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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Marketing for Romance Writers is a peer-oriented mentoring group
open to the entire literary community. Ask your marketing-related questions, or
request help, advice, or opinions. You can learn how to create a professional image
and use it effectively, as well as ask for opportunities to join other authors in
promotional efforts. You can learn the business aspects of writing. News about pitch sessions and calls for submission are posted
on the Yahoo group. As a member, you can attend exclusive, member-only pitch events
with publishers. Members can attend free, online workshops and seminars.
Marketing for Romance Writers promotes for its members on most
social media. Get your book cover pinned on one of the MFRW Pinterest boards, and
show off your cover models. The hashtags #MFRWorg #MFRWauthor and #MFRWhop promote
for you. You can get interviewed on BlogTalkRadio. Link your blog to a community
hop via a unique software “ribbon” with exciting themes, and draw readers
to your site. Feature your book in our award-winning newsletter.
If you have questions about marketing your books, join us. The
MFRW motto is “seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” Services and membership
are free.
MFRW was founded October 31, 2006 by Kayelle Allen, who heads
the group to this day, guiding its direction and overseeing the numerous volunteer
staff members that help it run.

MFRW Staff Volunteers

Barbara Donlon Bradley
Catrina Burton
Jeanne Barrack
Mari A Christie
Mona Karel
Nicole Morgan
Paloma Beck
Rebekah R Ganiere
Rochelle Weber
Tina Gayle
Former staff
Jeannie Lin
Karen Coté
Kasey Lane
Kristyn Phipps
Lisa Edwards
RJ Garside
Sarah Cass

Member Benefits

Marketing for Romance Writers online

Where to sign up for promo:
Follow us. We follow back!
#MFRWauthor #MFRWorg #MFRWhooks #MFRWhop (FYI #MFRW = Maryland Federal Republican
Women) so be sure to add org, author, hooks, hop, etc. to help us find your tweets
We’re also found here:
Pin your books on our boards
(even if you’re not on Pinterest)
Our members blog and
promote here:
MFRW Marketing Blog
…soon to be adding a learning blog in WordPress
MFRW Bloghop Start Page
MFRW Bloghoppers (Author workgroup)

Founding members

Amanda Young, Barbara Karmazin, Dee S Knight, Janet Elizabeth
Jones, Kayelle Allen, Laura Baumbach, Lisa Andel, Rae Monet, Sheila Eskew, Shelley
Munro, Sienna Black, Tina Holland

About the Author

Kayelle Allen is the founder of Marketing for Romance
Writers. She is a multi-published,
award-winning author, owner of The Author’s Secret, an author support
company, and the blog Romance Lives Forever. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary
characters, futuristic immortals,
covert agents, and warriors who purr.
Unstoppable heroes, Uncompromising love, Unforgettable passion Mobile
Lord Grayson’s Bride 
Meet author Tarah Scott, historical romance author. This award
winner cut her teeth on authors such as Georgette Heyer, Zane Grey, and Amanda Quick.
Her favorite book is a Tale of Two Cities, with Gone With the Wind as a close second.
She writes modern classical romance, and paranormal and romantic suspense. Tarah
grew up in Texas and currently resides in Westchester County, New York with her

Lord Grayson’s Bride

A Scrolls of Cridhe novella
She can’t allow his love for her to destroy him…
When Nicholas Spencer, Earl of Grayson, returns to claim the
woman he loves, Lady Josephine Knightly isn’t willing to forgive him for abandoning
her six years ago. But neither can she resist the man he’s become.
Two days after Josephine signs the marriage contract she discovers
a nasty secret that will destroy her family. The only way to protect them—to protect
the only man she’s ever loved—is to disappear…or die.
Nicholas won’t make the same mistake twice and let Josephine
Knightly go. She loves him. He felt it in their one kiss before he left, and in
the single kiss she allowed since his return. But she’s doing everything in her
power to sabotage the marriage even before it’s begun. Nicholas doesn’t care. If
Hell is where he must live to have her, then she must stand by his side in the fire.
Lord Grayson’s Bride is part of The Scrolls of Cridhe: Volume
1, Highland Winds bundle. These are seven brand new Scottish romance novellas by
seven best selling authors. The bundle will be available for preorder November 1
and will release November 17 for the introductory price of $2.99.

