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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Genre: Historical Romance (World War Two)
Author: Jana Richards
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
1942. The world is at war. The Nazis have stolen the infamous blue diamond, Le Coeur
Bleu, intending to barter it for weapons that will destroy the Allies. Jewel thief
Hunter Smith is given a choice; help the French Resistance steal back the diamond
and avenge the death of his best friend, or stay locked up in an English prison.
He chooses revenge.
Resistance fighter Madeleine Bertrand’s husband died when he
was betrayed by Hunter Smith. How can she now pretend to be married to the arrogant
American? How can she betray Jean Philippe’s memory by her passionate response to
Hunter’s kisses? Neither is prepared for the maelstrom of attraction that erupts
between them. To survive they must uncover the mysteries of the past and conquer
the dangers of the present. But first Madeleine must decide if her loyalties lie
with her dead husband and the Resistance or with the greatest love of her life.

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Her Perfect Candidate 
Title: Her Perfect Candidate (Chasing Love Series)
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Harlequin Kimani
Author Name: Candace Shaw
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Why did you write this
I wrote Her Perfect Candidate because I wanted to create a hero
that is even though he’s somewhat of a playboy, he’s not a bad guy. Steven Monroe
is the epitome an all-around great guy. He’s a millionaire but he doesn’t care about
that and is quite modest. Instead, uses his position as senator to be active in
the low-income communities and help others. His pet peeve is people who complain
about the issues, but don’t do anything to find a solution.
What is your favorite
genre to read?
My favorite genre to read is romance which includes the sub categories
of contemporary, historical and urban fantasy. I also enjoy chick lit.
Do you enjoy films and/or
TV shows? Which are your favorites?
I don’t watch a lot of television but when I do I can’t miss
Scandal, Covert Affairs, Marvel Agents of Shield, Once Upon a Time and Royal Pains.
I have too many favorite movies to name but I love everything with Elizabeth Taylor
(favorite movie star) as well as more up-to-date romances and comedies such as The
Notebook, Love and Basketball, You’ve Got Mail and anything with Denzel Washington.
What are you working on
at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?
Currently, I’m finishing the second book in the Chasing Love
series, Journey to Seduction, whose heroine is Sydney Chase, Megan’s twin sister
and Bryce Monroe, Steven’s younger brother. The two have a love/relationship, more
so on her side, until they take a cross-country trip together to Vegas for motorcycle
fest. It comes out in February 2015. In the next month or so, I’ll begin writing
my self-published novel My Kinda Girl which is the last book in the Arrington Family
Series (check website below for excerpts) and it will be out in Winter 2014. My
Kinda Girl is about Dr. Sean Arrington, a psychiatrist in his family private medical
practice. While he’s the most intelligent one out his siblings, he’s also the most
self-absorbed, arrogant one and playful playboy who has a type of woman he dates.
He prefers the model-type. Tall, leggy, not-too-bright and dotes on his every word.
However, he meets his match in Traci and she’s the total opposite of everything
he thinks he wants. I can’t wait to begin writing the book.
Please tell us about your
latest book.
Megan Chase is career-focused and independent woman who loves
being single but not because she doesn’t trust men, she simply enjoys her life and
her main concern is her interior decorating firm. Her family and friends keep setting
her up on blind dates because they think she’s lonely after a break up from almost
two years ago. However, she’s not and she’s tired of them. Steven Monroe is a state
senator who is going to run for the United States senate seat his father
is retiring from. However, the media views him as a bad boy playboy and his campaign
team wants him to settle down with one woman before and during the official campaign.
He keeps running into Megan and they it hit off and decide to date in name only
to get her family and his campaign team off their backs.
Co-owner of an up-and-coming interior decorating firm, Megan
Chase loves being a single woman on the fast track to success. But everything changes
when a flat tire brings Georgia
senator Steven Monroe into her life. The sinfully sexy politician needs the right
woman to clean up his image. And with Megan’s fine eye for detail, she just may
be the woman for the job.
Steven’s reputation as a player could cost him his chance at
a U.S.
senate seat. But when the cameras catch him and Megan in a kiss that’s all too real,
it’s not only his future candidacy in jeopardy. As the lines between politics and
desire begin to blur, how much will he risk to transform their passionate pretense
into a landslide for love.

