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Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Romance Lives Forever blog moves from Blogspot to
Wordpress May 17, 2017. If you hate moving as much as I do, you’ll be happy to
know all the heavy lifting will be done by professionals. Your part will be to
grab a favorite drink, sit back, take it easy, and come read the posts in beautiful
new surroundings.
Once the move completes, all posts currently on the Blogspot
version of Romance Lives Forever will appear on the new site also. On the Blogspot
site, a note at the top will redirect readers to the new WordPress location. Links
on original posts will remain active, and all posts will remain on the Blogspot
old blog while also appearing on the WordPress blog.
We’ll still use the hashtag #RLFblog.
Want a sneak peek of the new blog?
The headline will say, “Discover authors and books with
Kayelle Allen. Visit Romance Lives Forever for a great read in multiple genres
every day.”
I’ll keep you posted about any changes coming in addition. I look forward to sharing with you in the New Year.
Kayelle Allen
Owner, Romance Lives Forever

Today’s blog is a special one. Well at least to me anyway. Partially because I’m breaking the rules and typing this very late at night – being super stealthy – in an attempt to surprise Romance Live’s Forever’s blog owner, Kayelle Allen. But, mostly because after about two years of being Kayelle’s blog administrator, I wanted to say thank you to her in a way that she’ll be forced to hear. Because Kayelle is a quiet lady who doesn’t bask in the limelight of all her fantastic efforts. You see, she does a LOT for the Romance community. In fact, she probably does more than most may even realize. Aside from being an awesomely talented author, an amazingly kind woman, and a Veteran of the United States Military, she is also the founder of the widely known Marketing for Romance Writers aka MFRW.

If you do not know Kayelle, please crawl out from under that rock you must have been lying under (kidding) and consider checking out her books, befriending her on her social networks or joining in the MFRW groups. I promise you’ll make some great connections and meet some awesome people!

I hope after reading this post Kayelle doesn’t throw too many things at me. But, the surprise – and hopefully smile – on her face, will make it all worth it!


About Kayelle

Kayelle Allen is a best selling American author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.

Kayelle’s Social Media links

Romance Lives Forever Reader Group
Amazon Author Page

The Author’s Secret

How MFRW began…

Kayelle Allen here. Back in 2006, I was a busy author with four books. I was promoting,

learning more about promoting, and asking friends about promoting. All the ins and outs of book marketing were starting to gel and I felt like I was beginning to understand the overall concept. That said, I had a constant list of questions. Facebook was two years old. Twitter had been founded that year. Pinterest and Instagram were four years away. I had friends who had similar questions, and we would email each other and ask. Often, I’d get the same question several times in a row. I found myself going back to my “sent” file to copy an answer and resend it. Not that I wasn’t asking questions myself, but I think because I’d take the time to go find an answer if someone asked something I didn’t know – I started getting more and more questions.

It was Halloween, and I was busy with all sorts of details of writing, and I got the same question from two different people. I remember thinking that there had to be an easier way to handle this. I needed a way to let everyone know what I’d discovered at the same time, and if I had a question, get an answer from someone who knew. Yahoo Groups was established and well-used, so I decided to create one that all of my friends and I could use together. We could post a question there, and anyone who knew the answer could reply.
I set it up as Marketing for Romance Writers because that’s what all of us were at the time. Looking back, I’ve often wished I’d named it Marketing for Every Writer. Of course, then the initials would have been MEW vs MFRW and our symbol might have been a black cat!
Then, we had 12 members. Ten years later, there are 2420 there now, plus 6230 on Facebook, 3411  on Twitter, and 1400+ on Pinterest with 71 boards and over 1000 pins.