The Highlander’s Improper Wife

The Highlander’s Improper Wife 
A proper young lady should
never attend a Masque…Aphrodite is no lady.
Betrothal to the callous Lord Blackhall painted a future devoid
of love. Upon his death, Lady Caroline Wilmont is promised to the younger brother.
Caroline refuses to allow her first taste of desire to be at the hands of a man
who would rather have any woman but her. This, her last night of freedom, is to
be a memory of lust that she can take with her throughout her loveless marriage.
As Aphrodite, Caroline attends a masque determined to find a man to initiate her
into the intimacies of erotic love.
Taran Robertson, Viscount of Blackhall, makes no secret that
he despises his obligation to marry the Sassenach heiress chosen for him by his
father. As a last foray before his wedding, he attends a masque. However, the spirited
vixen he meets and seduces has secrets…secrets that just may reveal he’s to have
an improper wife.
The Highlander’s Improper Wife will release November 17 for the
introductory price of $2.99

Buy Tarah Scott’s Books

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Breaking The Rules  

5 Easy Questions is an interview is designed to be quick,
easy, and fun. Today’s guest is Melinda Curtis.

What is your go-to meal
to order when you dine out? Your favorite “I know it will hit the spot”
Chicken, apple, walnut, gorgonzola salad.
Who is your “book
boyfriend”? You know, that hottie you read about and drool over.
My latest preoccupation is with Cyrus Jones from The Hot Zone
(Jayne Castle). Take some sexy, add some paranormal and I’m in!
What were you like when
you were in school?
Will my kids read this? I should probably talk about elementary
school. I was a model student, of course.
Would you rather stay
inside and watch snow falling, or get out in it and build a snowman?
I’m inside, drinking wine in front of the fire and reading a
good book.
What is your favorite
“Don’t strive for perfection when good will do.” As
a writer, you try to write fresh, but sometimes it’s okay to type ‘he said.’

About the Book

To say Jack and Vivian Gordon’s marriage has been rocky would
be an understatement. The Gordons have been on a roller coaster of love and lust,
but can’t seem to get on the same page at the same time. This power couple needs
a time-out to find their happily ever after. And life coach to Hollywood’s rich
and powerful, Cora Rule, has just the solution – have the couple sign their divorce
papers in a safe room…and lock them inside.

Buy This Book

Barnes and Noble
Mel Curtis

Special Offer

Readers of this blog can download a FREE copy of Amber Rules
from Melinda’s web Username: Amber_Rules
Password: blogtour2014

October 29-November 4, 2014. Amber Rules is Book 1 in the
series. There are three books currently out in the series, plus 2 novellas. Link:

Get a FREE fun, sweet novella set within the Hollywood Rules
world by signing up for Melinda’s book release email newsletter. Link:

About the Author

Melinda Curtis is an award winning, USA Today recommended, Amazon
best selling author. She writes independently published, steamy Hollywood Rules
series as Mel Curtis. Jayne Ann Krentz says of Blue Rules: “Sharp, sassy, modern
version of a screwball comedy from Hollywood’s Golden Age except a lot hotter.”
Melinda also writes the Harmony Valley series of sweet and emotional romances for
the Harlequin Heartwarming line. Brenda Novak says: “Season of Change has found
a place on my keeper shelf”.

Author Social Media

The Artist’s Inheritance 
Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is The Artist’s Inheritance.
The balance between good and evil can be an art… or a curse.
Trevor and Caitlin were once happy newlyweds, profiting from
Trevor’s art. Until Trevor inherits his brother’s house, and with it, his part of
an old Welsh family curse. Now, Caitlin will stop at nothing to save her beloved
husband from insanity and suicide, even if it means she must embrace her destiny
and become a witch.