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Author Bio

Born and raised under the sunny skies and the whitest beaches
in northwest Florida,
Candace Shaw knew she wanted to become a writer after she read Little Women in fourth
grade. After graduating from the University
of West Florida with a degree
in Elementary Education, Candace began teaching and put her dream of becoming a
writer on hold until one summer vacation she started writing again and hasn’t stopped.
When Candace is not writing or researching information for a
book, she’s reading, shopping, learning how to cook a new dish or spending time
with her loving husband and their loyal, over-protective weimaraner, Ali. She is
currently working on her next fun, flirty, and sexy romance novel.

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Confessions Of Love 
Title Confessions Of Love
Genre Regency Historical Romance
Author Melissa Blue
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Lieutenant Jonathan Rycroft is intoxicating. His hands know just
where to touch her, his lips know just how to trip her pulse, and his body knows
just how to bring about every forbidden desire Lindsay Dunsfield has ever felt.
He’s the one man that’s owned her heart… and he shattered it two years ago.
Returned to London
on assignment with the War Office, Jonathan’s mission is hindered by a love he cannot
forget. One scorching kiss reignites the flames of their passion, but he inadvertently
drags Lindsay into a mire of murder and deception that hits closer to home than
she ever would have dreamed.
In a world where Lindsay can trust no one, will she find renewed
faith in the last place she expected to look?

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Publisher Entangled Publishing

Interview with Lieutenant Jonathan Rycroft

Tell us about yourself,
Oh, my, where do I start? My name is Jonathan Rycroft and I’m
a Lieutenant in His Majesty’s Royal Navy, and I am currently on special assignment
with the War Office. I joined the navy in part to spite my father, but mostly to
earn a respectable living to marry the girl I love.
What is it that you want,
but cannot have? Authors call this the conflict of the story.
I want Lindsay Dunsfield. We were childhood sweethearts, you
see, but now she blames me for the death of her brother. Andrew Dunsfield was my
best friend and I will do anything to solve his murder and prove myself to Lindsay.
What’s your internal limitation?
Meaning, what is it about you that makes it so you cannot do what it is you need
to do during this story?
For one, I am a bastard. The illegitimate son of the Earl of
Wayford to be exact. I grew up with my father berating me for my worthlessness whenever
he got drunk, and I never really knew my mother. She killed herself because she
couldn’t bear up to the shame of having me. With history like that, it is difficult
not to believe I’m nothing more than a mistake.
What’s your external complication?
In the story world your author created, explain what it is you fear most.
My investigation with the War Office hinges on finding key documents
which would prove a very important member of the aristocracy, Lord Harold Grimsby,
guilty of treason. As a matter of self-defense, I shot and wounded Lord Harold.
Now I’m in hiding, and unless I find the documents to prove he’s a traitor I’ll
be hanged or forced to flee the country. Either way I’ll lose Lindsay.
Tell us about your significant
other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
Lindsay is amazing. Beautiful and kind. She is easily the most
giving person I’ve ever met, and that is probably her best quality as well as her
greatest downfall.
What would that person
say about you?
I’d like to think she’d say I’m the love of her life, and honorable
despite every reason not to be.
What is your family like?
Despite the horror I already spoke of with my parents, my family
is not so terrible. I have a half-sister, Felicity, whom I adore, and my step-mother,
Sarah, was a wonderful woman. She raised me as her own, and I owe any upstanding
qualities I possess to her.
What special skills do
you rely on?
I am a good fighter. In the navy I was trained to fight in close
combat situations and am skilled with a knife and saber.
If someone from your past
showed up, who would you NOT want it to be, and why?
My father. He’d probably threaten to have me shipped to America
once he learned I’d shot a nobleman.
Are you happy with the
way your story ended? Why or why not?
I am very pleased. I have Lindsay at my side, and I solved the
murder of my best friend. I also have the satisfaction of brining a traitor to justice.