About MFRW

Marketing for Romance Writers is a peer-oriented mentoring group open to the entire literary community. Ask your marketing-related questions, or request help, advice, or opinions. You can learn how to create a professional image and use it effectively, as well as ask for opportunities to join other authors in promotional efforts. You can learn the business aspects of writing.
News about pitch sessions and calls for submission are posted on the Yahoo group. As a member, you can attend exclusive, member-only pitch events with publishers. Members can attend free, online workshops and seminars.
Marketing for Romance Writers promotes for its members on most social media. Get your book cover pinned on one of the MFRW Pinterest boards, and show off your cover models. Share your tweets with the MFRW street team and get them shared on Twitter. The hashtags #MFRWorg #MFRWauthor and #MFRWhop promote for you. You can get interviewed on BlogTalkRadio. Link your blog to a community hop via a unique software “ribbon” with exciting themes, and draw readers to your site.

Find and Join MFRW

Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo Group
Marketing for Romance Writers Website
Marketing for Romance Writers News page
Marketing for Romance Writers Promo page

Free Promotion for MFRW Members

Follow us – we follow back.

MFRW Volunteer Staff

Button is sized for blogs

Kayelle Allen, Founder

Emerald, Facebook Coordinator and Editor
Mona Karel, Moderator, Blog Hop Coordinator
Paloma Beck, Blog Director
Rochelle Weber, Newsletter Publisher
Barbara Donlon Bradley, Newsletter Editor
Michelle Davis, Newsletter Editor
Libby McKinmer, Newsletter Editor
Mari Anne Christie, Newsletter Editor
Reet Singh, Goodreads Coordinator
Zeenat Mahal, Goodreads Coordinator
Tina Gayle, Twitter Promo Coordinator
Carmen Stefanescu, Blog Coordinator
If you have questions about marketing your books, or you want to share an opportunity such as being a guest on your blog, join us. It’s okay to ask for guest spots too. The MFRW motto is “seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” Services and membership are free. Are you part of the Marketing for Romance Writers success story? Please share in the comments.

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces the story.

About Shannyn Schroeder

Shannyn is the author of the O’Leary series, contemporary romances centered around a large Irish-American family in Chicago and the Hot and Nerdy series about 3 nerdy friends finding love. Her new For Your Love series (For Your Love) released last summer with the first title Under Your Skin. When she’s not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and loves to bake cookies.

Interview with Shannyn Schroeder

Why did you write this book?
In Your Arms is the second in my For Your Love series. The series follows the O’Malley siblings as they fall in love. Sean was a lot of fun to write because he’s such an easygoing kind of guy. I was looking forward to writing about him from the first time I introduced him in another series (The O’Learys).
What is your favorite genre to read?
Contemporary romance. I know a lot of authors who don’t read in the genre they write, but not me. Give me all the good contemporary romances.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
Roarke from JD Robb’s In Death series is probably my favorite hero of all time.
What are you working on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
The third book in the For Your Love series – Through Your Eyes – will release on May 28, 2017.
Right now, I’m drafting the last of the O’Malley books (For Your Love series). This will be Kevin’s story and it’s a second chance romance with the one who got away. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it will be out sometime in early 2018.
Please tell us about your latest book.
A Knight in Shining Leather
Sean O’Malley has never tried to hide who he is. He shows it in the motorcycle thrumming between the legs of his tight jeans, the shaggy hair that falls in his gorgeous eyes, the wicked gleam in his smile when he asks Emma out for a drink. Sean is a rebel, a bad boy, and a ton of fun: exactly the kind of guy she’s sworn off forever.
Emma isn’t just the prim kindergarten teacher she appears to be. And somehow Sean can tell. As soon as he pulls up to her overheated car he knows that a fast bike and a cold beer will fix her rotten day better than compliments or a bubble bath. Her straitlaced exterior and her wild heart light him up. But Emma wants to escape her past and settle down—and if her desk jockey dates don’t understand where she comes from, at least she doesn’t worry about them bringing her back.
One weekend of intense connection can’t change the paths Sean and Emma have chosen. But with a little space to be themselves together, maybe the rest of the world can wait.
Meet Livia Quinn, author of awesome military and Aussie
Livia is a DC native who’s lived on the bayou in Louisiana
for thirty years. After experiencing weather disasters in the South, it was
only natural that they would play a part in her Storm Lake world, a place where
supernaturals and mere-mortals co-exist (but on different ends of the lake.
That’s one of the rules. Never let the mortals see you use your magic.)

