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Monthly Archives: October 2013


It’s Halloween, and rather than do a typical post about
pumpkins or candy, I thought I’d gather a bunch of friends together and throw a pizza
party. The selections include something for almost everyone. In fact, there are so many I’ll
do another version of this later in the year.

One of the questions on nearly every interview in 2013 was
a chance to fill in the blank with items for a favorite pizza. RLF blog is
happy to present a huge selection of goodies that show just how much alike we
all are. A large group chose pepperoni (my personal favorite), followed by
cheese (my second favorite). Where available, I included the Twitter handle of
the author. If they didn’t supply one, I used Facebook or their website. Armed
with the knowledge of someone who likes your type of pizza, go friending!


Pepperoni had the most choices, topped with other items or
by itself. I added myself to this category.
I love pizza with double toppings of low fat turkey pepperoni.
I love pizza with pepperoni.
I love pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese.
I love pizza with pepperoni and sausage.
I love pizza with pepperoni.
I love pizza with tomatoes and pepperoni.
I love pizza with no cheese, but lots of pepperoni.
I love pizza with pepperoni, black olive and mushroom.
I love pizza with pepperoni, sausage and onions.
I love pizza with pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms (I’m a
traditionalist! No pineapple slices or anchovies on my pizza!)
I love pizza with pepperoni and green olives.
I love pizza with black olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms.
I love pizza with pepperoni, salami, olives and mushrooms.


The first entry gets major points for being thorough. And
I love pizza with vegan cheese. Well, I don’t actually love
it, and I’m not a vegan either, but I can’t eat ordinary cheese so I make do
with the vegan stuff. It’s a bit like old window putty as it doesn’t melt
properly so it just looks like an orange blob but I can’t imagine pizza without
some kind of cheese on it!

I love pizza with goat cheese.
I love pizza with parmesan but prefer just the crust.
I love pizza with extra cheese!
I love pizza with feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke
hearts, and olive oil.
I love pizza with extra cheese.
I love pizza with extra cheese.

I love pizza with forty-eleven kinds of cheese on it.
I love pizza with basil leaves, different types of cheeses, sliced tomatoes, olives, and mushrooms. Oh, and thin crust.

No Pizza for Me Please

No pizza? Say it isn’t so! These folks (only two in this
batch) opted for none.
I love pizza with other people so they can eat it.
I love pizza with — I can’t eat pizza. I’m on a liquid


Why do people always invite the mushroom to parties? Because
he’s such a fungi! *groan* The mushroom lovers…
I love pizza with shrimp and mushrooms.
I love pizza with mushrooms.
I love pizza with mushrooms.

Other Toppings

The kitchen sink of pizza toppings. Tums or Rolaids
optional. ^_^
I love pizza with BBQ chicken.
I love pizza with everything on it.
Happy Halloween 


I love vegetarian pizza with artichokes.
I love pizza with canadian bacon.
I love pizza with pineapple.
I love pizza with at least three meat toppings… it’s a wolf
I love pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple.
I love pizza with everything except anchovies (which I’ve
never attempted to eat!) Onions and sausage are my favorite.
I love pizza with anything.
I love pizza with spinach, feta and pineapple.
I love pizza with roasted veggies and chicken.

Non Food Items

While I have a feeling all these authors meant in addition
to pizza, only one actually said so. These are different takes on the “I
love pizza with” question.
I love pizza with fruit bomb zinfandel or heavy cabernet
I love pizza with my children – they love it!
I love pizza with friends.
I love pizza with my kids.
I love pizza with Beck Light Beer.
I love pizza with friends. I mean with their companionship.
I wouldn’t actually want my friend on the pizza.