About the Writer

You have the length of
a tweet (140 characters) to describe yourself as a writer. Let’s see what you can
Author of fast paced, beautifully written historical romance
weaved with mystery and suspense.
Why did you choose to
write about this character?
This character actually started out as a secondary character
in a story I am yet to finish. Jonathan quite literally stole the show and I wound
up writing him a story instead!
Was there anything you
discovered about this character that was a surprise to you?
My characters never fail to surprise me, and what surprised me
with Jonathan is how steadfast he was. A man with as much emotional baggage as he’s
written with would have every right to be closed off and hard-nosed, but I just
wasn’t able to write him about as anything but kind, open, and honorable.
Why do you write? And
how did you get started writing?
I love history and I love books! I’ve had my own story ideas
rumbling around in my head for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always had a
knack for creative writing. My dad as well as several school teachers encouraged
me to study writing in college, but I chose to pursue nursing in large part for
it’s practicality. In college at Western
Michigan University
a literature professor also encouraged me to write. It wasn’t until my husband bought
me a laptop computer for Christmas about six years ago that I started putting my
own stories down in earnest. It is a wonderful escape.
What do you want to write
Currently I am working on another Regency Romance titled SIREN.
Hopefully my agent will see that by the end of summer! But with four kids at home
and my job as a nurse it just isn’t that easy to juggle time.
What other character from
this book do you want to write about? Care to tell us why?
The story I never finished, which featured Jonathan as a secondary
character, was started for his half-sister, Felicity. One of these days I’d like
to get back to that book.
Are any sequels planned
for this book?
Lindsay has three very entertaining sisters. Sequels are a distinct
Is there anything you’d
like to say to your readers?
Happy Reading!

Author Bio

A Registered Nurse by night, Melissa battles the stresses of
life and illness by enjoying uplifting tales of love and romance. A firm believer
in true love united with an enduring fascination with history has prompted her pursuit
of romance writing. She lives in beautiful Big Sky Country Montana with her husband
and children.

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Dulce Isle 

Title Dulce Isle

Genre Erotic Romance
Author Name Loc Glin
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Adrian Asorio can’t seem to move on after the death of his beloved
wife Angelina. While trying to fill the lonely hours in his empty life, he discovers
Minerva’s Mystic Museum. A painting of a female artist painting
a nude male model fascinates him. He finds himself thinking about, and wanting,
the male model. He begins to question his sexuality.
is chosen as this full moon’s mystic walker. He is transported to Dulce Isle where
he meets Jon and Rosa in the flesh. Adrian
must confront his newly discovered sexual orientation and overcome the guilt he
Rosa DeVario and Jon Balentine shared a life with Rosa’s husband, Leon. When Leon died, both were heartbroken. Without
Leon as their common denominator,
Jon has reverted to his “loving men only” lifestyle, leaving Rosa without a partner.
Will Adrian’s
arrival on Dulce Isle be the answer that mends three tattered and broken lives?
The universe has provided the opportunity…Adrian’s
heart holds the key.

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Loves, Myths, Monsters 
The best thing about
self-publishing is that you are guaranteed to be published, no matter what type
book you choose to write. Traditional publishers often look for something not
yet written about, or seldom written about; such as true life alien abductions,
or what Earth might be like in the year 4000, if humans last that long.
Self-publishing allows the author
more leeway with subject matter. The author can tell it like it is; unlike
traditional publishers who generally follow a code of conduct, for the fear of
treading on someone’s toes. Traditional publishers always have that fear of
being sued for libel, whereas self-publishers tend to not care what others
With self publishing every detail
is up to the author. From hiring a professional editor if the self publishing
author is not prolific in the English language. Editing is expensive, and every
book, even self publishing needs some editing to help polish the final product.
Self-publishing does offer editing and marketing services, but for an
additional price, that can be expensive. All that work is taken care of by a
traditional publisher, which means less headaches and work for the author.
When it comes to book covers,
self-publishing companies usually give the author a selection of artwork to
choose from. Some of this artwork is free, but some usually cost a few dollars.
The free artwork is seldom great, and might not coincide with the books
material. For paid artwork at self-publishing companies, the artwork is
upgraded and more pleasing to the eye, but is an extra cost, which might for
some self-publishers, mean an extra dent in their pocketbooks. Traditional
publishers have their own art department, which means the author is guaranteed
a terrific book cover, which is included in the contract. Both self-publishing
and traditional publishing companies, though, usually allow the author to use
their own artwork if the author chooses too, especially if the book is about
the author’s family, pet, friends, or profession. Using personal artwork adds a
touch of personification and genuine sincerity to the book; which is always a
good selling point.
What I discovered through Amazon,
and something they did not tell me in the beginning, is that with them, the
author must keep a supply of their books at the Amazon warehouse. Amazon is not
a print on demand (POD) distributor as is Lulu, as I initially believed it to
be. When it comes to any type of artwork, whether it be books, jewelry, or candles,
artwork is usually a hard product to sell. If it were easy, all artists and
authors would be wealthy.
Lulu on the other hand, is a
print on demand self publisher. They do not store books, but keep each title
stored in a queue, at a contracted print on demand printer.
Also, what I understand is that
Lulu allows 80% of the royalties to go to the author, and Amazon allows 70%,
but that percentage is only applicable for books sold to certain countries
outside of the U.S., such as
Brazil, Japan, Mexico,
and India,
and only for titles enrolled in KDP Select. This in reality means that the
author receives an average 35% of the sales, and Amazon gets the other 65%.
An author can struggle with
locating a traditional publishing company for many reasons. They have written a
book that only they are interested in; such as their family history. I don’t
believe most would be interested in reading about someone else’s family tree,
unless it is as brilliant as the book Roots, was. If a author is struggling
with locating a traditional publishing company, than self-publishing is for
them. I for one believe that if a writer has written a book, they should
continue seeking out the traditional publishing company. This only applies if
their book is polished and ready for sale. If a book has many graphical errors,
it will not be taken seriously by a traditional publisher. Getting away with
graphical errors in a self-published book is possible, but it would be
disappointing and frustrating to the reader. Whether the book is self-published
or traditionally published, the final product should be free of errors, and
entertaining, and pleasing to the eye. In my opinion, when it comes to Lulu
versus Amazon, Amazon bites the dust. Good luck.