About Undone (A Sexy Romantic Adventure)

Genre Contemporary Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
When Aussie gem hunter Cass McKay appears unexpectedly on
Elektra’s design shop doorway, her reasons for sending him away a year ago
suddenly seem…complicated, their passion for each other and the secret, intricately
One year ago on the eve of Carnival, Elektra broke their
engagement after the “Blood” opal was stolen. No one steals from
Cass, especially not when it cost him the woman he loved.
Elektra’s reason for breaking their engagement has now come
back to bite her. Cass intends to return to Brazil, putting himself in danger
to retrieve her opal, in hopes that Elektra will give their relationship
another chance.
Staying out of Cass’ bed isn’t an option if she’s going to
keep him safe, but coming clean might make things worse. Elektra is walking a
tightrope between desire and deceit, and the truth will endanger not only their
love, but their lives.

Buy Undone

Publisher Campbell Hill Publishing
Amazon Link
Barnes and Noble
CreateSpace (Print)

About Merry Christmas, Baby

Genre Military Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
It’s a Christmas weekend full of love and Larue social media
is a twitter at the return of their hometown movie star, Ducane Beauregard
Larue, and a visit by Raptors quarterback, Gino Manelli, at the only place to
celebrate Christmas Eve—the Romanos’. Catch up with the characters from Larue
and Thunder Point, and as a bonus get a peek at upcoming characters.
Beau hates Christmas. It reminds him of what he can’t have.
He’s been avoiding homecomings, and the biggest reason is unavoidable this
Christmas – Madison Hart, who has loved Beau for most of her adult life.
Whenever rumors surface about him returning home, Madison hyperventilates at
the prospect of seeing him again.
Samantha Larue’s baby is overdue and everyone is hovering
including Jed, who ended their relationship last summer because kids weren’t
“in his future”. But this one is in his present.
Bad guys don’t scare Delilah Burke but Luc’s mother and five
sisters have her stalling on setting a date to marry the man she loves.
Nothing could make Buffy Romano happier than delivering a
few surprises and helping the people she loves find love. Then, a Christmas Eve
miracle confirms what she already knows – that with a little nudge, all her
loved ones’ happily-ever-afters will happen in the not so distant future.

Buy Merry Christmas, Baby

Livia Quinn’s Social Media

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces the story.
About the Author
Ever since she wrote a play in fourth grade about the Loch Ness Monster–from the monster’s point of view, Patricia’s been fascinated with telling stories. This has proven helpful at family gatherings since she comes from a very long line of natural born story-tellers.
She’s been to the top of the world and seen the lowest moments when she worked as a pediatric and adult trauma nurse. Before her medical experience, she worked as a bartender, waitress, and prep cook. Add in her jobs as a bill collector, secretary, video store clerk, and checker at a hardware store and the characters for her stories are endless. She’s met movie celebrities, music legends, sports heroes, and fantastic writers. Been under the sea, floated in the sky, sang the National Anthem at major league sporting events, acted a bit, and played some good music on her drums and guitar. And during all that time, she tucked all those adventures and moments in her head to write about it all one day. 

