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Monthly Archives: February 2014


About the Book

Title: Haven
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Author Name: Celia Breslin
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
San Francisco
nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli works hard, plays hard, and never allows the death
of her parents and her twelve-year memory gap to get her down. But her life takes
a left turn when a witch attacks on her twenty-fifth birthday.
Three hauntingly familiar vampires emerge to reveal she possesses
a latent power. To protect her from their enemies, they admit to wiping her memories
clean and abandoning her as a child, but now they need her help. As she struggles
to evade her new protectors and even newer enemies, she meets Alexander, an enigmatic,
undead musician. Insta-lust flares, leaving her wanting more.
With evil’s minions hounding her every move, and everything she
thought she knew turned on its head, Carina must harness her burgeoning power, unravel
her vampire family’s web of deceit, and fight to have a love life…without getting
killed in the process.

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About the Character

Name: Carina Tranquilli
Age: 25
Gender: female
Birthplace: Italy
Profession: club owner
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): human, vampire
Describe his/her body build, skin tone, height and weight. Include
any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars: 5′ 7″, curvy and fit,
130 pounds, long legs, wavy and thick dark brown hair she prefers to wear straight,
brown eyes, pale skin, no freckles, ear and navel piercings
Who is the significant
other in your character’s life?
Alexander, a vampire musician.
How does your hero dress?
Carina prefers black clothing. Form-fitting pants or jeans, boots
(sexy or combat), small skirts w/cute shirts, sexy little black dresses, etc.
How educated is this character?
Is she book smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
College graduate.
Does she scrape by, live
comfortably, live extravagantly?
She’s a trust fund orphan and a business owner. She does well
for herself.
What is your character’s
viewpoint on wealth? Not necessary, nice to have, important, obtain at all costs?
Wealth is to be shared with family, friends, and those in need.
What is your character’s
family like?
Very protective.
Is she close to family?
Yes. But it’s a rocky road.
What is your hero’s biggest
personal flaw?
She’s stubborn and fiercely independent, sometimes to her detriment.
How emotionally expressive
is your character to others?
Very. She has no poker face. Her emotions are obvious to one
and all.

About Your Writer: Questions for your character to answer about you.

Why do you think your
writer chose to write about you?
I wouldn’t leave her alone until she did!
What do you wish your
writer would write next?
I’d certainly like to take care of Team Evil so another battle
round with them would rock.
What other character from
your book do you think your writer should write a book about? Care to tell us why?
Well, I’d say my mentor Jonas, but she already did that in Vampire
Code (released Oct. 2013). So, I’d vote for Stella, another vampire from Team Good.
Is there anything you’d
like to say to your writer?
Celia, thanks for letting us out to play in Haven!

Author Bio

Celia lives in California
with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal
romance, and has a particular fondness for vampires and the Fae. When not writing,
you’ll find her exercising, reading a good book or indulging her addiction to Joss
Whedon’s TV shows and movies.

Author Social Media

Genre :Gay Romance
Publisher The GA Hauser Collection, LLC
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

About the Book

Thirty-nine year old, Bryce Hayes
thought when he left the military and joined the Seattle Police Department, there
would be nothing he couldn’t handle. He’d seen it all; the worst of what mankind
could do to each other.
But the Seven Deadly Sins had yet
to rear their ugly head. Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony. And Bryce
was about to encounter them all embodied in one man.
What Bryce witnessed on his first
phase as a student with Field Training Officer Kohl Abbott, he found inconceivable
corruption. As a thirty-nine year old ‘rookie’ paired with the senior officer from
hell, Bryce had no idea when he was told to ‘stay put’ in the patrol car, that his
training instructor Abbott was breaking fingers and kneecaps for protection money
from the small local businesses.
While in the Special Forces, Bryce
was taught to shut up, to not reveal information. But this time? When the net came
down on the corruption he was caught in the snare. Bryce was tossed out of the department
with the garbage, but was not prosecuted. He never knew why not.
Twenty-eight year old Joel Vandergrift
lived up on Capitol Hill in Seattle,
worked as a photographer and taught literature classes at night. But, his real love
was writing. Having his first few novels hit the bestseller lists, Joel was gaining
recognition and finally thought earning a living as a writer was a possibility…
until his apartment is broken into, and his computer with all his work on it, is
A day later, Joel sees his latest
bestseller being sold, but under someone else’s name.
The irony of just having met a bartender
named Bryce Hayes, whose behavior was suspicious to Joel, made Joel believe Bryce
had a hand in the treachery.
But Bryce knew the reality.
Kohl Abbott was writing under an assumed
name, his first best seller documenting his ‘life of crime’. Even though Abbott
had served time in the county lockup for his deeds, he had been released early.
Abbott knew dirt on many men, including cops and councilmen…including Bryce.
What at first had been an ultimatum
for Bryce from Abbott to find something nasty to discredit Joel as a top writer,
had changed. Secrets, lies, and disastrous decisions that were impossible to take
back, push Joel and Bryce together- as lovers, then as reluctant enemies. And it
isn’t until one man finally has had enough that fate takes over.
Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Wrath,
Gluttony- The ‘Infamous 7’ change one man from a cynic into a killer. And Bryce
sees first hand, how war is not only fought on the battlefield, it is also drawn
from the mighty pen.

