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Monthly Archives: April 2013


Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is Heartstrings by Sara Walter Ellwood.
He’s determined to set things right, no matter the cost.
The last person Abby Crawford wants to face down is country music
superstar Seth Kendall. Last time she did, she flat-out lied so he’d go to Nashville without her. She’s
never understood why their mutual best friend proposed, but she went with it so
her baby wouldn’t be fatherless. Now she’s a divorced mother of a teenager, and
secretly Seth’s biggest fan.
Seth is home in McAllister,
Texas for his father’s funeral…and
a chance to meet the daughter he’s never known. He’s willing to face the music of
his own making and admit he’s known about his little girl all along. For fifteen
years he’s kept his distance because Abby told him to follow his dreams without
her, insisting she didn’t love him. But now he won’t leave until he knows his daughter
and she knows him, even if it means facing the woman who broke his heart for good.
Confessing she’s lied about her daughter’s paternity all these
years won’t be easy for Abby, especially with her ex blackmailing her to keep the
secret. And Seth doesn’t know the hardest truth of all: Every love song he plays
on his guitar still plucks her heartstrings.
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It’s A Wonderful Undead Life. 

Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is It’s A Wonderful Undead Life by RE Mullins.
It’s been a rough couple of years for Cailey Kantor. Now she’s
not only facing her first Christmas season alone she’s also received some bad financial
news. In desperation, she prays for an angel to come fix her problems. Instead,
a sadistic, sociopathic vampire named Vincent who is working for the evil Toltecs
confronts her. Trying to start a war between the two rivaling factions of vampires,
he bites Cailey then forces her to drink blood stolen from the Nosferatu Gabriel
Now dying she must protect Gabe and his family by allowing him
to finish her transformation. Just when she is adjusting to life as a vampire, the
Toltecs return and again she becomes the bait to destroy the Blautsauger family.
Trying to protect those she loves, Cailey is faces with lies,
abduction and betrayal yet somewhere along the lines she manages to fall in love.
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Wild Rose Publishing

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Take Me 

Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is Take Me [Sultry SoCal 1] by Taylor Brooks.
Genre: Gay Romance, Erotic Romance, MM
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Clint Rodham has spent years being a loyal employee to Elite
Imports. Despite being one of their top salesmen, his boss no longer sees him as
the golden boy. Now being ostracized for his sexuality, he fights to keep the job
that he not only loves, but is a natural at.
Rick Tanner just moved to Southern California from Kansas. Being a homosexual
personal trainer in a small town filled with old-fashioned people who didn’t understand
his way of life left him with little career opportunities.
One hot summer night, Rick is locked on the rooftop and Clint
comes to his rescue. As a thank-you, he offers his hero a cold beer. With the California heat rising and
desires building, the two find themselves in a storm of passion. Neither of them
are able to resist. Neither of them want to. They both want to take what is within
their reach, just beyond their fingertips.
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The Cat Who Got Married 

Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is The Cat Who Got Married, and other Purr-fectly
Romantic Stories by Neil S Plakcy.
Pilar is a six-toed Abyssinian cat, whose forebears lived with
Ernest Hemingway at his house in Key West.
When she and her owner, Ryan, move up north, they both have a hard time getting
accustomed to the cold weather—until Ryan starts to get pointers from his lovely
coworker, Lisa.
In true feline fashion, Pilar can’t resist sticking her six-toed
paw into the budding romance between Ryan and Lisa—with charming, and sometimes
surprising, results, in the first two stories in this collection.
In “The Temple of Lights,” efficiency expert Robert
Lehmann discovers just how much havoc a woman can bring to his life, while the funny-naïve
heroine of “You’re Pretty When You Smile, Ima Jean” goes out in search
of her life and finds something she wasn’t looking for. And in the final story,
“The Cat Who Ran Away,” the sleek, regal Rajah leads Susan to figure out
that perhaps you really can go home again.
Men and women meet, fall in love and stumble over obstacles in
the five charming stories included here from award-winning romance author Neil S.
Plakcy , but the ending is always a happy one.
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Rogue’s Hostage 

His hostage …

In 1758 the Pennsylvania
frontier is wild, primitive and dangerous, where safety often lies at the end of
a gun. Mara Dupre’s life crumbles when a French and Indian war party attacks her
cabin, kills her husband, and takes her captive. Marching through the wilderness
strengthens her resolve to flee, but she doesn’t count on her captor teaching her
the meaning of courage and the tempting call of desire.
Her destiny …
French lieutenant Jacques Corbeau’s desire for his captive threatens
what little honor he has left. But when Mara desperately offers herself to him in
exchange for her freedom, he finds the strength to refuse and reclaims his lost
self-respect. As the shadows of his past catch up to him, Jacques realizes that
Mara, despite the odds, is the one true key to reclaiming his soul and banishing
his past misdeeds forever.
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Misrule’s Mistress


Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is Misrule’s Mistress by Nicole Hurley-Moore.
Lord Barric Cranley wants Lady Ellette for his wife but she has
already refused once. He knows that Ellette loves him…it’s just she hasn’t realized
it yet. With a little help, cunning and the Feast of Misrule, Barric plans to capture
his bride and make it a Christmas she’ll never forget.
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Shotgun Bride

Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a book
and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author.
Today’s featured book is Shotgun Bride by Karen Lopp
Orphaned young, Kathleen Barns has struggled to survive only
to end up in a New York
mill, when an unexpected inheritance gives her a glimpse of freedom. But becoming
the landowner of a coveted piece of land with precious water rights in New Mexico Territory threatens to destroy her only chance
at love. Forced into a marriage to a man who believes she planned the shotgun wedding
to gain control of his ranch, Kathleen flees into the wilderness. Yet it is her
unwanted husband that keeps saving her life and threatening to steal her heart.
Mike Baca had finally reached his goal, his fighting days were
far behind him now that the war was over, he owned a ranch and he was on his way
home to marry the richest girl in the New Mexico Territory.
A shotgun in his back had him married to a green-eyed girl who wanted his ranch!
Furious with her trickery, Mike made sure she wouldn’t want to keep him. It was
only after she had run, with her big-eyed gaze haunting him that he discovered she
was innocent, and there was a plot on her life. Now he must race the clock and the
wild badlands to try and save his wife – and convince her to stay.
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Hidden Diversions

Romance Lives Forever welcomes
Selena Illyria to the blog for an article on writing and writer’s block. This article
could have come from my own heart – after reading it, I felt I knew my friend Selena
much better. If you’re a writer, you owe it to yourself to read this. If you’re
a reader, this might make you appreciate writers a little bit more.
I’ve been
meaning to write this blog for quite some time but something or other always came
up. Over the past few months I’ve been having computer issues so that didn’t help.
Those issues made both editing and writing difficult. I was in panic mode during
those times; it was a fight to get in every edit or finish a sentence. After I turned
in my edits, which was a relief, I still had a book to finish but soon it became
evident that my old laptop wasn’t up to the task. Recently, I was able to get a
new laptop that would allow me to continue with writing and other things, which
was a relief. That sentiment didn’t last long.
As I waded
back into the world of writing it became clear that I was in trouble. For weeks
I’d been going around in manic mode to get things done. And once my edits were done,
I started to seep into depression with every day that I didn’t get to write or I
didn’t get to write enough. That depression turned to anger and stress. I became
mired in frustration at my inability to get anything done. I thought that getting
a new computer would help with all those emotions. It didn’t.
Now I
was in a new form of hell. One where every word was like pulling teeth or mucking
through molasses. No word was right or enough. I found myself falling backward into
old bad habits that I’d been trying to break after my burnout a year before. I became
angry at myself, frustrated that it wasn’t as easy at it once was. That my mind,
fingers and brain didn’t seem to want to cooperate or work with each other like
they used to. Even though I knew I couldn’t go back, I still wanted to recapture
that hubristic little shit that I was when I first started. When you finish your
first book and get it published you’re on a high. You can do anything, write anything.
Book after book can pour out of you like water. Phrases like writer’s block or burnout
don’t even apply. They’re like distant lands you’ll never visit and have no intention
of stopping in, not even for a moment. Those two things would never happen to you,
because you’re kick-ass, you’re made of so much awesome sauce that it comes out
of your pores.
Yeah right.
Then they both come and you get your ass handed to you, even if it’s temporary or
lasts longer than a week or month. The first time burnout happened to me, I needed
a few weeks to recover. Then those periods lasted longer and longer until it seem
never-ending. Now, I find myself in a new kind of Hades, one where I can finally
write but the words aren’t coming. Everything I put down sucks and my internal editor
is playing kickball with every sentence, comma, and my confidence.
The one
thing you never truly understand until you become a writer is that it’s truly a
solitary career. No one else can write what you write. Your editors can clean up
your work, improve your voice, and your publishers can put out your books, but in
the end, they can’t write them for you. They don’t have your voice or vision or
phrasing. You can write with a partner but you still have to pull your own weight.
And none of those people can give you confidence when you fall down or start to
wonder how you could ever have gotten published in the first place. Things get doubled
or tripled if you have people in your life that question why you write or make you
feel like crap because you don’t have “a real job.”
much wallowing, hiding in reading “comfort books” and pretending that
I’d get to writing the next day, eventually I had to stop hiding. So, I opened my
story and got back to work. Unfortunately I’d ended with a sex scene. Nothing says
sexy like depression. *rolls eyes* And that’s when the self-doubt and self-hatred
started. Writing the sex scene was painful and I’m still not done with it. Nothing
about it screamed emotional or enticing. I had to stop before I sabotaged myself,
but I still had to write. So, I put away that story, for now, to try a palate cleanser,
to write something that wasn’t contracted and something that wasn’t paranormal (which
the other story was). It wasn’t perfect, if an editor saw it there would be lots
of knuckle wrapping and tsk, tsk, tsking, but in the end I’d written something,
anything and it was pretty good. I had accomplished something.
from all the pain, heartache, self-doubt, frustration, writer’s block, and writer’s
fear will take time, and baby steps. But in the end I am a writer and damn it, this
is what I’m meant to do. Even if it is painful, it’s my job and I love it even if
it can be a pain in the ass at times. Also, I know that I’ll make it through this
patch because I’m surrounded by awesome people. One more thing: I’m stubborn.
For more information about
Selena’s latest release:
Their passion may be the
death of them…
Werewolf Chief of Police
Torger, is running into walls while tracking the Draven’s Crossing serial killer.
No matter what he tries to do, he can’t find the clues needed to stop the terror
that stalks the streets of his city. Things aren’t helped by his attraction to the
dragon shifter and Draven City News Reporter, Isadora Jones. With political pressure
and bodies mounting, can he get through all these distractions and find the truth
before it’s too late?
Reporter Isadora Jones wants
to help with the investigation into the serial killer but Torger refuses to let
her. She decides to do it on her own, but her world goes upside down when the killer
sets his sights on her. Under Torger’s protection, they start to put the pieces
together but will it be too late for them?
Things go from bad
to worse when another killer appears. Draven’s Crossing just got a whole lot more
Buy Links:
Purple Sword Publications:
Barnes and Noble
Death of Anyone