Interview with Patricia Fischer

Why did you write this book? I wanted to give a voice to adoption, especially family adoptions and the chaos and joy that can come from it. That you can have a second chance at mistakes made as a teen, that the world doesn’t end.
And that sometimes the worst things that happen to you might be the beginnings of the most amazing things in your life.
What is your favorite genre to read? It truly depends on the day. I’m up to read just about anything, but for sure I love romance no matter what genre.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)? I love Douglas Montgomery from A Knight In Shining Armor. That book helped me realize when I was in that ugly relationship, I could leave and be okay. One of the best moments of my life was to get to tell Jude Devereux, the author, that the book helped me when I really needed it. I had it all planned out, what to say and when I stood in front of her, I began crying so hard I’m not sure if she understood me at all, but she smiled and nodded and hugged me.
What are you working on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
In January, I’ll have book 5 from the Tuscany Series called To Heal a Wounded Heart.
In February, I’ve got my second book of my Weighting series with Soulmate Publishing. It’s the follow up to the book I wrote a couple of years ago. It answers a lot of questions that I’m so glad I can finally discuss.
In April, I’ll have a new book for Tule Publication about First Responders and a bit of calendar posing. So spicy!
Please tell us about your latest book.
Responsible Joseph Davis just got dumped…at the altar. With his heart shattered, he decides the best way to heal is a one night stand and the cute brunette he just befriended will do just fine. Especially, when she offers him a deal he can’t refuse. 
One night. Just sex. No names.
Against his good-guy nature, he agrees except something about her makes him realize, they’ve met before. 
As a pregnant teen, Stephane Stratford stayed in the Pathways Foster Home and gave her daughter up for adoption. During her time there, she had a brief conversation with a young chestnut haired hunk with the cute dimples. He treated her with such kindness, she’s always compared every other suitor against him and all have failed miserably to measure up.
When she unexpectedly has to return to Tuscany to care for her now, teenage daughter, Stephanie wants one last fling before having to take on the permanent role of mother. This hot cowboy couldn’t be a better choice, but their rendez-vous ends too quickly and when they say their good-byes, Stephanie is confident she’ll never see him again…until she finds him standing in her sister’s kitchen. 
Joseph can’t believe it. The beautiful brunette that’s given him more erotic dreams than he cares to admit, is related to a long-time friend. 
As drawn as he is to her, does he take a chance in trying romance again?
With their attraction growing, Stephanie finally realizes that cute boy with dimples from long ago has grown to be one amazing looking man and the keeper of her biggest secret. Should she admit it all and face the fallout? Risk losing the only things she holds dear? Can Joseph work through his broken-heart and learn to trust again?
Things are about to get hotter in Tuscany.

About the Book

Title Amazed by You
Genre: Contemporary
Author : Patricia W. Fischer
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Buy This Book

Publisher: Kindle

Author Social Media

Today’s featured book is Write Dirty to Me by MM Mayfield.
About the Book
Title Write Dirty to Me
Genre Light erotica/romance
Author MM Mayfield
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Julie, a college English professor, writes erotica novels she can’t claim without putting her job in jeopardy. Gray, a retired military officer, has become a New Times best selling author of military action-adventure thrillers. When they meet at their twenty-fifth high school reunion the raging hormones they didn’t feel at seventeen explode and she feels things she only wrote about before Gray. He wants to see her again, so he arranges a book signing in the town where she teachers. He even gets an offer to teach a course at her university. She had proposed that course because she wanted to teach it. Gray makes Julie want to be one of her adventurous heroines. What will happen when she learns he’s a successful author? What will happen when he learns she writes erotica?
Buy This Book
Publisher Gilded Dragonfly Books
About the Author
About M.M.Mayfield/AKA Mary Marvella
M.M. Mayfield has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember.  She made up stories for the other children and created the details for their “play like” or “let’s pretend” games. Sometimes the details were so real they scared Mary.
Mary was born in Augusta, Georgia to two eighteen-year olds. Her daddy, a young Mississippi man, was stationed at Camp Gordon and fell in love with a young girl selling flowers.  Look for details in her blogs.
Mary graduated from Mercer University where her mama worked in the library. Her mama started working there when Mary’s daddy went to college to become a preacher and a teacher. Mary taught language arts for 15 years, perfect for her BA in English.  Her M.Ed in Counseling served her well during her years as a school counselor and as a teacher later.
Now she tutors, teaches writers, and edits. Her inner English teacher loves the editing part. Mary helped her husband photograph hundreds of weddings.
Author Social Media
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