhood in the suburbs of Detroit was spent mainly trying to outwit her six creative siblings. When she wasn’t working on the next soul crushing jab, she sharpened her imagination on romantic literature and day dreamed about her knight in shining armor.

It didn’t take long for this hairdresser by trade to turn her passion for reading romances into writing her own unique love stories. Susan lives her life finding laughter in all situations, and delights in marrying sarcasm with romance to create realistic falling-in-love stories in the unlikeliest of scenarios.

Susan lives on the shores of Lake Huron with her real life knight in shining armor and enjoys watching their three children learn the art of sarcasm and wit.

Amazon Author Page

Proud Mary by Liza O'Connor @Liza0Connor #RLFblog #Contemporary SuspenseToday’s featured book is Proud Mary, a Contemporary Suspense by Liza O’Connor.

Mary Mason may have lost her job and reputation, but she has too much pride to allow vengeful women and their manipulative husbands to destroy her life and steal her new born babies. Unfortunately, pride alone isn’t going to save her.

When Captain Chad Danton answers a call about a prostitute soliciting at the local library, he discovers a determined woman in desperate need of medical care. Upon hearing Mary’s story, he resolves to help her, not realizing her enemies will join those who wish to destroy his career.

Genre Contemporary Suspense
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
Publisher New Authors Online

Liza O’Connor Social Media

Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.

Novels by Liza
Facebook Author Page
Multiverse Blog


Stealing Blue by DP Denman @dpdenman #RLFblog #GayRomanceToday’s featured book is Stealing Blue, a Gay Romance by DP Denman.

All is fair in love and war. Let the battle begin!

From award-winning author, D.P. Denman comes the continuing story of Brady and Blue! A hot new rock star shows up in Vancouver, and Blue Atkins’ career turns out to be more explosive than anyone imagined. His first shot at producing traps him between the kid determined to have him and the boyfriend determined to blame him.

The young singer’s desperate antics crank up Brady’s jealousy and drive Blue out of both their lives into new opportunities and the arms of another man. Read this exciting new installment in the Blue Series and find out if Brady can bring him home before he loses Blue to a sparkling new life in Los Angeles.

Genre Contemporary Gay Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Publisher North Shore Press
Barnes and Noble

DP Denman Social Media

Award-winning author DP Denman writes addictive, character-driven contemporary gay romance from a soggy neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest. Her stories are real and intense, guaranteed to pull you in and hold you hostage to the last word.

In her spare time, she is an LGBTQIA rights activist and 25% of the royalties from every book go to support LGBT charities.

Amazon Author Page

Four ways to Spot a Witch by Kryssie Fortune @KryssieFortune #RLFblog #urbanfantasyKryssie Fortune shares four ways to spot a witch.

1. Is the witch female?

Women are easily tempted to sin. Remember Eve and that damn apple? It taunted her from the tree branch while poor, innocent Adam ignored it. Historically, women were seen as morally week. Making a pact with the devil opened up a women’s wildest fantasies. Sometime, when struggling as an uneducated peasant, those fantasies were all she had.

Forget science and facts. Although… Okay, witches and flying go together. Ever wondered why? Most bread in the middle ages was rye bread, but that goes moldy fast. That mold’s interesting. It’s called Ergot. Too much is lethal. Smaller amounts are hallucinogenic and can give the illusion of flying. Most witch suspects were healers or herbalists, and they’d include Ergot in their potions. Rub that potion on your broomstick and straddle it, pre-flight. Middle ages remember. No underwear. Their bare genitals absorbed the potion, making them writhe and contort as it sent orgasm speeding though their body. Afterwards, they would think they’d been flying

2. Does the witch have a pet?

Don’t ever be lonely enough to take in a stray cat or dog, no matter how many purrs or puppy-dog eyes they give you. Witch hunters will claim the Devil sent the pet to her. Some believe the creature can shape shift. Historically witch hunters were warned to be on guard for small snakes, birds, cats, rats, dogs, and griffins. It makes you wonder how many griffins they found.

Pets or familiars didn’t only belong to women. During the English Civil war, Prince Rupert of the Rhine commanded the Cavaliers’ cavalry. By the age of 23, he was an experienced soldier, and everywhere he went, he took his huge white poodle, Boy, with him.

Parliamentarians thought the dog was Prince Rupert’s familiar, or even the Devil in disguise. They even claimed the dog could catch bullets in its mouth. Boy held the rank of Sergeant-major-general. After the cavaliers lost the Battle of Marston Moor, parliamentarians shot Boy, some say with a silver bullet. So, devil’s familiar? Werewolf? Or just a well- loved dog? You decide.