Image credit: pizza by Moi Cody

Your Favorite Pizza is… Let us know what toppings you

Lord Rakehell’s Love 
Donna Cummings, welcome back to Romance Lives Forever. We’re excited
to interview your character, Aphrodite, from the book, Lord Rakehell’s Love.
Genre: Regency Historical
Publisher: Donna Cummings
Cover artist: Carrie Spencer of Cheeky Covers
Length: 44 pages
Heat rating: PG
Tagline: Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is playing matchmaker
in Regency London, only she’s put a curse on the lovers instead
First in The Curse of True
Simon is known as Lord Rakehell, so any sane woman would be wary
of wedding a man of his reputation. He truly loves Georgiana, and is determined
to prove it to her, but how can he convince her after being late to their wedding?
Georgiana knew the dangers of falling instantly in love with
a celebrated rake, but even she had not expected him to show up for their nuptials
with ladies-of-the-evening in tow. Now she must determine whether Simon’s protestations
of love are genuine, or if she is being led astray by the passion he continues to
incite in her.
Buy links:
What are your main characters’ names, ages, and occupations?
Simon Blakely, Lord Winbourne (aka Lord Rakehell), 30, rake
Georgiana Kirkwood, late 20s, wallflower

Interview with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Tell us about yourself.
I am the Greek Goddess of Love, and I adore jewelry, and all
things involving beauty and love. However, I have recently grown bored with the
perfection of my existence. Who can bear to eat ambrosia and nectar every single
day? I decided I would entertain myself by helping mortals find their one true love.
And what better place than Regency London, where they are enamored of anything to
do with the ancient Greek world.
Tell us about Ares.
I utterly adore him, even though he loves war, and fighting,
and conflict of all kinds. He is the complete opposite of me, which may be why we
are so passionate for each other. It is also what gave me the idea to play matchmaker.
Or maybe I should say “mismatchmaker”. It hasn’t gone as smoothly with
Lord Rakehell and Georgiana as I’d hoped. . . But I’m confident I can remedy everything.
After all, my reputation is at stake here.
What do you think is your strongest point?
My persistence.
What would Ares say is your biggest weakness?
My persistence.
What do you wish was different about your life?
I adore my life! I am having so much fun masquerading in Regency
London as Lady Aphrodite Carramont, with only Ares aware of my true identity. I’m
not sure when I’ll be ready to return home to Mount Olympus.
It could be a while.
If you were given your fondest wish, what would it be?
That everyone would fall madly in love with their one true love
and live happily ever after. BUT, only after I’ve had a chance to be involved, of
course. It wouldn’t be much fun otherwise. I’m definitely looking forward to the
next rogue on my list, the one known as Lord Wastrel. He’s proving to be a bit of
a challenge.
Describe a place of perfect refuge.
I don’t suppose I can say the bedchamber
I share with Ares, can I? Well, that is still my answer, even if I shouldn’t say

About the Author

Summer Lovin’
I have worked as an attorney, winery tasting room manager, and
retail business owner, but nothing beats the thrill of writing humorously-ever-after
Currently I reside in New England,
although I fantasize about spending the rest of my days in a tropical locale, wearing
flip flops year-round, or in Regency London, scandalizing the ton.
I can usually be found on Twitter, chatting about writing and
coffee, or on Facebook, chatting about coffee and writing.

Previous Books

Summer Lovin’ (contemporary novella)
Lord Midnight (Regency historical)
I Do. . . or Die (contemporary romantic mystery)
Back on Track (contemporary novella)

Books Coming Soon

Lord Wastrel (Regency historical–Book 2 in The Curse of True
Love series)

Find Me Here

Burning Ashes
H Lewis-Foster, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. we’re
excited to interview your character, Nat Seddon from the book, Burning Ashes.
Genre: Gay Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover artist: Leah Kaye Suttle
Length: 200 pages
Heat rating: Sensual
Tagline: Sporting rivalry turns to passion in a tale of true
love and cricket.
Blurb: Intelligent and confident, Australian cricketer Nat Seddon
is one of the world’s best bowlers. He’s openly gay, but keeps his private life
to himself, with everything under control. But on the last day of his team’s Ashes
tour of England, he meets Scott
Alverley, England’s
promising new batsman. Nat tries not to be attracted to Scott, but he can’t help
finding the privileged young man handsome and endearing. Nat is tempted by a little
end of tour fun, but finds himself playing agony uncle to a virgin. Instead of going
home to bask on a beach, he spends a wet week in the north of England with Scott.
Try as he might to resist, he can’t help falling hopelessly in love.
The hectic sporting calendar is a persistent obstacle to their
growing romance; Nat and Scott are rarely even on the same continent. They make
the most of the time when they can be together, but the months apart take a toll
on Scott, professionally and personally. The possible solutions are nearly unthinkable,
but if they are willing to make sacrifices that will change their lives forever,
they might hold on to the love they found in the Ashes.
Buy links:
What are your main characters’
names, ages, and occupations?
Nat and Scott are professional cricketers. Nat Seddon is 27 years
old and plays for Australia,
while Scott Alverley is 21 and plays for England.