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Barnes and Noble:

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The Sheriff’s Son 
5 Easy Questions is an interview is designed to be quick, easy,
and fun. Today’s guest is Barbara White Daille.
Would you rather stay inside and watch snow falling, or get
out in it and build a snowman?
Stay inside. Preferably on the couch with a good book, snuggled
beneath an afghan and/or close to a crackling fire in the fireplace (if I had one).
Oh—and with a tray of hot chocolate and cookies by my side.
What was your favorite book as a child?
Wow, is this a tough
question. I would have trouble picking a favorite series, let alone a favorite book.
Really, there were so many….
But I’ll take a stab at what’s bringing back fond memories at
this very moment—and that would be Harriet the Spy.
I connected with Harriet because, like me, she always knew she
was going to be a writer. And I loved getting a peek into her notebook filled with
observations about her life and all the quirky characters she ran into.
What were you like when you were in school?
Shy, quiet, introverted, and with my nose usually stuck in a
book. Pretty much the way I am now.
If the hero of your latest book called you on the phone, what
would be a perfect ringtone for him?
Since my hero’s a deputy sheriff and I would be channeling my
heroine, the ringtone would be an oldie but goodie: I Fought the Law.
Remember that one?
Three-quarters of the lyrics are “I fought the law and the
law won.” And since you know I write romance, it’s probably not giving anything
away to say that…eventually…Deputy Sheriff Tanner does win Sarah’s heart.
What is your go-to meal to order when you dine out? Your favorite
“I know it will hit the spot” item.
No-brainer on this one! My favorite dish is Alaskan King Crab
Legs with plenty of hot melted butter.
Because they’re on the pricey side, I tie them into a “reward”
for hitting an important milestone, which usually means turning in the manuscript
for the next book…or the sale of a new book…or the release of the latest book. As
The Sheriff’s Son had already been out in print and has just been re-released for
the first time in e-book format, I figured that entitles me to celebrate this book

About the Book

Title The Sheriff’s Son
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author Name Barbara White Daille
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
The Sheriff’s Son
Why Is Tanner Jones Back In Town?
Seven-year-old Kevin has been a handful
for single mom Sarah Lindstrom, and when the new sheriff walks through her door
holding her son by the scruff of his neck for egging his car, she knows she’s lost
control. But can she control herself—and keep the secret she’s kept for so many
Tanner Jones has no idea Kevin is his
son—he lost the right to that information when he abandoned Sarah soon after graduation.
Just because he’s back in town doesn’t mean he can waltz into her life—and Kevin’s—to
pick up where they left off. But Sarah can’t deny the feelings she still harbors
for Tanner, and can’t deny how her son is benefiting from his attentions.
When Tanner
finds out the truth, what is he going to do?

Buy This Book

Publisher Harlequin

Author Social Media

Knights of Stone 
Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is Knights of Stone.

About the Book

Title Knights of Stone
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Author Lisa Carlisle
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Gargoyles, tree witches, and wolf shifters have divided the Isle
of Stone after a great battle twenty-five years ago. When Kayla, a tree witch, hears
about the unconventional rock concerts in the gargoyle’s territory, she sneaks from
her coven and into their territory to see for herself. Night after night, she returns
to see one in particular shift into human form and play guitar at these unconventional
For several nights, Mason has kept watch for the pixie-like female.
He plans to seduce her, thinking she’s a visitor from another island. When he discovers
she’s one of the tree witches, he retreats, attempting to keep his distance. The
temptation is strong, but forbidden.
Kayla and Mason attempt to meet in secret, but other elements
on the isle command their attention. A magical cloak created by the three clans
on the island is thinning, leading to repercussions for all the clans. Kayla and
Mason are caught in the middle of it, and their actions may change the fate for
This novella was originally released as part of the USA Today
bestselling Highland Shifters paranormal romance boxed set.

Buy This Book

Author Social Media

Author Page

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