3. Does the witch have a wart?

Women breastfeed babies. Since I can’t find a reference to a female witch catcher, I assume they were male. Men are fascinated with women’s breasts, right? So, if the poor suspect had a third teat somewhere on her body, then that was a secret place for her familiar to suckle. Clearly men are terrified of women, why else would they need a panel of expert females to help find the hidden wart. Or maybe the men didn’t mind looking at the women’s breasts but not at her more private places.

4. Is the witch annoying?

What? Who decides this one? Does she get drunk and dance naked around the village? Some might call that local color. Does she come begging at the manor door? Surely powerful men had a duty to help the poor. Perhaps, if they were powerful, they were also greedy. What better way to not give alms than to out the poor beggar woman as a witch.

Why my interest in witches? Easy, the Tempest, the heroine in my book, Claimed by the Vampire, Seduced by the Werewolf is one. Since she’s scared to touch her powers, she’s not a very good one, but then there’s the exploding cauldron to consider. Or the time an injured vampire crash landed on her carpet. Or the way her demon death spell bounced off a cluster of spider demons. All things considered, she’s probably best leaving her magic alone.

Kryssie Fortune’s Claimed by the Vampire, Seduced by the Werewolf

After seven centuries, Elias, a former Spartan turned vampire, finds his eternal bride.

Seth, Elias’s werewolf half-brother, scents his mate.

Vampire and werewolf loathe each other. The only thing they agree on is that Tempest is their mate–and they’re not sharing.

A prophecy will force Tempest, a twenty-first-century witch, to choose between them. As the half-brothers vie to win her heart, they teach her about spanking, the way pain heightens pleasure, and the joy of multiple orgasms.

A vampire can’t survive without his fated bride. A werewolf dies if he loses his mate. Their future rests in Tempest’s hands. Which one will she choose?

Note: While loosely linked to the Scattered Siblings series, this book may be read as a standalone story.

Where can we find your book online?

Barnes and Noble

Kryssie Fortune Social Media

Kryssie Fortune writes the sort of hot sexy books she loves to read. If she can sneak a dragon into her paranormal books she will. Her paranormal heroes are muscular werewolves, arrogant Fae, or BDSM loving dragons.

Kryssie likes her contemporary heroes ex-military and dominant. Her heroines are kick ass females who can hold their own against whatever life – or Kryssie – throws at them.

Kryssie’s pet hates are unhappy endings, and a series that end on a cliff hanger.

Her books are all stand-alone even when part of series. Plot always comes before sex, but when her heroines and heroes get together, the sex is explosive and explicit. One review called it downright sensual.

Amazon Author Page

Stressing Orol from Dark Flight @CynthiaSax #RLFblog #SciFi #RomanceToday we’re reading about Orol from Dark Flight by Cynthia Sax. Tell us about your book.

His mission. His challenge. His forever.

Orol, the Refuge’s second-in-command, has been given what he believes is a simple mission—escort two human females to the settlement. The winged warrior arrives at the meeting site to find one of the females missing and the other aiming a gun at his head. To rescue the first, he must capture the second. Once he has Rhea in his talons, however, he realizes he never wants to let her go.

Her enemy. Her captor. Her everything.

Rhea doesn’t trust anyone. She certainly doesn’t follow commands issued by a gorgeous flying male with glittering eyes, a beautiful face, and a seductive touch. Orol is dominant, edged with darkness, and determined to find her sister. Rhea will do anything to prevent that, even if it means playing sensual games of submission with her powerful enemy, seducing him into forgetting everything except her.

Dark Flight is a stand-alone Sci Fi Romance set in a gritty, dark world.

Stressing Orol

Every hero has a story. He has a background, a history, and a past. This interview allows us to meet a hero and get to know him better, by focusing on how he handles being relaxed, as well as how he handles stress.

Age: Many, MANY human lifespans
Birthplace: In a Humanoid Alliance laboratory
Profession: Genetically designed to kill
Ethnicity: Half Human, Half Oberon Flying Death
Species (for scifi/fantasy characters): Modified Humanoid

The Hero’s Relaxed Side

This hero is at a party. Considering his story, describe the party.
Orol is surrounded by the top warriors in the universe. There’s a melee. The last being standing wins. They’re given their choice of any blade. Orol chooses to use his talons.
How does the hero feel about being this particular party, and what body language is he displaying that gives it away?
Orol LOVES to fight and is excited to be at this party. His talons are extended. His wings are spread. He will keep his feet on the floor to give the other party-goers a chance.
Is he more likely to mingle or remain aloof?
He searches out beings to fight, giving each of them a rough time before engaging.
If he drinks, what is his drink of choice at this party?
He seldom drinks and never when he’s fighting.
How much drink is his usual?
During breaks,he sips any beverage he’s given, taunting other party-goers.
The hero figures out where the hiding places are and then goes there. Is it to hide, to avoid someone, or to go drag a friend back to the party?
Orol goes there to avoid Scales, a friend of his. He has agreed to never fight him.
Is he likely to latch onto a friend and stay with him/her and ignore others, or is he the friend that others latch onto?
He prefers to fight alone but will compete with friends for the most kills.
If someone picked a fight at this party, how is the hero going to handle it?
This party is one big fight and Orol is right in the middle of it.
Is the hero the one most likely to get tossed out of the party, or the one who does the tossing?
He’s not leaving until he wants to leave and he won’t want to leave until all of the fighting is done.
Will he know when to leave, or stay late and make a nuisance of himself?
When the fighting is done, he’s leaving.