Interview with Nat Seddon

Tell us about yourself.
Hi there. My name’s Nat Seddon. I’m a professional cricketer
and, as I’m sure you can tell from my accent, I play for Australia. I’m a fast bowler, which
means I have to keep myself pretty fit, and at six feet five, there’s quite a lot
of me to keep fit. I love cricket, but when I’m not playing or training, there’s
nothing I like more than curling up with a good book and a glass of wine.
Tell us about Scott.
I know this’ll sound really soppy, but Scott is the only man
I’ve ever loved. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a virgin when we met, but my sexual
partners had always been friends and nothing more. But then I met Scott and everything
– and I mean everything – changed. I don’t
mind admitting I was a bit uptight before I met Scott. I was always in control of
my life and I didn’t let anyone get too close. We spend so much time travelling
in this job, I didn’t want the heartbreak of a long-distance relationship, but the
moment I met Scott, well…I tried so hard not to fall for him, but there wasn’t a
damn thing I could do about it.
Scott couldn’t be more different from me. He’s got wavy blond
hair and he’s quite slender for a sportsman. And let’s face it, he could be a catwalk
model. I still get shivers just looking at him sometimes. He’s the most beautiful
man I’ve ever met–and the scattiest. He’s so disorganized and he comes up with the
daftest ideas. You’d never think he passed his exams with flying colours at that
posh school he went to. But he’s also the sweetest, kindest man I know. He’ll probably
drive me nuts when we finally get to live together, but I don’t care. I love him
and that’s all there is to it.
What do you think is your strongest point?
I think most people would say it’s my dedication to my work.
I dread to think how many hours I’ve spent in the gym and the practice nets over
the years. I want to help my team win, whatever it takes, and I suppose I’ve brought
that same dedication to my relationship with Scott. I hate it when we’re apart just
as much as he does. I guess I’m not capable of doing anything by halves.
What was it like where you grew up?
I grew up in Brisbane.
My mum is a doctor and my dad’s a barrister, so I had a pretty comfortable childhood.
I went to a good school and I had some great friends, so I really can’t complain.
I got a bit of stick when I came out, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Mum was amazing.
She was so supportive, whereas Dad…let’s just say I steer clear of my father if
I can. He’s never come to terms with what he calls my ‘lifestyle choice’. The truth
is he can’t stand the thought of his only son with another man. We’re civil to each
other for Mum’s sake, but that’s as far as it goes.
As a child, who was your best friend? Tell us about him/her.
My best friend at school was Andy—he’s a writer now and still
a good mate. We had so much fun together and got into all sorts of scrapes. I told
Andy I was gay when we were fifteen—he was the very first person I told. He shook
my hand in this really grown up way and said, “That’s all right, mate. Makes
no difference to me.” Then he got together with our other friends, Mark and
Barry, and they swore to beat the crap out of anyone who gave me any trouble. I
was big enough and strong enough to look after myself, but it was great to know
they were all on my side.
Describe a place of perfect refuge.
That would have to be Honeysuckle Cottage, Scott’s parents’ place
in the Lake District. We went there the day after
we met, and we really got to know each other there. It was where we made love for
the first time too, and you never forget that. There’s an open fire and cozy sofas,
and shelves overflowing with books. The views of the countryside are breathtaking,
and the housekeeper, Mrs B, keeps the fridge stocked with delicious food, which
Scott is only too happy to cook. So I’d be glad to hide away with Scott in Honeysuckle
Cottage any time. Good food, good books and the man I love. What more could a guy

About the Author

H Lewis-Foster has worked with books,
in one form or another, since leaving university. As a keen reader of gay fiction,
she decided to try writing herself, and is now the proud author of several short
stories and a debut novel.
H. has lived in various parts of the
UK and has recently moved to
the north of England,
where she’s enjoying city life, especially the theatres and cinemas. She tries not
to watch too much television, but is a big fan of Downton Abbey, and while she’s
writing, she loves listening to Test Match Special (where they spend far more time
talking about cakes than cricket!)

Find Me Here

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