Romance Lives Forever welcomes DJ Swykert to the blog.
Here’s his article about writing The Death of Anyone.
The underlying theme in my latest
book, The Death of Anyone, poses the Machiavellian question: Does the end justify
the means? I developed this story around an impulsive homicide detective, Bonnie
Benham, who wants to use Familial DNA, a search technique not in common use in the
United States.
Only two states even have a written policy regarding its use, Colorado
and California.
Bonnie is a no nonsense cop who describes
herself as a blond with a badge and a gun. She has her own answer to the ethical
use of Familial DNA, but the actual legality of its use will be determined in a
real life courtroom in the California
trial of a serial killer dubbed by the media: The Grim Sleeper.
Lonnie David Franklin, the Grim Sleeper,
was caught because his son’s DNA was the closest match to DNA collected at the crime
scenes in the database. Investigating Franklin’s
son led them to investigate Lonnie Franklin. But there was no direct DNA evidence
that linked Lonnie to the crime scene until they obtained a sample from him after
his arrest. Lonnie Franklin will be the first person in the U.S. to ever stand
trial based on Familial DNA evidence, and its admissibility issues in court will
be thoroughly tested by defense attorneys. These are the very same issues that face
Detroit Homicide Detective Bonnie Benham and form the plot of my story.
I’m a blue collar person from Detroit. I’ve worked as a truck
driver, dispatcher, logistics analyst, operations manager, and ten years as a 911
operator, which was the very best job of them all. I have a pretty straight forward
style of telling a story. I write a book like you’d watch a movie and put it down
on paper.
Detroit Detective Bonnie Benham has
been transferred from narcotics to homicide for using more than arresting and is
working the case of a killer of adolescent girls. CSI collects DNA evidence from
the scene of the latest victim, which had not been detected on the other victims.
But no suspect turns up in the FBI database. Due to the notoriety of the crimes
a task force is put together with Bonnie as the lead detective, and she implores
the D.A. to use an as yet unapproved type of a DNA Search in an effort to identify
the killer. Homicide Detective Neil Jensen, with his own history of drug and alcohol
problems understands Bonnie’s frailty and the two detectives become inseparable
as they track this killer of children.
I first heard about the use of Familial
DNA working as a 911 operator in 2006. It came up in a conversation with officers
working a case. I thought at the time it would make an interesting premise for a
book. I began writing the mystery some three years later after leaving the department.
I had just finished editing a first draft of The Death of Anyone in the summer 2010
when news of The Grim Sleeper’s capture in Los Angeles was released. I read with interest
all the information pouring out of L.A.
regarding the investigation and the problems confronting prosecutors. All of which
are explored in The Death of Anyone.
DJ Swykert

About the Author

DJ Swykert is a former 911 operator. His work has appeared in
The Tampa Review, Detroit News, Monarch Review, Zodiac Review, Scissors& Spackle,
Spittoon, Barbaric Yawp and Bull. His books include Children of the Enemy, a novel
from Cambridge
Books; Alpha Wolves, a novel from Noble Publishing, and The Death
of Anyone is his third novel, just released by Melange Books. You can find out more
about him and how to buy his books on the blogspot:, they
are also available at Melange Books, Amazon and at select mystery bookstores. He
is a wolf expert.
Buy links

Previous Books

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington (also titled as The Place Between.)
(I Live in Two Worlds)
Children of the Enemy

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Today’s article is “Punching a Hole in the Literary
Universe” by Margie Church.