The Hero’s Stressed Out Side

How does the hero handle it if the cops or some other authority figure pulls him aside when he was blameless in a situation?
Orol will make a joke and walk away.
How does the hero react to hearing a scream?
Orol will fly to investigate.
If he sees someone being assaulted, what is the FIRST thing that crosses his mind?
If he sees someone being assaulted, what is the FIRST thing he does?
Stand between the abuser and his victim, using his body to shield the victim.
This hero attempts to rescue someone and realizes that he is in over his head. The odds are against him and there is no way out. He is going to get his butt handed to him. What does he do?
Orol calls Balvan or one of his other brethren for help. If help doesn’t come, well, he’s a warrior. All warriors eventually die in battle. He has accepted that.
The hero runs into the one person from his past he wanted to avoid. He can’t get out of the situation and must interact with him/her in some way. What does he do?
He makes jokes and acts as though there was never any conflict between them.
Someone younger than the hero is in charge of the situation, and they are handling it badly, perhaps bungling things. How does the hero deal with it?
As long as the situation won’t kill anyone, he lets the being bungle things. Sometimes you need to fall on your a$$ to learn how to stand on your feet.
The hero is in physical pain but must bear up under it and keep going. What does he tell himself in order to get through the situation?
He has been through worse…. And, unfortunately, he has.
What mentor’s words come to mind in a bad situation?
Kralj is the closest Orol has to a mentor.
What lesson from his past gets him through a stressful situation?
Every situation is survivable.

Where can we find your book online?

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Genre: SciFi Romance
Publisher: Indie
Barnes and Noble

Cynthia Sax Social Media

USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Sax writes contemporary, SciFi and paranormal erotic romances. Her stories have been featured in Star Magazine, Real Time With Bill Maher, and numerous best of erotic romance top ten lists. Sign up for her dirty-joke-filled release day newsletter and visit her on the web at

Amazon Author Page

More Beginnings by Iris Blobel @_iris_ b #RLFblog #RomanceWelcome Iris Blobel author of More Beginnings, a new Contemporary Romance.

Why did you write this book?

More Beginnings is the second book in the Beginnings series. A few years ago, I travelled to Hobart in Tasmania and instantly fell in love with the city. Despite Hobart being a capital, it is small compared to other major cities in Australia, so I thought about characters moving from Sydney. It snow balled from there: the first book New Beginnings tells the story about Sophie and Mia Levesque’s move and their new start. I loved the characters, so Sophie’s neighbour, Zach, was given his own story as well.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I like a good mystery or crime story. After all these years, I still love the Jack Reacher stories by Lee Child.

Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?

I’d say Jack Reacher. But there’s also Jax and Sawyer from Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series. And I looooove Ivan from “If You Could See Me Now” by Cecelia Ahern

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently polishing the last Beginnings book “Fresh Beginnings” for re-release. At the same time I’m adding the final touch of a book which is mainly set in New Zealand – something different for me, and I cannot wait for it to be released.

What books will we see from you in coming months?

I have to be really patient and take it one step after the other. As mentioned before, I’m hoping to re-release “Fresh Beginnings”, release my NZ story, and finish my “Fermosa Bay” trilogy. Exciting times ahead!

Please tell us about your latest book.

Genre Contemporary Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Zach Taylor, an escort in Sydney, living in Hobart, enlists the help of Natasha Peterson when his teenage friend, Mia, runs away. He soon finds out that the ‘dragon’ is really more of a kitten. And although Natasha, Mia’s teacher, is attracted to him as well, she has her own problems to deal with, not to mention her initial reaction to Zach’s occupation.

Will Zach’s job keep him from a chance to be with Natasha?

Life is good for teenager Mia Levesque. But when Darren Schuster shows up in Hobart, she knows something is up once Sophie and Mark cut their weekend away short and rush home in the middle of the night. When Sophie won’t answer Mia’s questions, emotions run high, and Zach confirms Darren’s identity to Mia. Disappointed, angry, and feeling alone, Mia runs away.

Will life settle back into a routine for Mia once she finds out about the stranger in her life?

Publisher Iris Blobel
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon AU:

Iris Blobel Social Media

Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she met her husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only emerged recently, but now her laptop is a constant companion.

Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her two beautiful daughters.

Next to her job at a private school, she also presents a German Program at the local Community Radio.

Amazon Author Page

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