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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Dracula In the Flesh 
An Interview with Dracula
By Tracey H. Kitts
As he walks into the room, I feel
my heart flutter and my breath catches in my throat. For a moment I am unable to
speak. I simply stare at him, taking in his beauty. He is everything I always imagined
he would be. He fills both the room and my senses. As he sits in the chair facing
me, I take a deep breath and try to steady my nerves.
“Good evening, Vlad. I’ve waited
a long time to meet you, face to face.”
“Good evening, Tracey.”
My name sounds strange falling from
his lips. His accent gives it an exotic sound.
“Are you ready for our interview?”
I ask.
“Please, proceed.”
I clear my throat, unsure of how exactly
I should go about this. Finally, I decide to just go for it.
“What is it like to be immortal?”
I ask.
He sighs, as if he carries the weight
of the world. “I once thought it was a curse. To be immortal is to watch all
that you love fade away while you remain, unchanged.” He pauses. “No,
that is not true. You are changed, you only look the same.”
“You mentioned looking the same.
Do you have a reflection?”
His smile is sad. “Until I am
reunited with the other half of my soul, I shall have to take your word for how
I look.”
He looks magnificent, but I don’t
say that. “Do you have any vulnerabilities?” I ask.
“Sunlight weakens me, but it
does not kill me. All of my kind can be harmed by silver in particular.” He
moves forward in his chair. “Does it surprise you to know that I can be injured
by most any weapon?”
“Actually, yes. So, you can be killed then?”
“Not easily, but yes. It is possible.”
“How did you become … what you
He looks at the floor and for a moment
I regret my question.
“My love was stolen from me.
I became cursed while trying to bring her back from the dead.”
“I’m sorry. If you had known
the consequences of your actions, would you have made the same choice?”
Once again his smile is bittersweet.
“There was never any other choice,” he says softly.
“There are so many rumors and
legends about you. Do you have any special powers or abilities?”
“I have power over the storm
and the beasts of the field. I can run with the wolves, float on the mists, and
soar into the night sky.”
“That’s amazing. Why do you drink
“Because I gave every last drop
of mine in a ritual designed to bring my love back to me.”
“You mean Mina? You gave all
your blood for her?”
“Yes. There is nothing I would
not give for her. I seek in death that which was taken from me in life.”
“Have you ever considered walking
away and letting Mina have a normal life?” I ask, wondering if my final question
is too personal.
He runs a hand through his dark hair
and sits back. “I have. I have wondered if I am being selfish, if she would
be better off not knowing. But then I remember what it felt like to hold her and
I cannot accept that this is true. I gave my blood and part of my immortal soul
so that she might live again. I plan to see this through, no matter the cost.”
Before I can apologize (because I’m
afraid I hurt him somehow) a shadow passes over the room. The candles flicker and
in an instant, he is gone. 


Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, is traveling to Castle
Dracula in order to finalize a real estate transaction. He has been personally requested
by Count Dracula. What Jonathan doesn’t realize is that Dracula’s interests do not
lie with him, but with his beautiful fiancée, Mina.
As soon as he saw her face, Dracula knew the ritual was a success.
After all these long years, his love has returned to him. However, many things (such
as Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker) stand in the way of their happiness. Sure, he
could kill them all and take what he wants. However, his greatest desire is not
to possess Mina, but to love her and have her return his love.
Therefore, Dracula’s fate and the fate of those closest to her
lie in Mina’s hands. She has dreamed of him all her life. But what will she do when
she learns her dark prince is real? What will happen when she knows him, not as
a dream, but in the flesh?
WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, and graphic sex.
This is NOT a romance novel, although there is a romance involved. This is Erotic
Horror and might offend some readers.

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Naked Rebel 
Today’s featured book is Naked Rebel by Anita Philmar.
A spy that prefers to work alone, Nick Royster’s assignment is
turned upside down when his superiors send him a personal companion. Not appreciating
the need to watch someone else’s back, he attends a dinner of Salsar’s inner group.
Only to learn he has to sacrifice Rane to get the information he needs to end the
Rane knows the important of winning. Her family was slaughtered
by Salsar, this is her homeland and she plans to do whatever it takes to win her
peoples’ freedom.
With everything on the line, can these two have any future together
or does love and war equal heartache?
Want to feel more? Read
Anita Philmar

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Another Cup of Coffee 
It’s Always Time for ‘Another Cup of Coffee’- just ask Jenny
Many thanks to Kayelle for inviting me to the brilliant Romance
Lives Forever site today, to share a little of the background to my latest novel,
Another Cup of Coffee (Accent Press, Sept 2013)- my very first novel under the name
Jenny Kane.
Okay- I admit it, I have a serious coffee shop habit! I am addicted-
not just to the coffee itself- but to the cafes themselves. I just love them- all
of them! I love to watch the people around me, to smile at strangers to see how
they respond, to wrap my hands around a coffee mug and inhale the aroma of the drink
within. For me, there is something very soothing about them, whether they are jammed
packed and noisy, or as quiet as the proverbial grave, with myself being the only
one in residence. I simply feel at home in coffee shops.
It won’t surprise you to learn then, that every novel I have
written took shape in various coffee shops. It seemed totally natural to me therefore,
that when I came to creating my first non-erotic novel, to make coffee shops the
main places of meeting and discussion for the main characters.

Thirteen years ago Amy Crane ran away from everyone and everything
she knew, ending up in an unfamiliar city with no obvious past and no idea of her
future. Now, though, that past has just arrived on her doorstep, in the shape of
an old music cassette that Amy hasn’t seen since she was at university.
Digging out her long-neglected Walkman, Amy listens to the lyrics
that soundtracked her student days. As long-buried memories are wrenched from the
places in her mind where she’s kept them safely locked away for over a decade, Amy
is suddenly tired of hiding.
It’s time to confront everything about her life. Time to find
all the friends she left behind in England, when her heart got broken and
the life she was building for herself was shattered. Time to make sense of all the
feelings she’s been bottling up for all this time. And most of all, it’s time to
discover why Jack has sent her tape back to her now, after all these years…
With her mantra, ‘New life, New job, New home’, playing on a
continuous loop in her head, Amy gears herself up with yet another bucket-sized
cup of coffee, as she goes forth to lay the ghost of first love to rest…
The coffee shop that features most within Another Cup of Coffee
is called Pickwicks, a tucked away cafe run by the ever bubbly Peggy, and her husband
Scott. It is here that, newly arrived in London from Scotland, Amy is to find a
refuge from her troubles, a temporary job, a possible future, and a potential friend
in Kit- a woman who spends her days sat in the corner of Pickwicks writing erotic
stories for an American Internet company…

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