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Growth of Love By D Anne Paris @danneparis #RLFblog #paranormal #PNRGuest post by D Anne Paris. “The gift of ahh!”

How many times have you felt the need to get something special for your loved one? Maybe it’s their birthday or an anniversary or maybe there is really no event and you just want to do something special for them. You have brainstormed all the possible gifts you can get them but gifts just aren’t cutting it. You need something deeper, more impactful, something that will be special and memorable. I am a strong believer of gifting experiences instead of trinkets which will collect dust or add clutter. An experience will give them a memory that will be more special than any trinket. If this is something you’d want to get, then forward the link to this blog post to your special someone to give them the hint!
It may sound like an easy thing to just give an experience but it requires time to plan, some effort to bring the plan to fruition, thought to figure out what exactly will be appealing to your partner and diligence to see it through. So it does take a bit of time and effort but it shows how much you care.
One great experience you can give someone, especially someone who is always busy and barely has time to indulge on themselves is a spa day.
How to plan a whole day of pampering.
Obviously the first thing you need to do is to find out when they have time for a spa day. Sometimes it can be hard but you can get creative. Tell them you want to take them out and will need a couple of hours. Once you get them to confirm they blocked the time, call a spa and book a session for them. You can book them in for the works. Full body massage, facials, manicure and pedicure. Imagine, they have been having a really stressful time lately and when they finally get time off, you offer them this amazing time to chill, unwind and get pampered. The thought alone will bring tears to their eyes and then getting an all expense paid pampering session takes the cake. They will have an amazing time getting pampered and cared for while sipping a glass of something bubbling and nibbling on finger foods.
If you want to add to this experience you can add in something extra after the spa. When they have had the time of their life getting pampered you can give them a special candlelight dinner which can be shared by both of you. You can either have dinner in a fancy restaurant or have food delivered or better yet find a chef who comes to your home to make an exquisite meal for your candlelight dinner. Make sure the meal has most of your partner’s favorite foods.
After a day of being treated like royalty your partner will feel loved and appreciated.

Growth of Love by D Anne Paris

Paranormal Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Keith Brinks just about had it with his life. He lost his father, his foot, and now his girlfriend. There was nothing else he cared about except maybe his best friend’s sister but that’s all she was, a friend. He was too broken from all his battles to be anything more than a friend but his heart is telling him something different.
Jerilind Miller survived the worst that life threw at her. Losing her parents, husband, and money shattered her but she was a fighter. After slowly piecing her life back together she begins to see things differently including her brother’s friend Keith.
Will love be able to bring together two shattered souls?
Growth of Love is the second book in the Heirs of Orion paranormal romantic suspense series which takes readers on a journey through the lives of people with special powers and those who want to control them.

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D Anne Paris Social Media

D Anne Paris began conjuring up stories even before she could put words on paper. When other kids in her class submitted stories about their vacations and puppies, she submitted ones that had to be blessed by a priest.
The paranormal has always called out to her and she’s usually the one that’s running into haunted houses and graveyards. She strongly believes Halloween should be a national holiday and everyone should have a favorite paranormal hero or heroine.
When not in the writing cave D Anne can be found in the garage working on her first love- her Trans Am, or working on her blueberry farm. She is the wife of one hot Silver Fox and the mom of one mini-salesman who tries to convince his friend’s mothers to buy her books.
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Miguelina Perez, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Before we talk about your office, please tell us about your latest book.

Angel’s Lust by Miguelina Perez

Genre: Romance Mystery
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
Lady Jane Bartholomew and Miss Margaret Renard are back and this time they are out to catch a murderer targeting young maidens for sacrifices.
Believing that having come close to getting themselves killed in their last investigation, Sir Hugh, now engaged to Lady Jane Bartholomew and Mr Latham, solicitor to Miss Margaret Renard, are distressed to learn the young ladies are once again up to their old tricks.
Believing they can solve the murders the young ladies may well fall prey and become sacrificial lambs, unless Sir Hugh and Mr Latham protect them while trying not to fall victims
How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for over 15 years.
What was your first published book?
An anthology of poems, essays, short stories called Pieces of Me.
Tell us about your writing space or home office.
Unfortunately, as of today I am writing in my bedroom. My sister moved in with me so space is tight. We hope to buy a house in September and I am so looking forward to having a room for craft and writing.
Anything special about your space?
When I get the space, I want lots and lots of bookcases. I have two right now and they are packed. So, I want more, because I love books especially those focused on the writing craft.
What do you love most about that area?
The peace to write and being surrounded by the creation of other authors.
What would like to change about your home office?
Nothing right now. But when I am ready I want to design it to look like an old English library.
If money was no object, what would your home office look like?
Definitely like an old English library. Wooden bookcases all around with an elegant desk and chair. Oh my, I can go on and on.
What office equipment do you use most, other than your computer?
Printer…Would love to get a real nice one that can print my book in its entirety.
What do you think is a must have for an efficient office?
Sound proof and cozy. Romantically decorated.
Are you a writing mom/dad?
I am the mother of a bratty fur-baby.
How do you juggle writing and family?
I will tell you it is not easy juggling work, dog, sister and nephew and writing. Often, I find myself without writing for days, but I then remind myself the book has got to get written. I am hoping that when we get the house I can have the special place for my writing.
What’s the last book about writing that you read?
Regency Slang Revealed.
What book or books about writing do you recommend for new authors?
The Artist’s Way
What do you like to read for relaxation?
Romance mysteries
Do you have an author newsletter?
Unfortunately, I don’t. But it is one of the things I would like to do.

Miguelina Perez Social Media

Ms. Miguelina Perez is a writer, and jewelry artist. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of the District of Columbia. As a jewelry artist one of her lariats was showcased in the San Antonio Express-News. She has won several awards including a critical Writing award for an essay on the gender roles of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.
It was during her high school years at the school’s library that she first encountered her first romance mystery writer – Ms. Victoria Holt and then Ms. Phyllis J. Whitney. Her love of romance novels stems from those discoveries, especially the Romance mystery genre.
Several of her poems have been published in anthologies, and she was named “Poet of Year in 1995”. She finished her first book, The Vicar’s Deadly Sin – a Regency romance mystery, the first of a seven-part serial based on the Seven Deadly Sins.
Currently, she is editing the sequel to the Vicar’s Deadly Sin, Angel’s Lust. She has begun work on a new contemporary romance thriller called A Hero of Her Own.
Ms. Perez is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Washington Romance Writers.
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The Anniversary Present by Izzy Szyn @izzySzyn #RLFblog #ContemporaryFor several months, Carly Adams has worked at Bennett Services. She loves her job but rumor has it that the more popular assistants do more than file, or errands. When Carly gets the opportunity step in for someone at work, she meets Parker and Amber. They need someone to assist them for the upcoming game convention in Las Vegas.

But this is also their anniversary and Parker always gets Amber what she wants for their anniversary. This year her present is Carly.

Genre Lesbian Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Publisher  Smexy and Fab Publishing

Izzy Szyn Social Media

New York Times Bestselling Author Izzy Szyn was born in May of 2014 when a friend dared her to write. Born and raised in Detroit, Mi. Izzy now lives in Oklahoma City with her furchild Misty, the friendliest Chihuahua/Terrier you will ever meet. Currently works in a call center, where she writes in between phone calls.

Amazon Author Page


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