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Interview with GA Hauser

Why did you write this
This book was inspired by the corruption in all aspects of life,
and the fact that there can always be good lifted up from the ashes.
What is your favorite
genre to read?
It used to be gay erotic romance, but I no longer have time to
pleasure read.
What is your favorite
character from fiction (not including your own characters)?
I don’t have a favorite character from fiction.
Do you enjoy films and/or
TV shows? Which are your favorites?
I do enjoy some TV, and don’t go to see many movies. But I don’t
have any ‘favorites’ at the moment.
What are you working on
at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?
Action Series Book 15 Saying Goodbye

Author Bio

Award-winning author G.A. Hauser was born in Fair Lawn,
New Jersey,
USA and attended university in
New York
City. She moved to Seattle, Washington
where she worked as a patrol officer with the Seattle Police Department. In early
2000 G.A. moved to Hertfordshire,
where she began her writing in earnest and published her first book, In the Shadow
of Alexander. Now a full-time writer, G.A. has written over ninety novels, including
several best-sellers of gay fiction. GA is also the Executive Producer for her first
feature film, Capital Games.
G.A. has won awards from All Romance eBooks for Best Author 2010,
2009, Best Novel 2008, Mile High, and Best Author 2008, Best Novel 2007, Secrets
and Misdemeanors, Best Author 2007.


Visit Dawn’s Reading Nook for info on contests.

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Once Upon A Montana Christmas 

Title Once Upon A Montana Christmas

Genre Historical
Author Name Alanna
Book heat level
(based on movie ratings): R
Miss Eva Kenward does
not want to spend another Christmas alone. Leaving Queen Victoria’s
England, she journeys to America in search of an uncle but finds herself
on the rugged frontier of Montana.
And with no money and no acquaintances, the rudest man she has ever met is the
one she must engage. Especially considering the precious bundle in her arms.
Strauss has been fooled before by beauty. So when the ravishing young woman
arrives on his doorstep, he suspects her of ulterior motives. But perhaps the
baby she holds truly is his kin…and when Miss Kenward finds herself stranded
after a hotel fire, he reluctantly agrees to help. Bringing her to his
sprawling ranch, Hunt tries to keep his distance. But the enticing woman and
her enthusiasm for the season soon prove that fairy tale love stories—and
holiday wishes—really can come true.

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Interview with Eva Kenward

Tell us about yourself, please.
My name is Eva Kenward. I am
originally from England
where I was a companion to my stepmother’s aunt. It was a comfortable, albeit
boring life. My only relations are a half-brother, and a distant uncle. I love
to read and have always been fascinated with tales of the Wild West.
What is it that you want, but cannot have?
Authors call this the conflict of the story.
I want to be part of my family, but my
stepmother and half-brother have other ideas for my future. I have a distant
uncle in California.
Although he has not responded to my letters, I hope to be reunited with him in
the near future.
What inner doubt causes you the most
I constantly worry that when I finally
succeed in reaching California
and find my uncle that he will have even less interest in me than my dead
What’s your external complication? In the
story world your author created, explain what it is you fear most.
My greatest fear is to never find my uncle
and be part of a real family. My life gets considerably complicated when I lose
all my funds, clothing…everything! I am forced to find work while my dream of
reaching California
slips further away.
Tell us about your significant other, that
person who makes living worthwhile.
What would that person say about you?
What is your family like?
My mother died when I was a little girl and
my father soon remarried. At first I was excited to have a stepmother, but that
excitement gave way to loneliness. She never had time for me, always too
concerned with the latest soiree or fashionable pursuit. My half-brother was
far worse. He was the heir and controlled my entire existence.
Are you happy with the way your story ended?
Why or why not?
More than happy. All my hopes and dreams
came true in the wild west I love so much.

About the Writer

have the length of a tweet (140 characters) to describe yourself as a writer. Let’s
see what you can do.
I’m a panster learning to plot. I love to
research, but I have to set time limits.
there anything you discovered about this character that was a surprise to you?
How willing Eva was to leave a comfortable
life behind in England
and venture into the unknown by herself.
you wrote about this character, what made you the most happy?
The simple joy she found in experiencing
Hunt’s family traditions.
do you write?
I write because I love to write.
do you want to write next?
A Regency romance. The central theme is
family, but my hero loses sight of what is most important when he becomes
obsessed with vengeance.
there anything you’d like to say to your readers?
I hope you enjoy the story as much as I
enjoyed writing it.

Author Bio

Alanna Lucas grew up in Southern California.
From an early age, she took an interest in travel, incorporating those
experiences into her writing. When she is not daydreaming of her next travel
destination, Alanna can be found researching, spending time with family, or
going for long walks. Alanna Lucas is a member of the Romance Writers of
America, East Valley Authors, The Beau Monde, and Celtic Hearts Romance

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