About the Book

Loves, Myths and Monsters — 11 tales of fantasy, intrigue,
and mystery, entwined within the human world.
Welcome To Anna
Little does 17 year old Zoe realize, but the Chupracabra
followed her to Ohio from South
America. What happens next is a series of chilling mysteries, and
unsuspecting friendships and love.
The Hunter’s Bride
When all game warden Daren Abram had to worry about was
which lucky lady to woo, he comes to the realization that his town is being
stalked by the reincarnation of the town’s legend.
Moon People
For teenage mermaid Constance, coming to the quaint seaside
town of Willowick
is heavenly, until she falls for mortal boy Drake. For the town to survive, Constance is forced to choose between her kind and the
boy and town she loves.
The Pack
When young Lycan Sonny Red Blanket, a Shawnee Indian, falls
for mortal girl Drenda Way,
he must save her from his fellow Lycans and stop a werewolf uprising.
The Bidding
Apiologist 34-year-old Duncan McPherson goes to Circleville, Ohio, to investigate a series of
mysterious bee attacks. What is uncovered proves to be more dark and sinister
then anyone imaged.
The Agreement
Being incarcerated in the abandoned Roseville jail is the last thing rich college
student and speeder Brice Conrad needs. With an “agreement” between
the town and a permanent demonic “guest,” only the unfortunate ones
know the truth, but do not live to tell.
For The Love of Ginnie
Handsome bachelor and Scientist Alex Anderson from the
thirtieth century, returns to the Civil War with time serum to save his beloved
Ginnie Wade from a sniper’s bullet, while finding a roller coaster ride of joy
and perils.
Is It Only A Myth?
When 32-year-old Vinton County Sheriff, James
“Jim” Connors, discovers he has a Mothman hunting in his county, he
stops at nothing to save his citizens.
The Proposition
The rough and ready cowboy John Queenie gets the shock of
his life when the ad to break a “wild filly” turns out to be a fiery
Quaker girl named Tess. This is a story proving love conquers all.
The House On Shady
A seemingly loving family turns out to be serial killers in
Love’s Curse
When an Egypt
love curse scroll is stolen from a Dean’s office, persons begin dying in
bizarre and grisly ways, with the college’s mascot a Viking King statue
jokingly blamed for it.

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Other books by JoAnne:

Murder Most Foul-a detective/mystery
Wicked Intentions-7 bone chilling paranormal tales
The Crime of the Century-a biography true crime
Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between

Upcoming Releases:

Twisted Love-a biography true crime anthology available June
JoAnne Myers 
Flagitious-a detective/mystery novella anthology available
August 2014

Author Bio

I have been a long-time
resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the
blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my
belt, I canvas paint.
When not busy with
hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dogs
Jasmine and Scooter, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member
of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance,
Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association,
the Hocking Hill’s Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County
Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking
Hills Regional Welcome Center.
I believe in family values and following your dreams. My books along with my
original canvas paintings, can be found at:

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Just My Type 
Title Just My Type
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author Name Synithia Williams
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Janiyah Henderson may be an adult, but her dad doesn’t see it
that way. Granted, she’s enjoying her post-college life of little-to-no responsibility,
but when her dad announces at a family meeting that she can’t handle working a
“real job,” there’s only one thing to do: land a desk job and prove him
wrong. When her brother’s best friend, Fredrick Jenkins, needs a new assistant,
she knows she’s the perfect candidate. So what if she’s had a crush on the conservative
accountant since she was nine? She’s the last woman Freddy would fall for.
But Fredrick is far from impervious to Janiyah’s charms. Though
he can’t help but be attracted to her, he knows Janiyah is more interested in eating
his cereal and teasing him than viewing him as more than the good guy next door.
When he offers her the job, he can’t imagine her giving up her late mornings and
colorful outfits for 8:00 a.m. meetings and pantyhose for too long. But as Janiyah
excels as his employee, he fears he’s in danger of falling hard for a woman he shouldn’t
care for.
Pretty soon the attraction they’ve tried to ignore boils to the
surface. And after Fredrick shows Janiyah the man behind the numbers, she’s ready
to show him that she’s just the type of woman he needs.