Thanks for hosting me today, Kayelle. As a marketing
professional, I really appreciate your approach to book marketing. A lot of
authors don’t realize that the moment they sign their book contract (or
self-pub their book), that they have opened a small business. For the majority
of us, the lion’s share of the promotional work falls on our own shoulders.
Often, we’re really unprepared for this to happen. Even those of us with a
significant back list know that we cannot rely on past accomplishments to
ensure our future success.
Here’s a key sentence to remember:  Plan for success.
What does that mean? You need to create a little marketing
plan for your new book to give it the best possible chances of success. Here
are 10 tips to help you.

  • Write a solid blurb, no more than 200 words long, to attract
  • Have a 25-30 word version of the blurb ready for Twitter and
    casual conversations about the book.
  • Put your web/blog/buy links on everything.
  • Hunt for readers in your genre. Conventional thinking is to
    just sign up for a whole bunch of blogs, give away amazing prizes, and wait for
    success. Don’t count on that. Readers are getting very fed up with having our
    books and promotions shoved down their throats. Choose your blog locations
    carefully. Match those blogs to your genre. Write short, punchy pieces that
    engage readers – remember, they’re choosing to spend time on you – don’t waste
    that chance!
  • I don’t recommend giving away huge prizes if you haven’t
    squirreled away the royalties from previous months to pay for them. I always determine
    how many books I must sell to recoup the cost of my prize AND make a profit. I
    also don’t like giving away gift cards that allow readers to buy books that
    aren’t mine. I prefer to give prizes unique to me and my work so they will
    remember me. This is a business.
  • Don’t pay for reviews. Consider how many books you’ll need
    to sell to recover the cost, and be honestly prepared to suck it up if you get
    a less favorable review. Keep reviews current on your website, with hyperlinks
    to the full source. Always cite the reviewer.
  • Insert a hyperlink from your book cover to the buy link.
  • Consider an ad, but recognize that ads are passive forms of
    advertising. Pick your

    Desire’s Edge.

    location to match the audience you’re seeking. I don’t
    always follow the crowd. If I have a spectacular cover, and the chance to
    caption that cover or link it to more information, those get stronger purchase consideration
    from me.

  • Be available. If you post in yahoo loops, Facebook groups,
    have a fan page, hold a blog hop, etc., show up to say hello and respond to
    comments even a day or two after your appearance. Spread your announcements out
    to avoid a morning flood that disappears by evening when many people might have
    more time to focus on social media. Twitter is a very valuable tool to help
    share your information globally. Please don’t forget to thank your blog hosts!
  • Realize this activity is ongoing. It takes time, patience,
    and hard work to build a readership.

My newest book, Love’s Storm, is co-authored with K.B.
Cutter. We used several fun tools to help us reach readers and increase
excitement for the entire series. Those included creating a QR code to our Facebookseries fan page, and partnering with a company to feature their product as
a give-away item as part of a very sexy prize package. We also did a blog talk
radio interview. There are lots of other things we did and will do through the
end of May.
Get creative, stay focused, and keep track of your results
so you know what worked and what didn’t. I bet you’ll see some great sales
numbers, too.
I’d love to show off our new book now!

About the Books

Razor: Love’s Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter
Their delicious, naughty secret is out, and it’s open season
on Amy and Bryce’s decision to add a third person to their marriage.
All the talking in the world can’t convince critics that Amy
and Bryce’s marriage is rock-solid, and there are no secrets between them.
Others meddle to undermine Bryce’s business and marriage. Even Raine’s Master
thinks she’s making a huge mistake.
With no allies, and scorn coming from every direction, love
and determination must lead Amy, Bryce, and Raine through love’s storm.
Their journey began in Razor: Desire’s Edge and continues
after Love’s Storm in Love’s Reflection.
Margie Church
Love’s Storm is the second book in the Razor trilogy. It’s a
polyamorous love story written for 21st century romance readers. We hope you’ll
find the premise fascinating and take a chance on this book. You won’t be
disappointed. It contains strong BDSM elements and plenty of erotic love scenes,
but at its core, Love’s Storm is a marvelous romance.
Available in eBook and print, get Love’s Storm at Amazon
and Barnesand Noble Get Desire’s Edge, the first book in the series, at Amazon
and Barnesand Noble Learn more about our amazing RazorRomances Booty giveaway here.

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