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Interview with Fredrick P. Jenkins

Tell us about yourself, please.

I’m an accountant that started my own firm two years ago after the
firm I worked only wanted to deal with clients perceived to be financially viable
instead of taking care of the ones who needed the most help. In the two years since
l left, I’ve made my firm one of the most successful startups in my area.
On a personal level, I enjoy reading, biographies mostly, watching
documentaries and weight lifting. Don’t let my hobbies fool you. Many times women
see the conservative outer appearance and automatically put me in the “good
guy” or “friend” category. But, believe me, I’m far from the reserved
good guy when it comes to relationships. It was something I longed to show Janiyah
for years, but at the same time didn’t want to ruin our friendship.

What is it that you want, but cannot
have? Authors call this the conflict of the perceived story.

I always wanted a nice, predictable, stable relationship. I dated
women who had similar career goals and were settled in their lives. But there was
always Janiyah. Unpredictable, flirty, and definitely not looking to settle into
a nice and easy relationship. She drove me crazy, I wanted her and didn’t want her
at the same time. I thought she was exactly what I didn’t need in my life. It was
impossible to continue to ignore the way she made me feel.

What inner doubt causes you the most

I didn’t want to want Janiyah because I watched my dad make poor
choices based on the whims of my mother. What I didn’t realize was that Janiyah’s
unpredictability wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She brings excitement and joy to
my life.

What’s your external complication?
In the story world your author created, explain what it is you fear most.

Janiyah already lived next to me, but then she wanted to work
for me. I didn’t doubt she could do it. I did doubt that I’d be able to resist her
when she was with me in the office all day. Not only did she become a stellar employee,
but I saw a side of her that I refused to acknowledge was there. I was still afraid
to trust myself to be with her. Janiyah dated men much more exciting than an accountant.
I wasn’t sure if she’d be happy with me long term, and I want a long term relationship.

Tell us about your significant other,
that person who makes living worthwhile.

What would that person say about

At first, I think Janiyah would say that I wasn’t interested
in her. I spent years trying to hide my attraction. She’s my best friend’s little
sister, I couldn’t do my boy like that by stepping to his sister. I also think she
viewed me as a “good guy”. She would tease me and call me Freddy whenever
she tried to get me to loosen up. After I showed her my looser side, and opened
myself up to accepting our relationship she calls me her man, the guy she loves,
and a damn good lover. I can’t argue with any of that.

What is your family like?

The complete opposite of me. My dad spends his days ignoring
responsibility to make my mom happy. My mom picks up and drops hobbies constantly
and is more concerned with appearances. I have one sister who lives in New York; we don’t speak
often. I love my family, but we’re just different.

Are you happy with the way your story
ended? Why or why not?

Of course I’m happy. I’ve got Janiyah, my business is doing well,
and her four older brother’s didn’t kill me for being with their baby sister.

About the Writer

You have the length of a tweet (140 characters) to describe yourself as
a writer. Let’s see what you can do.

I write spicy romances set in the south.

Why did you choose to write about this character?

I like the idea of the nice guy next door that has a naughty
side. It was fun to tease Freddy and then finally have him snap and go after Janiyah
full force.

When you wrote about this character, what made you the most happy? What
made you the most sad?

Of course I was happy writing his love scenes. Freddy is great
in bed. I was sad writing his struggle to trust his feelings for Janiyah. It was
tough making him continue to push away from her when she was so open about her feelings
for him.

What do you want to write next?

I’m working on the stories for Janiyah’s brothers. One is a pretty
boy, the other is a bad boy, and one is a wanderer. I’m going to have lots of fun
with these guys.

Author Bio

Synithia Williams has loved romance novels since reading her
first one at the age of 13. It was only natural that she would begin penning her
own romances soon after. When she isn’t writing, this local government gal balances
the needs of her husband and two sons.

Author Social Media

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